19th December Thursday Update on True Love


19th December Thursday Update on True Love


Surabhi is on call with her father (mama ji). She asks how everyone at home is. Everyone here thinks that that Meethi has gone to Switzerland. And shares that she is in hospital as Tapasya had got shot. I feel good whenever something happens that hurts Iccha.

He advises her to stay there as they will soon come to know that Meethi hasn’t gone to Switzerland. You can tell us what their next move is. She agrees and he tells her that her massi is very happy with her & blesses her. He disconnects the landline again and hides it.

Surabhi joins back everyone & tries to make them eat something but no one feels like eating.
The nurse comes out & Mukta & Rathore go to her to check the status of Tappu.

Here, Mukta’s cell rings & it’s the real Vishnu. Nani picks it and reprimands him that neither he nor Meethi called them. Everyone had been so worried about them. Surabhi is doubtful as Vishnu has called at Mukta’s no. All come and stand next to Nani while Vishnu is unable to understand anything. She is about to tell him about Tappu’s condition when Veer takes the phone but ultimately Surabhi takes it from him.

The doctor informs them that they will have to operate Tappu again…which will go on for 7 hours. Dr. Trivedi will be joining him for the operation in next 15 minutes. He assures them that they are doing their best & tells Rathore to go and fill some important papers. They both go their separate ways.

Pavitra tells Meethi that today Guruma is coming. Mama joins in saying that they all believe in her a lot. She can tell someone’s future by looking at his / her face only.
Guruma enters with Gomti & Maiyya…all join hands and bow down to her. Meethi looks on happily.
Pavitra reminds her to cover her head. She quickly does as told. All take her blessings including Meethi & Guruma does meditation.

Everyone is waiting anxiously for her to tell them about their new daughter-in-law. She utters what did you do? This girl’s fate doesn’t have vermilion. All are shocked (well, faking it!) including Meethi. Guruma says your son’s life is in danger.

Surabhi speaks with Vishnu. Vishnu asks her is she is Mukta? Some old lady had picked the phone & maybe she thought me to be of that Vishnu with whom Meethi married (as he has flashback of Rohini’s word on sangeet day). He had come to meet her but she dint turn up for the meeting…neither at the café nor at home. Surabhi is quietly listening to everything.
She asks him if he remembers that they had met. Vishnu recalls meeting Surabhi. She continues that Mukta has changed her no., and this mobile stays with her now. Did her have something important to say to Mukta?
Vishnu says that actually, Mukta had wanted to meet me. She had something important to share…can you pass this message to her please. She agrees and asks him when & where did he want to meet Mukta? He tells her at 2:30pm in Paradise Café, Malad. She assures him that she will pass on the message to mukta for sure & disconnects.
She thinks that she will indeed bring Mukta to meet him (evilly) & before joining everyone, removes the last received number for the call log.

Maiyya says….it cannot happen. There must be some solution. This girl is so young…will she become a widow at such an early age?
Guruma says there is a solution. She will have to offer prayers to the shivling that too before sunset & it has to be done today only. Mama asks about the process. Guruma continues she has to do it bare feet. She will have to bring water from the well & give Anjali to the shivling till sunset. Her husband’s age will increase with the number of times she does the Anjali to the God. Om trayambhakam is playing in the background.

Akash announces that Meethi won’t go to the well to do all that. All look at him shocked. He comes downstairs & takes blessings of Guruma.
He asks for forgiveness & says that Meethi is from a big house & she will not be able to do all this. She doesn’t know of anything….well, how to fetch water from the well. She has come to the village for the first time. How will she be able to do all of this?
Meethi says no, I will. You remember the vows that we took at the time of wedding….I can do anything for your long life. Maiyya smirks.
Akash agrees and adds that he will help her as she is doing it for him. Meethi smiles at this.
Guruma denies that only a woman can do it…a woman alone. This fast is a test for the new bride. If anyone from the family tries to lend her a helping hand, it will all go to waste.
Meethi nods & tells Vishnu that she will do it all on her own….till evening.
Meethi takes Guruma’s blessings & all exchange evil glances.

Rathore is sadly recalling all the past moments that he had spent with Tappu, including her getting shot. Sad background music is playing in the background – haal-e-dil. Tears fall down from his face.

Jogi tells Divya & Damini & everyone else to go home as he will stay here. Both decline but Rathore tells him indirectly taking Mukta’s name that he won’t go anywhere, whoever wants to they can.

Surabhi hands back Mukta’s phone to her. She asks who had called.
Surabhi tells her that Meethi had called & informs Veer that the signals were very weak & before she could share everything with them, the line got disconnected.
Veer asks Mukta to check the no. Mukta sees but finds only Iccha’s no. as the last received call. Surabhi smirks at this but then clarifies that sometimes in international calls only some numbers are displayed. Mukta looks convinced. She goes to Rathore & they both exchange glances.
Mukta is thinking that since Meethi has gone from here, no one has heard her or spoken to her. Hope she isn’t in any trouble.

shivling & Meethi standing in front of it. She recalls Guruma’s words of Akash’s small life & folds her hands towards the shivling and goes to the well to figure out the mechanism of taking out water from the well. She fails in her first attempt but recalls Akash’s words of how she had promised him that she can go to any length for him. Determined, she gets up again & this time is successful in taking out water but steps on a stone and the water spills. She is sad & hurt but gets up again with great difficulty. She again pulls out another bucket of water from the well. Different mantras are playing in the background.

Maiyya & Akash are watching all this unfold hiding behind a tree. Both are enjoying seeing her in so much pain. Meethi succeeds in giving Anjali to the shivling this time.

Maiyya says to Akash….what does she know….this isn’t puja but our revenge. She thanks guruma who folds her hands back at her. Guruma recalls her own words (what she had said to Meehti).
Scene shifts to Meethi who is feeling excessive heat and is sweating because of the sun.

Nirbhaya is in the jeep waiting to take guruma. She glances again at Meethi…smiles looking at her & goes with Nirbhaya.

Meethi sits down & has a fainting spell (on hari om is playing in the background). She asks for God to give her strength. She walks to the shivling…and blood is coming out from her feet as she has to step on huge stones to reach the shivling. Akash watches her holding the bell to support herself from falling.

Maiyya comments see, she is paying for her mother’s sins. The pain she has given us, we will give the same amount of pain to that Iccha’s daughter.
Meethi finally faints. Akash points the same to his mother.
She says let her stay here till sunset. After that, bring her home. Both leave from there.

At hospital, everyone is waiting anxiously outside the OT. Mukta asks him to relax and take some rest for some time. He is getting impatient by every passing minute. He points out the same to her that the doctor had said it would take 7 hours but it’s almost 8 hours now. I won’t let her go this time.
Mukta says she understands but he should relax now while Rathore repeats that he won’t let her go this time….not this time.

The doctors come out of the OT. All rush to him and ask about Tappu. He replies that the operation went by smoothly. But she is still critical and they can only assure 50-50 chances as of now. We cant say anything for sure…we will have to wait for 72 hours. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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