18th October Friday Update on This is Love


18th October Friday Update on This is Love

Ruhi asking Aaliya to see the designer lahengas. Aaliya refuses. Ishita asks Aaliya to get what she likes. Aaliya says don’t waste time on this, I don’t want to wear designer lahenga. Ishita asks what’s the matter. Aaliya says no, I want to wear kanchivaram saree which you had worn on your wedding. Ishita says that saree is worn out. Aaliya says your marriage is happy and successful, I want similar one, I think your saree will be lucky for me. Ishita says okay as you want. Ruhi says what’s this, I have worked all night, I will order one lahenga which I like, brides are famous to change mind in last mind. Aaliya says my mind won’t change, I will wear that saree. Ishita says marriage is a bond of hearts, saree won’t matter, Rohan loves you, you have to make it work. Mihika comes and says Rohan has come to meet you. Ruhi says Rohan is here, you go and meet him. They laugh.

The man gets Ishita’s pic to show someone. Raman says Rohan you here. Rohan says I was going for shopping and thought to take Aaliya along. Raman scolds him. Ruhi says you are too much dad. She asks Rohan not to get serious, dad is just kidding. Rohan smiles. Raman asks him to address him as Papa. Rohan agrees. Raman asks Aaliya to choose a ring for Rohan. Ishita says I will go and finish my work in clinic. Aaliya says I will buy lahenga for Aaliya, if not at wedding, she will wear one at her reception, drop me to the designer store. Ishita agrees. They leave. A man clicks her pics. Ishita leaves. The man smiles and calls someone. He says I found out where she lives.

Ishita says how can account balance be so less, I have to talk to Raman. Ruhi says relax, you have to go to clinic, I will pay advance for lahenga, you go. She leaves. Ruhi is on the way. Some men try to take her bag. Karan comes there and fights with them. The goons run away. Karan says I get dizzy seeing blood. Ruhi says relax, just show me your hand, its bleeding a lot, relax. She ties a kerchief. He drinks water and says I m fine. She asks why did you fight with them, he was holding a knife. He says he touched you, how dare he, I don’t like that someone touches you. She looks at him. They both say if anything happened to you…. She says your hand is bleeding, we will go to clinic, come, cab has come. Ishita says how can this happen, Raman is spending so much, I must ask Raman.

Raman calls her. He asks where is Romi. She says don’t know. He says investors have come. She says relax, maybe he has gone out for work. He says he will never change. She sees Romi beating someone and stops him. She asks why are you hitting him, come. Romi says you don’t know our company is going in loss, this man is buying our company shares and selling at low price, its big loss for him, after I have beaten him and asked who is behind this, he said he doesn’t know, someone is buying our shares and wants to take over the company. Sudha says superb, now everything will know that Bhalla company is getting bankrupt.

Ishita says if Raman learns this, he will slip in depression, we can’t tell him, he shouldn’t know this, there is a festive mood at home, Aaliya is happy after long time, I don’t want her happiness to end, Raman is calling up. She answers call and says I didn’t find Romi, I won’t be able to come to office, I have to go for dental surgery, we can postpone the meeting, you will get more time. Raman says fine, finish your surgery, I will talk later. She says I feel bad to lie to Raman, we need time to solve this. The man says Sir, there is a man with her, they are talking in car, I m following her. Ishita asks Romi shall we contact lawyer, maybe he can guide us. Mani comes. Raman says sorry, I postponed the meeting. Mani says yes, I have come to meet you, I m very happy, Aaliya is moving on, you all are supporting her, Rohan is a nice guy. Raman asks the matter.

Mani says I will bear expenses of Aaliya’s marriage. Raman says she is my daughter and my responsibility. Mani says she is my daughter, its my right. Raman says I will get her married, whenever Ruhi gets married, you bear the expenses, I won’t object. Mani says don’t know how Ishu stays with you, you argue so much. Raman says I learnt arguing from her. They laugh. Ruhi and Karan are on cafe. Ishita and Romi come there. Romi says I got some files. Ishita orders coffee. She says we can’t go to office right now. He says I feel so bad that I didn’t see this before. She says we should solve this soon. Sudha says so Ishita and Romi got to know this, someone is buying shares and bringing loss for their company. The man says yes, but Raman doesn’t know this. She says but he is company owner, he should know how I m ruining his company, it will be fun, I will do something else, you did a good job, you will get rewarded for it. She asks him to pick the can and says you have to do another task for me. She tells him. He nods. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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