14th May Tuesday Update on Young Love

Shiv colliding with the hospital superintendent at his office. He asks him to have tea. Superintendent says I apologizes to your wife. He tells in flashback how Anandi convinces him to do the treatment for the patient. And says he gave her permission to look the records. Shiv recalls and thinks Anandi wanted to see which records. Ganga gives water to Bhairov and Basant. Sumitra asks Ganga to call Jagya. Just then Jagya comes and is silent. Sumitra says she will serve lunch. Jagya says he isn’t feeling hungry. Sumitra asks whether Ganga’s report came. Jagya says yes, it did come. Dadisaa asks, what is written in the report? Is everything fine? Jagya says Ganga is alright but one thing came in the test as the gynaec did an ultrasound and it came to know that Ganga’s uterus is very weak because of the mistake in delivery during Mannu’s birth and Ganga can’t bear any more child. She can’t become mother again. Everyone are shocked and in despair. Ganga hears and are shocked too. Jagya says if she gets pregnant then it is risky for her life. He says I was normal infront of her so that she could cope up with it. You have to assure her that she is not at fault and it doesn’t matter to them if she didn’t give them a heir. Dadisaa asks Jagya to take care of Ganga. Sumitra cries silently.

Ganga is crying in her room. Jagya comes and sits beside her. He tells her that so many women are there in the world who didn’t become a mother even once. You are crying and it means you are not thankful to God. He says he is very happy as he has Mannu. he says he was overwhelmed with emotions when Mannu called him bapusaa. He says it doesn’t matter to him if she couldn’t become a mother again. Ganga says it makes an difference for her. It matters to her. She hugs him and says what is the use of the body when I couldn’t give happiness to my family. Jagya asks her not to think like that and asks her to promise that she will not talk about this again. He says I don’t want a second baby and I just love. I got you after overcoming so many problems and I couldn’t lose you. He gives her pregnancy control pills and asks her to take daily. Ganga recalls Dadisaa and Sumitra wishes to become grannies. Jagya asks her to rest.

Ganga calls Anandi and anandi asks about everyone. Ganga tells everything in flashback. Anandi is shocked and asks her to take care of herself. She says, please don’t trouble yourself. Ganga says what about Dadisaa, who wishes to step the golden stair. I broke her dream. When I see them, I feel like fulfilling their dream at any cost. Anandi says Jagya loves you so much and he will not be able to take it if anything happens to you. Ganga says Jagya didn’t want a baby. Anandi says jagya loves Mannu and all the family loves him. Ganga says I felt good talking to you. They disconnects the call.

Shiv comes and hugs Anandi. Anandi says you came early today. Shiv says he can’t see the happiness in her face. Anandi tells him that Ganga called her and tells everything. Shiv says it is good that you stopped her from doing a mistake and says she has mannu naa.

Shiv asks Anandi that he was seeing her tensed since so some days and asks her to share. He says something is related to Durga devi hospital and tells that the doctor told him about her wish to check the records. Anandi tells him about seeing the hospital record and about Ira’s giving birth to still born female baby. Shiv is shocked.

Shiv asking Anandi to share her thoughts and why she went to Durga Devi hospital to check the records. Anandi says she doesn’t want to tell him but it is a matter of his trust on her and tells everything in flashback. Shiv says, it means a dead baby was born through Mom’s womb. He is shocked and shaken by the revelation. He asks, are you sure that you didn’t do any mistake. Anandi says she read it many times and details was same. Shiv says, I want to see those records for my relief. Dadisaa inaugurates the balwadi/play school. Mannu walks inside first, Jagya and Ganga smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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