14th June Friday Update on Young Love

Sanchi asking forgiveness from Ganga saying to her seeing me here you might be having many questions in your mind The truth is i did not come here to only attend your baby shower function but came here to apologize to everyone for how much i have hurt everyone . Sanchi apologizes to Ganga for her wrong doings to her which has made her fall down in her own eyes . Ganga says to Sanchi you don’t need to apologize to me You got forgiveness from me the day you realized your mistakes . Sanchi thanks Ganga for forgiving her . Ganga smiles

Nandu along with Mannu comes there calling Anandi . Nandu and Mannu are very happy seeing Amol. Nandu shakes hand with Amol introducing himself and Mannu i am Nandu and he is Mannu You are Amol right? Mannu too shakes hand with Amol. Amol is very happy meeting Nandu and Mannu. Ganga. Gehna and Anandi smile seeing the kids bonding with each other .Nandu tells Anandi Dadisaa is calling everyone as the pooja is going to start .

Sanchi says in her mind thanks Ganga for forgiving my past and giving me a chance to destroy your present I will snatch this happiness from you. Sanchi smiles evilly.

Ladies are dancing on folk songs in main hall .Gehna , Sanchi , Anandi and nurse bring Ganga sitting on stretcher which is decorated with flowers to the main hall . Nandu , Mannu , Amol are too with them . The village women are shocked seeing Ganga on stretcher and ask Dadisaa what is this ? Beendini in this condition ?Dadisaa says she is absolutely fine , we don’t let her step down from bed only for precautions , in this condition it is not good to walk much thats why she is on bed otherwise nothing to worry . The six months have passed successfully This is seventh month The rest will be good too . The village women relax hearing it .

Pandit jee asks beendini’s mother in law to start the ceremony . Sumitra asks Dadisaa Maa saa you start . Dadisaa is confused i should start while Ganga’s mother in law is you? . Sumitra says to Dadisaa the way you have taken care of Ganga i could never do so , this day came in our lives only because of your efforts and prayers so you deserves this more than me . Dadisaa is happy hearing it and agrees . Dadisaa begins the baby shower ceremony performing the ritual of garlanding Ganga , putting red chunri in her lap , making her eat sweets, placing gifts in her lap and saying her best wishes for her child in her ear . After Dadisaa one by one Sumitra , Gehna , Anandi , Ira , Meenu and other guests make Ganga eat sweets , fill her lap with gifts and give their best wishes to her for her child in her ear . Ganga is very happy . Sanchi is very jealous seeing all this . Sanchi too does the ritual for Ganga Everyone is tensed when Sanchi tells Ganga her best wish in her ear but Sanchi does not say anything wrong and everyone relax seeing Ganga smile

Dadisaa then tell the two ladies she invited from Maharashtra we have done the rituals in their way now you can do in your way . Ganga is emotional seeing Dadisaa invited the ladies from Maharashtra for her baby shower ceremony . Ganga asks Dadisaa you remembered this ? Dadisaa says yes . Ganga is very happy . The ladies do the rituals for the ceremony in their way telling guests they call baby shower ritual in Maharashtra Dohal Jevan ,also explaining to guests the meaning of each ritual they perform which includes tilak with kumkum , gifts , the lady eating all dishes she wants to eat the most during pregnancy. Everyone is very happy except Sanchi who is very jealous seeing all this .Then the ladies bring two boxes of two different sweets in front of Ganga , she has to choose one box among them without opening them , if she chose barfi then she will have a girl , if she chose pedas then she will have a boy .They explain it has nothing to do with there will be actually boy or girl according to what the lady will choose , it is only a small game for fun so everyone can be happy and excited .

