9th October Wednesday Update on This is Love


9th October Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Raman says I can’t do this. Ishita asks did you lose. He shouts yes, I lost. She asks did you forget your promise to Ruhi, you said you will take her to mandap, Ruhi is coming, tell her that you won’t do anything for her, if you have strength, do it for Ruhi. The guy asks are you not from marriage bureau. Aaliya says no, I came for client meeting. He laughs and says its not waiter’s mistake, you are wearing a black suit, that girl who was going to meet me was also coming in black dress, I got mistaken and asked personal questions. She says I m Aaliya Bhala. He says I m Rohan, lets have coffee, I heard this place’s coffee is good. Ishita holds Raman and asks keep your foot down, trust me. He smiles and says I m standing on my own. Ruhi comes and says yes, you can do this. Ishita says now you can take Ruhi to mandap, I m so proud of you.

At home, Raman rests. Ishita says you made efforts, I m so happy. He thanks her. He sees her hand and says I didn’t notice and held your hand so tight, my nail has hurt you. She says it doesn’t matter, I will take revenge when you get fine. He applies ointment to her hand. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…. They smile. Rohan says I can’t get over this, I got a new friend, we are friends right. Aaliya says yes, thanks for dropping me, sorry I have thrown your bracelet in anger, allow me to buy you a new one. He says its okay, I was much rude, lets go for coffee again. She says I will think. He feeds his number in her phone. She comes home.

Ruhi says dad stood on his feet today. Aaliya says I m so happy. Romi gets Shekhar’s call and says no, I had sent my niece for the meeting. He asks Ruhi did you go to meet Shekhar. Aaliya says no, I had gone but couldn’t meet. Romi says it was imp contract. She says its my mistake, there was a misunderstanding. Romi says it was a big deal, how can you be so careless, you went to Shekhar’s hotel, we would have got big contract for our drinks, give me file, I will go and talk. Aaliya says I forgot file in cafe. He asks what, I thought you are responsible, good for nothing…. Aaliya says I will go cafe and get the file. She goes and says how can I be so careless. Rohan comes and asks what’s up. She says you here. He asks why are you worried. She says I did a big mistake, I forgot the file at cafe. He gives her file.

She says thanks, but client…. He says we both are responsible for this, waiter did mistake and its my mistake that I m so handsome and attractive. She says but… He stops her and says I know we did this mistake, I will help you, we will meet the client, come on, get in. She says no, I will tell Romi. He insists and asks for client’s address. She says the hotel belongs to client Shekhar Chopra, he maybe there. Romi asks Adi to sleep. Mihika says he won’t sleep at this time. Romi asks how would I know. Raman says I also want to say the same, how would Aaliya know the deal is imp, sorry, I have made you like me, I used to shout and get angry, I didn’t teach you anything good. Romi says no, maybe I m wrong. Ishita says Aaliya and Ruhi are hardworking, appreciate them, encourage them being elder. Romi says I think I shall apologize to Aaliya. Ishita says find out where is she.

Rohan asks Aaliya to go and explain Shekhar about misunderstanding. He shows Shekhar’s pic and says make sure you don’t meet anyone wrong. Aaliya thanks him and goes. He wishes her all the best. She signs him. She greets Shekhar and apologizes. He shouts on her and asks her to leave. He goes. Ruhi says Aaliya isn’t answering. Romi calls coffee shop and asks about Aaliya. He says no one came to pick file there…. Rohan says what happened, just wait and watch, how Shekhar calls you in. He plucks her hair strand. He goes and orders food. He puts the hair strand in it and creates a scene. Manager comes. Rohan says I need to meet the owner, call him.

Shekhar meets him and asks the problem. Rohan threatens him about ruining his hotel name by posting pic of the hair in the soup. He shows the pic. Shekhar stops him. Aaliya says I should have not taken his help. Rohan says you want me to accept your apology, remember, you didn’t accept Aaliya’s apology just now. He asks Shekhar to talk to Aaliya. He calls Aaliya in. Shekhar says I m really sorry to behave like that with you. Aaliya sees Rohan.

Shekhar saying I m ready for this deal, ask your friend not to put that soup thing on social media. Aaliya says I don’t want to work this way, you shouldn’t say yes by blackmailing thing, we want to work on merit, thanks for agreeing to work with us. Rohan says sorry, I had to do this to get attention, I wanted Shekhar to hear you. She says sorry from my friend’s side. She calls Ruhi and Ishita. She says I met Shekhar, he said he wants to meet Romi. Romi gets Shekhar’s message. Aaliya says I m coming in ten minutes, I will tell you everything. Ishita says such a relief. Romi says I m feeling bad now, I scolded her. Ruhi says lets have sweets. Rohan drops Aaliya. Aaliya says watchman has kept gate closed, its fine, I will go. She sees Ishita and hugs her. Ishita says I was waiting for you. Rohan says I think mother-daughter have a close bond, sweet. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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