19th September Thursday Update on This is Love


19th September Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Parmeet getting dressed as clown and coming. Pihu asks why are lights flickering. Saniyal says I have light in my mobile, I will get the torch as well. Ishita says police is on duty because of independence day, inspector said he is also on duty, but his deputy is finding out. Simmi says its all my fault, I should have not gone to police station to give statement against Parmeet, I should have not taken you two along. Ishita says you had to do this, don’t worry, think positive. Saniyal says I will be back in five mins, stay here, guard should have come to check once, I have to go and check fuse now. Parmeet hides on her head. She faints.

Mr. Bhalla says Parmeet has been troubling us, he is targeting Pihu, I will go to Raman, parmeet has to be punished, give me the keys of my car. Mrs. Bhalla asks where will you go. Bala says yes, we should stay here and give info to Raman and Ishita, we should coordinate with police. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, sit now, don’t be angry, Mihia light diya and pray to Mata Rani.

Pihu asks where are you Miss. She sees her unconscious. She asks her to get up. She sees the blood marks and runs. Secretary comes to meet Mr. Bhalla. He asks why are you all worried, is everything fine. Mr. Bhalla says yes, sit. Secretary says whatever happening in baby’s Naamkaran, I m sorry for it, you didn’t take an initiative for 15th august function, you all do a lot every year for this function, where is Pihu, did she sleep. Bala says she has gone on her school camp. Raman and Ishita went to pick her, we are busy in handling baby, we will think about it and make all the arrangements, don’t worry. Mrs. Bhalla asks how will we do this. Bala says I m hoping that Raman and Ishita will come home with Pihu. Mani asks what happened Shagun, your event will be great.

Shagun says I m worried for Parmeet, why would he steal clown’s costume, he is upto something, I should inform Ishita. They try to call Ishita and Raman. Shagun calls Ruhi and asks is everything fine at home. Ruhi says yes. Shagun says Raman and Ishita’s phones are not reachable, what’s the matter, tell me. Ruhi says actually nothing is right here, can you please come here, I will tell you everything. Mani asks what happened. Shagun says there seems to be some problem, we have to go there. Raman gets inspector’s call and asks what, someone gave fake papers, we are going to camp, I won’t leave Parmeet if anything happens to Pihu. Ishita asks him not to worry. Simmi says he is doing this to take revenge from me. Shagun asks what, Parmeet threatened, his intentions aren’t good. Everyone thinks why did he take clown’s costume. Shagun says Parmeet will go there in clown’s costume, he may hurt Pihu at the camp. Parmeet comes towards Pihu. She runs away and hides. He finds her. He smiles.

Raman, Ishita and Simmi reach the camp. Raman says why is it so dark, watchman? Ishita says we have to go on the fifth floor. They shout to Pihu. They go upstairs and look for Pihu. Watchman says everyone went home, someone called me and said something happened to my wife, I ran to her and found her fine, I came back and saw darkness here, maybe fuse has blown off. Raman says I m here to get my daughter, go and fix the fuse. Ishita shows Saniyal to Raman. Lights come. They get shocked seeing the blood marks on the wall. They see Pihu written with blood and crossed out.

Raman saying Parmeet did this, I will call police. Simmi says no, he is dangerous, I will go to him. He says he is waiting for you. He goes to check the landline. Simmi says he is doing this for revenge, I won’t let anything happen to Pihu, I m sure he left some clue for me. She gets Pihu’s glasses and says why is he after Pihu. Watchman calls them and says the phone is deliberately cut off. He fixes it. Landline rings. Simmi answers the call. Parmeet says you got smart, you knew I will contact you, come and meet me right now, you will see a car outside, get in the car and come to me. He ends call. Raman and Ishita come to her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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