14th June Friday Update on This is Love

Raman cleaning his clothes. Ishita thinks of his words and calls him. He asks how are you, I want to meet you. She asks is there any imp work. He says yes, I will come to Ashok’s house. She says no, there is a party underway, sorry I have no time. He says we shall talk when you have time. She says sure and ends call. She says its so difficult, I m not able to meet him, I wish this oath didn’t bound me, I want to meet him. She cries seeing Raman’s pic. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. She says this is not the time to get weak, I need to look after Ruhi, she must be at the office.

Ruhi comes home. Simmi asks what happened to you. Ruhi says please come with me. They go to room. Ruhi cries and says Nikhil has come to stay in this building, how will

I stay aside, he just pushed me, how will I hide. Simmi says how dare he. Ruhi says do something. Simmi says come with me, we will go to him. Ruhi says no, I won’t face him. Simmi says he won’t harm you, come with me. Simmi knocks the door and shouts Nikhil open the door. Ruhi says I don’t want to create a scene. Simmi says its enough now.
Ruhi asks her to come. Simmi shouts. Nikhil opens the door. Nikhil says Simmi ji… Simmi scolds him. Ruhi hides from him. She asks him to leave the house. He says I took this house on rent, I will see what you can do. She says stay away from Ruhi, else I will see you. He asks her to leave. She gets angry. He says lets call the neighbors. Ruhi takes Simmi. Nikhil winks to Simmi and smiles.

Neelu asks Ishita to chop the spinach, Simmi is talking to Mihika, why is Mihika at Simmi’s side. Mihika asks what, Ishita can’t do black magic, are you believing Shanno. Simmi says Raman is always after Ishita. Mihika says I know Ishita, she is a doctor, what did Shanno say. Parmeet says Shanno was making Simmi say something, that’s not imp. Mihika says why does Shanno interfere so much. Simmi says he is so nice to me. Mihika says it could be her trick, we need to find out what she wants, she is so smart, I will find her truth.

Ishita says how is Simmi giving those pills to Raman, even Ruhi is in bad state, Lord just help me. She hears Mrs. Bhalla shouting Pihu….. Ishita says did Simmi give any medicine to Pihu. She runs to Pihu’s room and looks for her. Lights get on. She gets shocked seeing everyone. Mihika stops Ishita. She says your truth has come out, there is no use to run, I can’t believe it. Simmi says you came to us as a helpless woman, you duped us, you should be ashamed. Raman says Ishita… you have been in my house, I confided in you about Ishita, assuming you to be Shanno, why did you do all this. Mrs. Bhalla says she was fooling us, I doubted on her.

Mihika asks Ishita is she ashamed to talk now. Ishita takes Mihika aside and says I have to hide my face from Raman because of that promise. Romi says I m ashamed to call Mihika my wife. Simmi asks Romi to shut up. Romi says everyone knows who is the bad one. Raman asks Adi did anyone know Ishita is Shanno. Mrs. Bhalla says she has cheated all of us.

Mr. Bhalla comes home. Romi asks him to come fast, there is much drama happening because of the oath, wrong is happening with Ishita. Shagun asks what, Ishita is Shanno. Aaliya says don’t tell me you didn’t know this, Mihika has exposed her. Shagun says I don’t believe this, how can she do this, I will come. Ishita says you know why I have come here as Shanno, I have to be near Raman. Raman asks why. She doesn’t face him. He asks why are you not looking at me, which oath are you talking about. Simmi scolds Ishita.

Ishita asks Simmi to stop her nonsense, they know who lie the most. Raman asks her to stop it, why did she need to cheat them. Ishita asks her to listen to her once. Romi asks Mr. Bhalla to take the oath back. Mr. Bhalla says you stayed here in disguise when I gave you an oath. She says I didn’t break the oath, I have put ghunghat to keep your respect. He says you didn’t value the oath, you don’t value anyone, I free you from the oath, don’t step in this house again. Raman asks what’s happening here. Mr. Bhalla says you matter me the most, I thought you face problems when Ishita comes in front of you, that’s why I made her swear, but she has crossed all the limits. Raman says so you want to explain this. She says I have done all this for you, I had to come in disguise because…. I don’t know if you will believe me or not, your life has a threat by your family member. Raman asks tell me who wants to kill me. Ishita says I know, but I have no proof, I had to come here as Shanno to protect you and fulfill the oath. He says shut up, you are accusing my family and want me to believe your lie, give me one reason, why should I believe you. Pihu looks on.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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