31 October Thursday Update on True Love


31 October Thursday Update on True Love

Vishnu checking for problems in his bike… Meethi is with him – it’s night time.
Meethi keeps giving suggestions about battery and engine… Vishnu says, you rode a bike for 10 minutes and you think you know everything about bikes.
Meethi says I know a lot about things, if I touch it it will start working.
Vishnu says sorry, I won’t sacrifice my bike for love… you just leave it.
Meethi gets angry and says, you fix your own bike… I will leave.
Meethi goes to a place stacked with hay etc.
Vishnu makes animal noises and Meethi gets really scared.
She gets angry at him for being childish… and Vishnu leaves her alone in that place.
Meethi turns around to see him gone and gets scared again…
Then she sees him in front of a fire warming his hands.
He pretends to sleep in front of the fire… and Meethi comes near him, he’s still asleep – so she walks away and sits a little distance away on a haystack and starts singing the song: “Kaahey sataye, kahe ko rulaye – raam karey tujh ko neend na aaye”
Vishnu wakes up at her voice… and goes and sits next to her.
He says, I’m right here.
Meethi cries and says, promise me you won’t ever leave me alone…
Vishnu says, never.
Meethi hugs him.
Vishnu says, I want to say something to you… I hope you don’t get angry.
Meethi says, I won’t be angry… say it.
Vishnu says, I hid my past with you, that’s why you got angry with me… but then you forgave me too… how many days has it been? 1 or 2 days? And we’ve known each other a few months only… and you knew about me so well in such a short time that you forgave me after being angry with me?
Meethi smiles and says, Mukta who’s my friend… she told me that you must have hidden the truth from me because you were waiting for the right time to tell me… that’s why I forgave you.
Vishnu says, Mukta was exactly right… but Meethi don’t you think the same principle applies to the relationship between you and your mother? Just once, put your mother in my place and think about what Mukta told me… do you still think you shouldn’t forgive her?
Maybe she didn’t tell you everything in your childhood, maybe for your betterment… but today whatever you have today, you haven’t paid for it, but she has.
Meethi says, she has given me a lot of pain, hurt my heart.
Vishnu says, you’ve also hurt her. You have everything in life. Studied in good schools where no one could have told you that you mother is in jail… to give you this happiness, your mother hid her own selft… for 18 years, she had to stay away from her daughter.
Have you ever thought what your mother had lost to give you all these happiness?
If a daughter doesn’t understand the pain of her mother who stayed away for 18 years, then who would?
You never thought once, how she would feel when she sees hatred in the eyes of her own daughter.
I couldn’t tolerate your hatred for one day, and she lives on the hope every day that the hatred in your eyes will convert to love.
Don’t you want to be friends with her? Spend time with her? Put your head in her lap and sleep after college?
Meethi cries and nods her head.
Vishnu says, I don’t know what the future of our relationship is… but there’s one relation that can never go away – a mother and a child’s. Whether you love her or not, she will keep loving you forever. This is one relation which doesn’t have ‘conditions’ on loving… it’s totally unconditional love… and this is the only relation that cannot be compared to ANY other relation.
Maa – take this word from your mouth straight from your heart and you will understand it… say it.
Meethi cries and says “Maa”… Vishnu hugs her again.

Tej with a lawyer in the courthouse… he’s getting angry at the lawyer. You studied law for so many years, find a way out.
I put the thumbprint while I was drunk, and I was mistaken.
Lawyer says, you’re badly stuck… any court we go to, Tapasya ji will win the case.
Tej gets angry, I pay you and you’re calling her “ji”? Put any case on her – deception, fraud – anything.
Lawyer says, where will we bring the proof from?
(Tapasya walks in the room at this point and the lawyer sees her – Tej doesn’t)
Tej says, don’t talk to me about proof. Throw as much money as you want, buy proof if you have to.
Whatever is in my name, should stay in my name… just take away her name from the will and I will remove that Tapasya.
Tej turns around and sees Tapasya… and says what are you doing here?
Tapasya says, you’re my husband so I will follow your footsteps… wherever you are, I will be too. But you’re trying to get me out of your life?
Tej says, you’re following me?
I came here to meet the lawyer for some signature, but you continue your business with me.. I will do it later.
Tej says, no I don’t want to talk to him, you go ahead. He leaves the room.

