1st July Monday Update on Young Love

Saurabh rushing home and taking out the mobile from the almara. He thinks to delete the video but then decides to keep the recording to threaten them. He thinks they are influential people, but Anandi is helping Saachi alone. I will pressurise Saachi through this video. She should be pained thinking I can ruin her and her family. He thinks, what Anandi will do? Anandi says, I told Saurabh that I will take action against him. He said he deleted the video. Anandi says, I checked his phone and the video was not there. Saachi says, I don’t believe him. What will happen if he circulate the video or keep it on net then I couldn’t face anything. Anandi suggests Saachi to tell about Saurabh to everyone. Saachi says, I tell them. I gave them enough pain. I can’t trouble them anymore. Anandi says, everyone will stand by you and will help you to get justice. She asks her to tell the truth. Whatever happened with you is betrayal. You loved a wrong guy. This is the only way to get love and respect from your own family. Saachi says, how to tell them? Anandi says, you have to tell them.

Ira calls Anandi for having tea. Anandi walks down the stairs with Saachi. Everyone look at them. Ira says, I will get tea for you. Saachi asks her to sit down. Ira asks, what is the matter? Anandi tells them that Saachi wants to say something. Saachi says, I recalled everything. I came to know who was the person who took my advantage. Alok asks, why you didn’t tell us before. Saachi says, because I loved him but now feels he just wants to get physical with me. His name is Saurabh. I met him through Ankita and then I used to hang out with him. I didn’t attend Priya’s counselling session. She says, when you went to Jaitsar, Saurabh comes home. Mali kaka saw both of us together. I asked him not to say anything to anyone.

She says, I lied to you that I am going to Pyjama party but actually I went to the party with Saurabh. He spiked my drink and when I felt dizzy, he took me in the room. I don’t know what happened thereafter. He recorded everything in his mobile. Then sent that video to me to blackmail me. Ira gets angry and is about to slap Saachi. Anandi stops her hand and says Saachi needs us now. Ira asks her, how much you will hurt us. Why you are punishing us? When you will think about your family. I feel hurt and hating you. Alok says, we can’t forgive the accused? Anandi says yes. Ira says, it is a matter of Saachi’s live. Alok asks, what do you want? Ira says, it will bring bad reputation for Saachi. Shiv says, nothing will happen as court permits not to give name of the victim. Daddu says, people will talk but we have to mentally prepared for that. We have to get justice. Ira worries about her future. Saachi says, I got betrayed and it is a terrible feeling. I want Saurabh to get punished. I am ready to bear anything.

Ganga tells Dadisaa that she will massage her legs. Dadisaa says, I am feeling good after hearing Jagya’s saying. She tells her that Jagya told her that she did a big achievement and became inspiration to others. Shiv is watching TV. Anandi comes and asks about the news. She sits and sees the news about Dadisaa stopping the factory work. Anandi feels happy. She asks, am I seeing a dream? Shiv says, she is Dadiji only. I feel proud of her. She fighted with the powerful man Mehra and won. I saw a reflection of yours in her. Anandi says, I am nothing infront of her. Shiv says, whatever Dadiji did was right and it needs courage. I feel proud of Saachi when she decided to get Saurabh punishment. I want other family members to support Saachi so that she will win. Anandi says, we all will support her and I am sure Saachi will win. CONTINUE READING NEXYT PAGE 2 BELOW



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