17th May Friday Update on This is Love

Police questioning the man. Inspector doesn’t find any CCTV there. He says we can’t find the man this way. Appa calls Shagun and says Ishita went out, she is not answering the call, she didn’t take her car either. Shagun asks why did you let her go in that state. Appa asks her to inform him if she knows anything. Shagun tells Mani that Ishita left from home. They all worry. Ishita looks for Pihu and finds another sign. Appa worries that Amma will know about Ishita. Guard says I have seen Ishita going somewhere, she was behaving weird. Mani says why would Ishita go to a godown, even when she wanted to buy it, why would she go there at this time. Shagun says we should go there. Mani says stay here, I will find out.

Raman, Romi and Bala look for the kidnapper.

Police catches someone in hood. Raman asks the man where is Pihu. The man says I m a pizza delivery boy. Inspector says but location is the same. Raman checks the man’s phone. They look around. They find another phone. Raman says he is playing some game with us, don’t know in which state is Pihu there. Ishita shouts Pihu. She takes a rod and opens a door. She sees Pihu inside. She goes to Pihu. The kidnapper catches her and injects. Ishita falls down. He gets a gun and a knife. He goes to Ishita and Pihu.
Amma sits praying. The kidnapper checks Ishita’s breath. Amma worries when the diya blows off. She shouts to Appa. She asks him to see the diya. She feels scared. Appa says nothing will happen, have faith in Lord, window is open, so the diya blew off, I will light the diya. The man takes the gun to shoot Ishita. Appa lights the diya. Amma asks are you hiding something from me, what’s the matter, tell me, I will go and see Ishita. Appa says wait, she is not there,Ishita has gone out. She asks why did you let her go out. He says she told me she is going clinic for emergency, she didn’t reach clinic, I informed Shagun, Shagun and Mani are finding her. Amma prays.

Ashok comes to Bhalla house and shouts Ishita. Simmi asks him to leave. He says I m finding Ishita, I know you kidnapped her, tell me where is she. Parmeet comes and asks who are you to accuse my wife. Ashok scolds them. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks Ashok what is he doing here. Ashok says you don’t know their truth, they are Raman’s enemies. Parmeet beats him. Ashok says ask them where did they hide Ishita. Parmeet pushes him out. He says don’t know what is he saying, Ishita is enemy of this house. Simmi signs him and smiles. She thinks I have burnt that address note, now no one will know about her.

Raman says Ishita and Pihu are not here, track her phone. Inspector tracks the phone and says Ishita’s phone is tracked, location is near your house, maybe she went home. Ishita says thank God she is safe. Kidnapper comes to deliver the refrigerator at Iyer house. The man asks Appa to sign. Appa says I didn’t order this. The man says this is ordered from your home. He takes Appa’s sign and goes. Amma says we didn’t order this. He says maybe Bala and Kiran did this. Raman, Bala and Romi come home, while the kidnapper collides with Raman and goes.

Bala says we didn’t order any fridge. Raman says why would anyone deliver fridge like this. He recalls and asks did the man wear red gloves, I have seen him outside. Mani asks did Ishita come back. Amma says no, you all went to find her. Raman says yes, but we…. inspector says the tracker is beeping. Raman says sound is coming from the fridge. They all check the fridge. They get shocked seeing Pihu unconscious inside.

Raman holds Pihu and takes her. He asks them to call doctor. He asks Pihu to wake up. He sprinkles water on her. Ruhi says doctor is coming. Shagun recalls the man’s words. She says Mani, red gloves, that man told us about the kidnapper wearing red gloves. Raman says he has left Pihu and Ishita’s phone, it means she is still with that man. They all worry.

police trying to find the culprit. Raman and Mani are on the way. Raman says we missed him, I will kill him if anything happens to Pihu. Inspector calls him. He says the tempo number is registered on your company name, we have to go back to that godown and check again, maybe we missed something. They all reach the godown and check the place well. Raman gets Ishita’s ring. Bala says its Ishita’s ring, Amma gave same ring to Ishita and Vandu. Raman says it means someone was here, we will look around. He moves the cartons. He says there is something here. He sees a dupatta. He moves things and finds Ishita inside a sack. They get shocked seeing her. Bala and Mani to say something. Inspector asks them to move back. He checks Ishita’s breath. He says she is not breathing,CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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