15 Nov Wednesday Update on This is Love

Thursday Update on This is Love

15 Nov

Adi and Aaliya seeing Pihu. Adi hugs her and says did anyone make her drink bhaang. Mihika, Ruhi and Mr. Bhalla come and ask what happened to Pihu. Aaliya says maybe someone fed her thandai. They all think where are Raman and Ishita, did they catch Niddhi, we will go home and see. The man thinks I lost good chance, that girl has seen me. Everyone does not find Raman and Ishita at home.

They hear Raman and Ishita’s laughing sound and go to check room. They check bathroom and see Raman and Ishita in bathtub, laughing and driving a plane. Ruhi asks what are you… Raman and Ishita ask her to move, plane is leaving. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and says let them drive plane in bathroom. They all smile. Mrs. Bhalla says someone made them drink bhaang. Mr. Bhalla says they
will catch cold, get them out. Adi and Ruhi go to them.

Niddhi stops the man and asks who are you, where were you taking that girl, tell me. The man kidnaps her and takes her in car. Mihika says its good everything got fine in holi party. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I was afraid Niddhi made Raman and Ishita drink bhaang. Mr. Bhalla says maybe some kid did mischief. Romi comes and asks Neela for black coffee.

Everyone laugh telling him what he did. Mrs. Bhalla says see Raman and Ishita, did they get down plane or not. Raman says who made me drink bhaang, my plan was not successful to find out who forged sign. Ishita is angry. She asks what was the need to do all this, you made me drink bhaang, we did big planning to catch Niddhi, you failed my plan, my head is aching.

He says I made plan of making you drink one glass bhaang, I don’t know who added bhaang in other glass, even I had bhaang. She asks don’t you have senses. He says its your fault, you know who forged Ruhi’s sign, you did not tell me, so I made you drink bhaang. She says everyone was doing drama, police was present, we lost Niddhi. He says we know Niddhi, she did not come there, police did not drink bhaang, they did not find her.

Niddhi wakes up and finds herself tied. The man says I had to kidnap the girl, and had to kidnap this woman, who knew our plan, I can’t live her alive. She screams. The man says now you have to die. She signs. The man opens the cloth off his mouth. She says I m not that which you are thinking, I m Niddhi, I m Ishita and Raman’s enemy.

Raman says if Niddhi was alive, she would not sit quiet. Ishita says I m sure she is alive, I don’t know why she did not come, maybe she came, she knew our plan, we would have not known, we have to be careful. He says we won’t tell anyone, they are relaxed. Vandu and Bala come. Everyone hug Vandu. Bala gives sweets. Bala says I had to go and pick Vandu. Ishita hugs Vandu and says wow, what a surprise. Vandu says I missed you a lot. Raman says you missed holi party. Amma says you missed Raman’s plane ride. Vandu says Ishu you did not tell me big thing, Raman has his own jet. Ishita says its parked in bathroom, you can tell anything. They all laugh.

Ruhi says we missed you, you all permanently shift here. Vandu says I came on one week holiday, we will enjoy well. Raman says what about this man Bala. Vandu says I don’t think Bala misses me. Bala says what nonsense, Raman said I m wife’s devotee. Amma says I will make dinner, we all will meet on dinner. Adi asks Vandu to rest. Amma asks Ishita and Mihika to come.

Romi asks Raman about Niddhi. Raman says don’t know. Romi says who made our bhaang. Niddhi says I made Raman and Ishita drink bhaang to know their plan, I want to ruin them, you like beautiful kids, so you like Pihu, I will help you, you have to help me in taking revenge, say if you agree. The man shakes hands. Niddhi’s dentures are shown kept there.

Everyone meet for dinner in Iyer house. Vandu is happy to have homemade food. They all have a talk. Aaliya takes sweets to Adi. He asks her to have it. She asks why do you look calm, what happened. He asks her to go and enjoy. Vandu says all students are same, one student has stolen exam paper from my cupboard. Romi says don’t say this, it reminds me of my college days. Vandu says the student accepted his crime, he realized, life does not work on lies. Appa says that boy was good, did you report about him. Vandu says no, I taught him, if you are honest, you get another chance, he topped in term. Adi hears them.

Shagun says Aaliya called, Vandu has come back, I wish we could go and have dinner with everyone. Mani says sorry, I m reading baby names book. She asks him to decide name. He says it should be of our choice. She says its our first baby, I m sure you will find good names. They suggest names. He says our bond will get stronger with this baby. She says I feel I m world’s luckiest woman, I have a great husband, beautiful life, I was a bad human being, I did not value my children, God has been kind, I feel blessed, I have it all, I don’t want anything else. He says I promise you will be happy like this. She smiles.

Raman stops Ishita to talk. Mihika comes and says I have a bad news, you have to sleep here alone, Vandu came after many days, we sisters will spend time with her. Raman says we all are tired, it was holi. Ishita says sisters don’t get tired, we will go. She goes with Mihika. Raman says she went and gave me time to sleep well. He rests to lie. Someone knocks. He says she changed mind and goes to open door. He sees Adi and says did you not sleep yet. Adi says I had to tell something, I did big mistake, you would be angry, you can punish me, I will accept it. Raman asks what happened. Adi says I did this for company’s interest, thinking our staff will leave, I forged Ruhi’s sign, I did not wish to do. Raman gets shocked.

Adi saying I forged Ruhi’s sign. He says I know you can punish me, my intention was not wrong, I should be punished, sorry. Raman holds Adi and says look at me Adi, you did a work to meet my eyes. He hugs Adi. Adi cries. Raman says it needs much courage to accept mistake, you spoke truth, everyone can’t do this, when same mistake happens again and again, it becomes habit, learn from mistakes, this should not happen again, I m proud of you, go and sleep, I m sure we did good upbringing of children. Adi goes.

Ishita says I m so proud of you. Adi says its result of your upbringing, I just got courage and told everything to Papa. She says there is a fun of saying truth. He says I won’t do anything such again. He goes. Mihika says wow, how do you do all this,
you showed right direction to Adi and convinced Raman, I thought Raman would have beaten up Adi, you are a genius. Ishita says I m a woman, mum, wife, daughter, I have to strike a balance, I have to protect son’s secrets too while giving good upbringing.

Vandu comes and says Ishu told me to say fake story of that student to make Adi realize mistake, Ishu is a perfect mum. Aaliya comes and asks them to come for coffee. Mani waits for Niddhi. He goes to Shagun. He gets a call and says what, morning, I did not get mail about meeting. He ends call and tells Shagun that he has to go Bangalore. He says an email did not reach me, I have to go, I will call Aaliya. She says no, I will manage. He says you and baby are precious for me. She says its much that you told this, I will take care, go. He thinks its good Niddhi is not right, Shagun is safe.

Pihu comes to Raman. She asks why did you tell everyone our secret. He asks which secret. She says Gulabo’s secret. He says I did not tell anyone, I became Gulabo to meet you, when you all are here, I forgot Gulabo. Pihu says don’t lie. He asks why will I lie. She says you are chatting with me since 2 days by becoming Gulabo. Raman gets shocked seeing the chat. Pihu says you liked my pic and sent your friend to pick you, you wanted to tell everyone you are Gulabo, you planned surprise. He says no, what’s happening. She says your friend gave me sweets to eat, I got unwell by it, I m still dizzy, I did not like this game, I will delete you from photogram. He asks how did you make account on photogram. She says mumma made it, why are you asking me. He says I have no account by Gulabo’s name, I m thinking who is it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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