18th October Friday Update on True Love


18th October Friday Update on True Love

Tej imagining Mukta on his bed sitting in a dulhan’s attire her face covered with a ghungat waiting for tej for their suhaagraat.
Tej in his dream opens the ghungat and finds mukta under it. Mukta blushes and tries to cover her face with the ghungat . When mukta chides her face under the ghungat, Tej says y r u hiding ur moon like bright face? He tells her atleast look at me. Her turns her face with his hands and says now keep looking at me and come close to my heart.  he s introducing himself n says my name is Tej. Mukta nods. He s asking her to call out his name.

Before the mukta In his dreams could say anything his dreams his broken by Tapasya who throws a bunch of flowers on him n he s shaken from him lovely dream.
Tej is shocked and turns back to see Tapasya standing n looking angrily at him. Taps calls Tej as “pati parameshwar ji”  n shouts at him n asks him to get up. Tej shocked n gets up. She tells him that there’s so much waste in the room and that it must be cleaned by morning. Taps then throws a pillow at Tej and tells him to sleep at a distant corner in the room and mocks him that he may be tired. Tej angry and says whether she ll ask he to sleep on floor in his own room and u yourself will sleep on the bed like a queen? Taps mocks him again saying thank god that ur atleast getting that corner.

Tej tells taps listen this drama of yours will last only till morning. Tomorrow there will be a divorce appeal in the court and then the proceedings both will happen at the same time. In a chukti I ll get divorce from you(makes noise with his fingers). Taps also makes noise n says in a chukti u take divorce and in a chutki you’ll loose all your property. Taps continues that looks like you haven’t read the will correctly. The will made by daddaji says that whoever tej marries ,Tej cant divorce his wife for min of a year in order to retain his property. Now she tells tej that u ll surely npt believe me so she asks him to contact his lawyer if he wishes to confirm.Taps tells tej she s feeling very sleepy and is going to sleep. Taps mocking at the decorations in the bedroom calling it garbage. Tej cursing Daddaji

Nani in tears remembering Tapasya. Mukta arrives there and they hug. Mukta asking Nani to forgive her and that she misunderstood Nani lol. She continues saying that she didn’t know that Nani loves her so much? Nani says that when you lost faith in my love my heart broke. Mukta holding her ears and saying sorry to Nani. Nani recalls how tapasya used to also hold her ears n stand in front of her and ask for forgiveness when she committed some mistake and Nani her heart used to melt n she used to forgive her immediately.
(Nani remorsing for her deeds.)

Nani saying what had happened to me. Ina gist of anger I gave such a wrong suggestion to my Tappu’s daughter (of marrying tej). Mukta asks her to forget it all. Nani says I had never thought that Taps will have to bear the cost of my mistakes. Taps will have to give such a huge sacrifice that too for iccha’s happiness? Once again in her lofe she ll have to sacrifice. Mukta says she s proud of her mom and asks Nani whether doing so will relieve them of the burden of Iccha’s favours to them?? Nani nods .
Iccha arrives there n asks mukta wat is she talking about??

Tej saying I can’t give you divorce right?? So wat?? This husband can send his wife to god right? Like u can fall from the terrace, slip from the stairs, car breaks can fail, gas cylinder can burst in kitchen. So wat if I can’t give u divorce I can send u to heaven right?? Taps starts to break her bangles n says to Tej that u give such brilliant ideas. The cylinder your talking abt if it doesn’t burst then the tea I make on the gas, I can surely mix poison in it. (awesome reply by taps). Taps says to tej ur so innocent, faint hearted, sometimes your breath can choke. You n intelligence are far away  n that his nerves can burst and his old body can have scores of probs, BP can increase sugar level can increase etc.
Taps tells Tej u look better in photographs and that we can hang ur photo next to daddaji’s photo and put a nice garland to it.  she says she would be thrilled to wear designer white sarees on becoming a widow and asks him to sleep n not waste him time (she breaks her bangles again) N says that switchboard may be near to him so turn off the lights while leaving and mockingly says good night to him

Iccha asking Mukta wat loan of mine r u thinking to pay back? N who will pay it? Nani refers Iccha as ICCHA BETA!!! N says they were just discussing something. Iccha asking Mukta to tell her the truth. Mukta stammering but tells that she was telling Nani that Iccha has done so much for them n that they ll never be able to pay her back. Nani nods. Iccha says when someone talks by not looking into her eyes then it means they r hiding something. Iccha repeatedly asking her to tell the truth n says she s unable to understand y did Mai come to their house in the middle of the night night and y did she start blaming mukta like that?

Nani cuts iccha n says Ram Hi rakhe and says that along with Tej singh, Mai has also turned mad and that Mai was not telling the truth and went off in anger when she was proved wrong. N that Mai only needs some reason to insult their family and malign mukta. Nani agains refers Iccha as ICCHA BETA and tells her that no one can understand mai better than her(iccha). Baki to ram hi rakhe. Iccha says im understanding your words Nani but I have a fear in my heart. My heart is a mother’s heart. N tells Mukta not to take any such decision in her life for which she(iccha) would have to remorse for her entire life n leaves.

She says I wish Tappu was here to see how Mukta has grown up to be an understanding girl and that wishes she could meet Taps atleast once.

Mai on phone telling a press reporter that her work should be done by morning n no mistakes this time. Whatever money he wants he ll get it. She puts down the phone and says that tom’s day will bring darkness in the life of Thakurs. Tapasya doesn’t know with whom she has taken taken enemity. Tom’s day will be darker than the darkest night for the Thakurs

Its morning time and jogi picks up the newspaper and asks divya to make tea. Jogi is having a headache n says he couldn’t sleep entire night due to mai’s drama and that he s going to talk to veer at his office regarding mai n asks whether mukta slept. Divya says yes she slept and says god knows which unfortunate girl has married that disgusting tej singh?  and leaves. Jogi turning over the newspaper and sees the news of Taps married with Tej in the newspaper and is shocked to see taps photo. He shouts out divya’s name until he gets a call from evil mai.

Mai giving evil smirks and saying with great pride u has told me someting remember? When I had come to ur house u had made me queit and when i reached my home there was the new bride of our house Tapasya. Now wont u say anything? Wont you come to our house to meet ur daughter? or should i send her to ur home for pamphera ritual? Congrats thakur sahab ur daughter has become the DIL of our house once again n that too by deceiving us again. N she insults jogi saying n wat a choive ur daughter has donbe?Tej has spent his half life in prison n that this marriage can only be done by your daughter Tapasya. Ur granddaughter is fighting a case against my grandson yuvi n ur daughter taps has returned to our house as his cousinn grandmom(dadi chachi) Mai threatening jogi now u see how i ll defame ur family. and puts the pone down. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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