Ganga is confused what to choose . Sumitra asks Ganga to choose right box it will have pedas then you will have a boy but Gehna says there are already so many boys in the house Nandu , Mannu , so choose left box barfi so there will be a girl , a playmate for my Bhairavi. Everyone laugh . Sanchi is fuming up with jealousy . Ganga is confused . Mannu comes forward and places his hand on one box gesturing Ganga to choose this . Ganga chooses that box asking Mannu you want me to choose this one ? Mannu happily nods yes . Ganga opens it , there are pedas in it Ganga smiles and shows it to everyone . Everyone claps including Mannu . Dadisaa says seems like Mannu has decided he only want to have his younger brother . Mannu is very happy . Everyone is happy except Sanchi who is burning in jealousy

Kesar Bagh

Daddu , Anoop and Alok come back home and are about to open the door when Mahi opens it who is dressed formally with file in his hand and about to leave . Daddu , Alok and Anoop are surprised seeing Mahi dressed formally and about to go somewhere with a file in his hand . Daddu asks Mahi where are you going dressed like this and with a file in your hand ? and you were saying you have to go to your practice you didn’t go there ? Mahi lies saying his practice got cancelled and he is going to get photocopies of his degree He has told him he has to submit them in his cricket academy . Alok jokes with Daddu and Anoop this man dressed so formally is really our Mahi or someone else ? All laugh. Mahi excuses he has to go and leaves . Daddu says I am first time seeing anyone going just for photocopies dressed so formally .Anoop is lost in some thoughts . Daddu asks him where are you lost ? Anoop says Mahi is looking so good dressed in formal , I was thinking how good he will look in army uniform . Daddu says Mahi and army ? forget it Mahi has no interest in army he is only interested in his cricket Perhaps you should start thinking how good Mahi will look in Indian cricket team’s official uniform . Anoop smiles . The three men then go inside the house with Daddu asking from Alok and Anoop who will make coffee for him among you too ? Alok says I cannot , Anoop says I don’t even know how to make it

Badi haveli:
After the baby shower ceremony the guests have left .Ira , Meenu , Dadisaa , Sumitra , Anandi , Ganga , Sanchi , Gehna are sitting together Nurse is checking the blood pressure of Ganga . After checking it nurse tells everyone , her blood pressure is normal nothing to worry . Everyone is happy hearing it except Sanchi . Nandu , Mannu and Amol are playing . Everyone is happy seeing the kids playing .Anandi says Amol has bonded with Mannu and Nandu so well , see he is so happy with them and Mannu and Nandu are so happy with Amol too . Gehna says how Nandu and Mannu won’t be happy as they got a new partner in their naughty gang and one more is about to come . Everyone laugh except Sanchi . Dadisaa tells Anandi to bring Amol more often here if he likes to be with Mannu and Nandu and in this way he will become more affiliated with us . Anandi says sure . Dadisaa then talks about how well the baby shower ceremony was done . Ganga adds she is very happy that Anandi ji and her family too came here and added more happiness in our happiness. Everyone is happy except Sanchi who thinks to herself I still cannot believe Jagdish left me for this villager Ganga

Jagya arrives home and asks nurse have you checked Ganga ? Everything is alright? . Nurse says yes doctor . Jagya is relieved. Ira asks Jagya you took so much time to come back home . Jagya says these days there is a lot work in hospital that’s why I got late but hope you all enjoyed the function . Meenu replies it was great after all me and jiji only get chance to dance in Jaitser. Ira laugh. Meenu says to Jagya if you would have come early then function’s happiness would have doubled with your presence . Jagya jokes what could I do Dadisaa had already warned me I am not allowed in ladies function that’s why I had to go to hospital only that was place I can go since here was function and i was banned in it . All laugh except Sanchi. Dadisaa says yes I have told him there is no need to stand with his wife today , today we will take care of her . All laugh minus Sanchi . Jagya says to Ganga I think you should take rest now , you sat enough for today . Ganga says ok? Sanchi is very jealous seeing Jagya caring for Ganga . Dadisaa asks Jagya to call Makhan he will help you . Jagya says fine . Sanchi gets up saying there is no need to call Makhan kaka I am here I will help , at least I am this much trained . Everyone is tensed but Dadisaa allows Sanchi she can help . Sanchi with an evil smile approaches Ganga and push her stretcher along with Jagya and Nurse and take her to her room. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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