19th December Thursday Update on This is love


19th December Thursday Update on This is love

Yug saying mornings won’t be good. He asks Ranbir to take his scooty, he isn’t going office, he has some work. Vishal says you would be going to find about Aaliya, its risky, Ishita doubts your intentions, we aren’t your enemy, I will get all info about her. Ranbir says we know you are in love, we are worried for you. Yug says forgive me, I know that I m behaving weird, I realized love for the first time, like blinded in love, I had lost my parents in childhood, I m like a burden on my uncle and aunt, I felt connected with Aaliya, I m trying to gather info about her, you two are my friends, my life line. He hugs them. Vishal says don’t worry, I will get info about her. Yug says I will drop you to office.

Ranbir prays for him. He says Yug has gone crazy in love, he has tolerated a lot in life. Vishal says I wish I don’t see Ishita, I get nervous, I have to find about Aaliya. Karan says I have to meet a client urgently. He thinks I have to give news to mom about Adi’s lookalike. Ruhi and Aaliya come to talk to Rohan. Aaliya says Shagun has called us, we shall go.

Karan says I also want to help. Ruhi says no need. Rohan says let him come. Ruhi agrees. Karan thinks I will meet mom later. Vishal says this is another watchman. He asks guard about Aaliya, he has to deliver the bouquet. Guard says she is Bhallas’ bahu, Raman and Ishita’s bahu. Vishal gets shocked and makes a story. He goes and thinks what will Yug undergo on knowing this.

Mihika asks Ruhi not to worry, there is something else. Ruhi says you know, dad is very romantic, he gets gifts for Ishita always, what’s this. Mihika asks is that Raman. They see Raman. Ruhi asks what is he doing here, he was leaving for office. Aaliya says he was in a different attire. Rohan says you mean he changed clothes and came here. Mihika says I think its some other matter. Raman comes inside the restaurant and meets Ishita. Everyone hides faces. Rohan asks is the IT officer a lady. Mihika says I think I know what’s happening here, we shall leave. Ruhi says what, I will see. They go to see. They see Ishita. Mihika says sorry, we spoiled your secret date. Raman says leave us alone sometimes. Rohan says continue the date, Ishimaa you look gorgeous, this attire suits you. Mihika says fine, come home on time, we have planned an anniversary party, just act surprised. They leave.

Ishita says this is so embarrassing, they caught us, we are supposed to go to temple. Raman says change clothes first. Mihika says they are smart, they planned and came here. Rohan says such a romantic couple, I hope we are also like them. Mihika says Rohan has made long term plans. Karan says my brother has gone mad, I won’t let this long term planning get successful. He gets Sudha’s message that she is going away for two days. Ranbir says I had a mannat to come here once I get a job. Yug says Vishal should come soon. Vishal comes. Yug asks news about Aaliya. Vishal says lets go home, you forget Aaliya. Yug asks have you gone mad. Vishal says she isn’t a nice girl, she is arrogant, we will find a better and pretty girl for you. Yug says I know you are lying, what’s the truth. Vishal says Aaliya is married, she is Raman and Ishita’s Bahu. Yug gets shocked. He says married…. Vishal says I knew you won’t be able to bear this. Yug says no, we had come here to make an offering, my fate is bad.

Raman and Ishita come to temple. She says I want to do something special. He asks shall we marry again. She says I wanted to give donations on Adi’s name. He says good idea. Beggar blesses them. Ishita asks him to bless her son he is no more. Vishal says we shall run before they see us. Yug smiles and says Raman and Ishita’s son is no more. Raman says pray for our bahu that she moves on and gets happiness in her life. Beggar blesses. They leave. Yug asks did you hear them. Vishal says Aaliya’s husband is dead. Yug says it means Aaliya is a widow, she is single. Raman says if Aaliya will be happy with Rohan, I m okay. Vishal says she is a widow. Yug says I don’t care, I love her, my love is true. They come home and argue. They ask Yug not to take risk, how can he forget that Aaliya is Raman and Ishita’s bahu, will they happily give him Aaliya. Yug says Raman said Aaliya should move on in life. Ranbir says she is a widow. Yug says so what, she is not at fault, I love her, she won’t be a widow if I marry her.

Vishal says be sensible, she is bahu of rich businessman Raman Bhalla, you are a salesman. Yug says love has no boundaries. Vishal says we live here in a society, not film city. Yug says I don’t care what society thinks, I love her, I m going to sleep now. Ishita says the party was good. Raman says yes. Ishita hugs him. He asks what happened. She says I want to thank you. He says I didn’t give you any hug, you are still thanking me. She says you accepted Raman, its a gift for me, you have let him come in family pic, trust him, Rohan was worried that you don’t like him. He says I don’t want Aaliya to shatter again, I will have a formal chat with Rohan, how will he support Aaliya, he can’t stay here all life. She says just don’t scare him, I m sure he has some plans. He asks her not to worry. She says I hope Aaliya’s life is good. He goes to get water. She sees Adi’s pic and recalls Yug. She says I m just worried about Yug, what do we do of him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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