13th May Monday Update on This is Love


13th May Monday Update on This is Love

Simmi starting her drama and crying. Simmi apologizes to Raman. Romi says Simmi got mad for Parmeet, she is doing drama. Adi says what happened to Simmi. Parmeet says you manage business now, what could we do, your health was not good, so we had to see all this, even when we don’t know much of it. Simmi says you can manage everything now. Raman asks her to stop crying, he is getting an headache. Simmi gives him medicines. Ishita looks on. Raman says I m fine now. Simmi says just take care, everything will get fine. Raman asks Parmeet to just be careful in handling business, get back to work. Ishita thinks Simmi is using her tears.

Romi comes home. He sees Mihika and smiles. He says you have come back, thanks, I missed you a lot. He hugs her. She asks is your

drama over, you think I came back for you, I didn’t forgive you, I will never forgive you, I came here on mummy ji’s saying, she said she will give me double settlement amount, did you not feel bad when you cheated me, you realize how much I loved you, you were my world, what did you give me in return, cheat… He apologizes. She says I will prefer to take settlement amount, take your bags and leave from my room, I can’t share the room with you. He takes his bags and leaves. She cries.
Ishita meets Dr. Maya. She says I m not understanding Raman’s condition, he doesn’t remember few things, he behaves differently. Maya says his thinking, identity and memories will end. Ashok asks what do you mean. Maya says these are banned drugs, its for violent mentally ill people, it slows blood circulation, patient forgets people and becomes slow. Maya elaborates the matter. Ishita says but he remembers his mum and dad. Maya says no, he is told about them, the person is giving him controlled info, these pills are erasing his memories slowly. Ishita says its happening because of Simmi. Maya says Raman can face serious side effects of these pills. Ishita says we have to stop him from taking these pills. Maya says he can take some months to recover, he needs help, his state is like a little kid, who is shouting for help, but no one is able to listen to him. Ashok asks how are these pills arranged. Ishita says Parmeet is arranging it. Maya says maybe some family member signed the undertaking to get the prescription. Ishita says Simmi would have signed this, I have to get Simmi arrested.

Simmi says we have to keep Ishita way from Raman. Ishita comes with police. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that Simmi is giving wrong medicines to Raman, he can lose his life too, he is losing his memories. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi can’t do this. Simmi sends Mrs. Bhalla inside. Ishita scolds Simmi for giving banned drugs to Raman, undertaking will have her signs, who is prescribing medicines when doctor has run away. She says you are a criminal, show the papers. Inspector asks Simmi to show the papers, else he has to arrest her. Ishita says its illegal in any situation. Simmi says enough, I have papers. Simmi takes the papers and says its written that Raman can be given these medicines and even the person’s name is there, who took the responsibility. Ishita checks and gets shocked.

She says mummy ji can’t do this, Simmi did this. Inspector says its Mrs. Bhalla’s name in prescription, she is guilty. Ishita says I will take my complaint back. He says its serious matter, its not a joke, we have to arrest her. Mrs. Bhalla gets arrested. Raman comes home. He asks what’s happening. Simmi says Ishita got police to get mummy arrested, she is saying we are giving you wrong medicines. Raman asks what. Ishita says she is lying, you are taking wrong medicines. Raman scolds her. Constable shows the papers to Raman and Mrs. Bhalla.

Mrs. Bhalla asks will I give wrong medicines to my son. Ishita says I got police here to get Simmi arrested. They scold Ishita. Police takes Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita says leave her please. Raman says just think how will you get saved from me. She cries. Mihika comes to Romi and says mummy ji got arrested, what are you doing here on phone. He asks why. She says Ishita got Mrs. Bhalla arrested, she gave wrong medicines to Raman. Amma motivates Ishita. She says Simmi is wrong, she will try to make you lose by wrong ways, you have to get prepared, you have to get Mrs. Bhalla freed, think what you have to do.

Raman trying to stop the police. Simmi worries for Mrs. Bhalla. Parmeet stops her and asks did you forget our revenge for Ananya’s death, if you do anything, Ishita will win, our game will gets spoiled. The ladies gossip about Mrs. Bhalla. Raman gets angry and asks them to stop nonsense. Raman asks inspector to stop. Ashok comes and stops the inspector.

Aaliya calls up Shagun and asks her to come fast and stop Mrs. Bhalla’s arrest, Raman is in stress. Shagun says I will get my NGO lawyer and come there, you just go there, just handle it, I will be reaching. Ashok says Ishita got the wrong info, we felt Raman is taking wrong medicines, its the report that he is taking safe medicines, this is court orders, we are Raman’s investors, we didn’t wish him to

have any problem, sorry, you can leave Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla gets freed. Inspector calls Ishita irresponsible and goes. Raman scolds Ishita. He says you can fall so low to win one award, I can sacrifice hundred awards for my mum, just apologize to my mum by touching her feet, now….Ishita apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla cries and turns face away. Simmi takes her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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