18th October Friday Update on Young Love


18th October Friday Update on Young Love

Amol giving prasad to Anandi and says Subhadra gave it for her. Before Anandi could take it from his hand, the prasad falls from his hand. Anandi picks it. Amol apologizes to her. Anandi says, Subhadra won’t say anything. Amol says, will you eat it. Anandi asks him about hygiene. Amol says, it is not good to eat it. Anandi asks him to keep it for the birds. Amol says ok.

Anandi comes and apologizes to Ira. Ira says it’s ok. Daddu asks Anandi to make tea for him after two hours. Anandi says ok. Subhadra thinks Anandi is behaving fine and thinks to questions Amol. Daddu gets Dadisaa’s call. She greets him. Daddu says, we shall meet soon. Dadisaa asks him to give the call to Anandi. Anandi greets her. Dadisaa says she is fine and tells her about the havan for Basant’s barsi. Anandi says, barsi happens only after a year naa. Dadisaa says, yes. I wish to have it now and invites Anandi. Anandi says, she will come today itself. She disconnects the call. Shiv asks what happened.

Anandi tells him that Dadisaa kept Basant’s death anniversary as she doesn’t want kids to be sad. Ira asks Shiv, will you go with Anandi. Shiv says, he can’t come. Anandi says, she can understand. Daddu says driver will drop you. Subhadra thinks how she will eat my special prasad in Jaitsar and thinks to do something.

Gehna brings breakfast for Jagya and Ganga. Ganga asks her why you brought it here. Gehna says so that you both can have food together. Gehna tells about her day at godown. Dadisaa comes and calls Gehna. Ganga tells her that she was asking about her day at work. Dadisaa praises Gehna. Jagya says, now you have realized her worth. Dadisaa asks them to have breakfast fast and closes the door.

Jagya looks at Ganga. He sits to have breakfast. They make each other have curd and smiles. Shiv hugs Anandi. Subhadra comes to her room and gives drugs laddoo to Anandi. She asks her not to give the laddoo to anyone else as it is mannat’s laddoo. Anandi tells Shiv that Buaji has changed. Shiv says yes.

Gauri checks her phone and looks smilingly at Jagya and her photo. She reminiscences the time spent with him and gets happy. She thinks why her past days can’t come back. She writes romantic message for Jagya and is about to send it, but just then she falls. Anandi comes and saves her. Gauri asks, how did you come here? Anandi says sorry and says I didn’t recognize you. Gauri says, this is my new face given to me by Jagya. Anandi tells her about Basant’s death anniversary. Gauri asks her about her marital life. Anandi says she is very happy. Gauri apologizes to her. Anandi says, she is happy for Jagya too. Gehna comes and hugs her. They greet each other. Gehna takes her inside.

Subhadra comes to Vaid and tells him that the drugs is not showing much effects. He says, it is not a magic. Subhadra gives him much money. He gives other drugs and says it is dangerous if you give her more quantity. Subhadra thinks she wants that only. Alok sees Subhadra with vaid and wonders what she is doing with him. Subhadra sits in an auto and leaves. Alok thinks to confront the vaid, but then thinks to talk to Daddu.

Anandi hugs Dadisaa. Dadisaa gets happy and says where were you? Anandi says, I met Gauri. Gehna tells her that Anandi was about to tell Gauri about Jagya. Anandi asks, what? Dadisaa tells her that Jagya told us that Gauri’s condition is sensitive. We hide his marriage with Ganga. Gauri thinks Ganga is nurse and we kept her for her care. Anandi asks, why did you do it? Ganga comes and says she agreed for the same. Jagya still holds himself responsible for Gauri’s condition. He condition is improving you. She will go home soon. Anandi appreciates her for her doings and also praises her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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