20th November Wednesday Update on This is Love


20th November Wednesday Update on This is Love

Raman calling the bank to speak to manager. He learns manager has gone on leave. Simmi says its fine, we will check this matter later. Raman goes to office. Ishita leaves for clinic. Simmi gets a message and says one more transfer, I will call Raman and inform. Rohan thinks mom is playing a good game. Simmi gets a call from a man. He says I m the bank manager, I wanted to tell you about someone transferring money to your husband’s account, I couldn’t give info to Ruhi, money is sent from Survodaya hospital. Simmi says it means Sudha is behind this, I will call Raman, no I can’t tell him, I have to tackle Sudha, everyone is already troubled. She goes. Rohan says she got caught, mom you are too good.

Nisha asks how did you call me. Appa scolds her and asks the truth. She starts shouting on him. She asks him to return all her money. He says stop shouting, come with me to my home and get your money. A man comes. Appa says its good you have come, your wife gave me money to keep, come with me and get money. The man says I m not her husband or her client, I m an undercover policeman, I was given this job to burst this racket, I will arrest Nisha now. Nisha says you think I do illegal work, then you must arrest this man too, he is my agent, he is the one who forced me to do this business. Appa gets shocked. Ishita sees Appa taken by police and stops the car. She rushes to Appa. She asks what’s all this. She asks what happened. Inspector says you know that flesh trade is illegal, he runs the illegal racket, he is Nisha’s agent, so we have arrested him.

Simmi comes to Sudha and says I need to talk. Sudha says you all are obsessed with me. Simmi says I want to know why you are putting money in Parmeet’s bank account, I think you have forgotten that your sons are still in Bhalla house, tell me the truth. Sudha says I get weak when it comes to my sons, I win any big battle, I realize I m a mother, who else can understand this better than you, this is the truth, its time I tell you everything. Simmi asks what truth. Sudha says Rohan met with an accident some years ago, he was critical, he needed a heart transplant, his heart was damaged, this happened the same day when Ananya died. Simmi gets shocked.

Simmi asks how do you know. Sudha says Parmeet got to know about Rohan requiring the heart transplant, he contacted me, I was ready to pay any price, he said he is ready to donate Ananya’s heart, I know you won’t believe me, its the truth, Rohan and Ananya’s blood group matched, Parmeet said she had died because of an accident, but I couldn’t focus much as I wanted to save Rohan, Rohan got saved, only because of Parmeet. Simmi cries and says no….

Sudha says he asked me to do something, he asked me to repay the amount as monthly instalments. Simmi says I would have known this, Parmeet would have told me. Sudha says I had sent him money. Simmi says its a lie. Sudha shows the record of bank account. She says I didn’t know Bhalla family, then I came to know that Ananya was your daughter, you are aware that we don’t share good ties, I didn’t want things to get even worse, so I kept quiet, this is the truth. She thinks Simmi doesn’t know the fake entries I have made by taking bank manager’s help. Simmi says its a lie. Sudha says you are receiving messages as you are handling his account now, if you don’t trust me, go and ask Parmeet, Ananya’s heart got transplanted to Rohan, I owe you a lot, don’t tell this to anyone, Rohan doesn’t know this. She cries and goes. Simmi cries too.

Ishita says you can’t blame my dad, what proof do you have. The inspector gives the proof. Ishita gets shocked seeing the video. He says I caught him taking money from her. Appa says Nisha lied to me and kept her money with me. Nisha says this old man is lying, when you were beating me, he came to rescue me, knowing he would get arrested as well. Appa says they are framing me. Nisha asks why didn’t you tell your daughter that you are helping me, people like you make us do dirty work. Appa says I helped you and you did this. He cries. Ishita says I trust you. She asks inspector to call Inspector Sharma and know about them. Inspector says get your lawyer if you want his bail. Ishita says Appa, I will come, don’t worry. Appa goes with police. She cries. She calls and tells everything to Raman. She asks him to come soon. He says I m coming.

Sudha hears him and asks where are you going. He says I have imp work. She says I want to discuss about the meeting. He says I need to leave. She says you have to be there, its your project, just come. He thinks to talk to Bala. Simmi thinks of Ananya. She says how did Parmeet not tell me such a big thing, how can he hide this, Sudha is lying to me, this can’t happen. She cries and prays. Rohan looks on. Aaliya asks what happened. Simmi recalls Sudha’s words and says my head is aching. Aaliya asks what did the doctor say. Rohan gets water for Simmi. Simmi cries seeing him. Aaliya asks what happened to you. She asks Rohan to just go and do his work. He goes. Aaliya asks is everything fine. Simmi says yes and goes. Rohan thinks mom is genius, her plan is working, no one can save this family from shattering now. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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