14 Nov Wednesday Update on This is Love

Wednesday Update on This is Love

14 Nov

Aaliya asking Mrs. Bhalla and Amma about Adi. Amma says he maybe with DJ. Aaliya messages Adi. Mihika goes to apply color to Aaliya. Adi stops Mihika and says Aaliya has allergy to colors, don’t apply colors. Aaliya says no. Adi says I know it, don’t apply colors to her. Mihika smiles and says fine, I will play colors with you. Adi says no, how can I play if Aaliya can’t. Mihika goes. Aaliya asks I have allergy? Adi smiles. Ruhi comes and says Raman and Ishita are tensed, I was thinking to make them perform. Aaliya likes idea. Adi says get them on stage, I will play their fav song.

Raman asks Romi to get thandai for Ishita, she looks stressed. Romi goes. Ruhi and Aaliya get Raman and Ishita. Adi announces Raman and Ishita’s performance. Everyone clap. Raman
and Ishita perform on Go pagal….Everyone smile. Ishita hugs Raman. Niddhi sees the thandai stall. She takes two glasses of bhaang thandai. She pours thandai in four glasses. She sends the thandai to Raman and Ishita. She thinks Ishita will have atleast one of four glasses. Romi gets thandai for Ishita. Raman asks her not to doubt and drink. The man serves thandai to Raman and Romi.

Niddhi thinks Ishita has drunk bhaang thandai, I will make them say their plan. Aaliya says I m mush upset, none is applying colors to me, I would have not come. Adi says you talk so much, you know I wanted my holi to start by applying colors to you, I love you. She says I love you too. Inna sona….. plays…. He applies colors to her. She gets close and applies color to him. Ruhi comes and says so you both are here, music system is not working, come and check. Adi says no, I will come. Adi asks Aaliya to come. Aaliya says go, I will clean this color and come. Adi checks mic and says Ruhi its working. Ruhi asks really, and announces Adi and Aaliya’s performance. Adi says I won’t dance. Ruhi says now you have come, so just go for it. Niddhi thinks its good they are busy in their own world.

Adi and Aaliya dance on balam pichkari. Everyone clap. Shagun compliments Adi and Aaliya. Adi says none can dance better than you, I could dance well because of you, I have your genes. She thanks him and gets emotional. He asks her not to get emotional and applies him colors. Mihika says Adi come fast, don’t know what happened to Romi.

Ishita gets in bhaang effect. She says I have 15 fingers. Raman makes her sit. Niddhi says now I will know Ishita’s plan and where is Suhail. Romi behaves silly. Everyone laugh. Raman asks Ishita to have lemon, are you feeling fine. Ishita laughs. Raman thinks to ask her who forged signs. Niddhi says they are not talking about me and Suhail. Raman asks Ishita who forged Ruhi’s sign in office. Ishita says I know everything, I won’t say, we will dance first. He says sit, tell me who signed. She says just dance with me, I won’t say. She goes.

Raman says she has drunk bhaang, why is my head getting heavy. She gets inside water pool. He asks who signed, you know it, tell me. She says first come here. They sit in pool. Niddhi goes to them and says give me hand, I will help. She gets them out. Pihu clicks selfies and posts on FB. She says Papa keeps an eye on me and chats with Gulabo. The real Gulabo sees her and asks her about the party going on in her building. She replies why are you asking as if you don’t know anything Papa, I know you are wearing Gulabo’s clothes and stayed in Mani’s house as my Nanny, why are you behaving like this. The real Gulabo reads her messages. He replies he was joking and likes this role. He asks her not to tell this to anyone, it will be secret that I m chatting with you as Gulabo. She replies okay and smiles.

Raman and Ishita going home drunk. He asks who signed, tell me. Niddhi follows them. Ishita says my earring broke. Niddhi says shut up, tell me where is my brother Suhail. Ishita says Niddhi has come. Raman says I don’t know, I know this woman, she is very bad, she is against Gulabo, she should be beaten up. Niddhi says tell me where is my brother, what’s your plan. Ishita asks did you scold him, say sorry. She beats Niddhi. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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