Tej comes out of the courtroom and Jogi gets off a taxi in front of him. He says, sasur ji?? Tapasya rani, I can’t strangle you or choke you, but I can make breathing hard for you at least.
Jogi is talking to a lawyer on the phone and says I’m bringing Mukta’s file to you in 5 minutes.
Jogi starts walking and Tej falls on his feet… Jogi says, what is this joke? Leave my feet.
Tej says, I’m not joking – I’m your daughter’s husband. Don’t you remember? You only have one daughter – Tapasya Tej Singh Bundela.
Jogi says, there’s no relation between you and me… and Jogi starts leaving.
Tej says to his back, you won’t meet your daughter? Sasur ji…
Jogi turns around to see Tej when Tapasya comes down the steps of the courthouse behind him.
Tej looks at her and smiles.
Jogi turns around again and is shocked to see Tappu.
Tapasya sees him and gets emotional. They both get flashbacks of childhood…
Tapasya walks down the steps and they both come face-to-face. Tapasya is crying… Jogi is quiet.
Jogi gets some flashbacks of when Tapasya was unmarried.
When Tapasya says “Papa”, he has flashbacks of her evil deeds and then Gunwanti’s call full of taunts.
Tej comes and clears his throat and says, don’t bless me, but you can at least bless your own daughter. Sasurji, she has started a new life… you didn’t even come for pag-phera – at least give her a hug. Look how she’s crying, and you’re not doing anything.
Tapasya says, Papa again.
Jogi says, don’t call me Papa. Now there’s no relation between the two of us. Tapasya cries, but Jogi walks away from there, and up the courthouse steps.
Tej puts salt on her wounds and says, how could he do this?
Then says to Tapasya, this is just a sample of what I can do… I can’t kill you, but I can give you so much pain that you will live but won’t be able to breathe. Tej leaves and Tapasya stands there crying.

Jogi comes back home… he looks all tired and beat.
Divya asks if she should make some tea for him.
Jogi doesn’t say anything.
Then he sits down and says, Divya make me a cup of tea.
Divya says, I just asked you for a cup of tea and you didn’t hear me. Are you okay?
Jogi says, I met Tapasya today…
Divya gets happy and excited and asks how is she? Is she okay? How will she be okay in that house? Why didn’t you bring her home? Did she ask about me? Did you tell her I cry and miss her? Did she ask about Mukta.
Jogi says I didn’t talk to her.
Divya says, you met her after 19 years and you didn’t talk to her? She starts crying. Then she gets angry and says, I know you will tell me she’s full of mistakes and problems… but she’s a kid, she can make mistakes… if her parents don’t forgive her, who would??
She keeps crying that you didn’t talk to her.

Jogi telling Divya that he didn’t talk to Tapasya.
Divya is shocked and says, 19 years later you met our daughter and didn’t talk to her?
Divya gets angry at him. I know you will say she has these mistakes, these problems, but I’m her mother… we’re her parents… kids make mistakes, if parents don’t forgive them, who will? And you didn’t talk to her?
Jogi says, I want to hug her… I wanted to hug my daughter close to my heart… wanted to ask her where she was for so many years? I wanted to kiss her forehead… I wanted to bring her home to you… Wanted to show her, here is your mother… Jogi starts crying… so does Divya.
The way she said Papa after 19 years, I can’t tell you what I went through… listening to her say this word.
But today seeing her as that Tej Singh’s wife, what happened to my heart, only I know.
She didn’t ask in 19 years how her parents are? How we’re living? She came back after so many years, I saw her in this condition? As Tej Singh’s wife? I got angry, I got upset with her. How could our daughter do it? I won’t talk to her… I won’t talk to Tapasya.
Jogi leaves the room and Divya cries uncontrollably. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW

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