14 Nov Wednesday Update on True Love

Wednesday Update on True Love

14 November

Tappu getting up from her sleep after realising that it was just a nightmare where she saw Veer kicking her out of the house ;Tappu freaks out in scare and goes running to Veer’s room and does her usual drama of how she is suddenly feeling restless and scared for her baby when Veer tries to console her and tells her that everything is fine ;Tappu then does another drama of half-fainting when Veer tries to hold her arms and then takes her to her room ;Satya sees this and wonders the equation between Veer and Tappu ;Satya’s self-talks indicates that he has some evil intentions here …

Next morning Tappu is shown busy investigating about the blackmailer who is non-stop calling her on her mobile and giving her the dhamki regarding her baby-ka-raaz Meanwhile Gunwanti is busy discussing about the preparations and invitations that needs to b sent for the Puja that she has kept for Tappu and the baby when Nani deliberately tells Gunwanti that in this puja it will b better if those women who r not able to concieve a child yet r not invited since they r considered apshagun for the occasion ;Nani tells this indirectly hinting at Ichha since she was present there only doing some work ;Just then Umed comes there and tells Gunwanti that this puja is not possible because in this puja a husband and wife r suppose to sit together but everyone knows that Tapasya is not the wife of Veer..

so then why make a mockery of our family in front of outsiders ;Hearing this Gunwanti has no reply when Nani tells that Tapasya will b giving birth to the heir of this family but by saying all this its an insult to the person who is giving them their son back ;Tappu too asks Gunwanti that what is her significance in this house when everytime she has been treated like an outsider..then on what basis she is staying in this house when she has no say on anything ;Hearing this Gunwanti tells to herself that if they make Tapasya feel that she is only there in this house to give their Vansh back,then she might leave the house and so its better that I agree to whatever she wants right now ;So then Gunwanti shows her fake love for Tapasya and tells her that the puja will definitely happen and that she will also talk to Veer and ask him to sit besides her in the puja ;Tappu is now happy but Ichha is not.

¬†Kasa Kaka is trying to see that secret photo of Satya’s mom in the room when Satya was not there but just then Satya comes from behind and asks him what is he looking at ;Kasa Kaka has no reply now when Chanda comes to the room to call Kasa Kaka for some work; Kasa Kaka was about to leave when Satya in a very angry tone directly tells Kasa Kaka that Next time please don’t enter our room in my or Saanchi’s absense since I don’t appreciate this ;Kasa Kaka listen to it quietly and goes away.. ..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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