24 October Thursday Update on This is Love


24 October Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with everyone coming for dinner. Ishita asks where is Raman. Romi asks shall I go and check. Mrs. Bhalla says Aaliya, call up Rohan and ask when is he coming. Rohan and Karan come. Rohan says there is a surprise for you. They see Kaushalya and smile. Ishita says we are glad to see you, they worry for you a lot. Kaushalya says I felt energized hearing about marriage, thanks, where is Raman. Ishita says he went for some work, he would be coming. Raman comes and says sorry, how would I missed this dinner. Tina says lets serve the dinner if everyone is here. She says today everyone will express love, lets make this dinner a starting point of love. Rohan says I want to say something about mom, I never got a chance to say how much I love you mom, I m really blessed to have you,

thanks for being my strength, I love you.
Kaushalya says love you too. Rohan says I want to say about Aaliya too, ever since you came in my life, it just got filled with happiness, I promise I will always keep you happy, I love you. Ishita and everyone clap. Tina says now its the bride’s turn. Aaliya says Mani has given me much love, and Raman has always loved me like his daughter, in fact Raman fought with Mani that I won’t marry until I wish to, Raman agreed for Rohan after knowing him.

Raman gets a call and says I will call you back. Aaliya says thanks and I love you Papa, Appa and Amma. They also say I love you. Tina says now its turn of Rohan’s mom. Kaushalya says I love my children a lot. Raman asks who’s next. She asks him to tell them about his love. Amma asks him to say about Ishu and his love. Karan says I heard a lot about your love story.

Raman says someone told me, that a relation is incomplete without trust, so its imp to maintain trust, love grows when there is trust. Ishita says love means sharing happiness, sorrow and pain, at times, we get protective and hide things to save family from pain, it clearly means that we don’t want any pain or sorrow to reach them, love means forgiving, understanding and support, that’s what love is. Everyone claps. Raman gets a call and goes. Ishita looks on.

Its night, Ishita says its been so long, where did Raman go, he will never answer my call. Appa asks why did Raman go to hospital, is he fine. She asks what, how do you know. He says my friend is hospitalized there, he called and informed just now. She says I will go and see, don’t tell anyone, everything would be fine, I will speak to him and tell you, manage here. She leaves. She comes to hospital and asks has Raman come here. The lady says many people come here for kidney donation, check there. Ishita recalls Raman’s words and says he has come here for kidney donation, how can he do this. She sees a man going to collect payment. She looks for Raman. A man thanks Raman and says my brother in law will be living a long life because of you. Raman says its not a big deal. Ishita comes and stops him, saying you can’t donate kidney. He says what, I m just arranging funds. The man says we want money to give to donor.

Raman asks have you lost it. She says I thought you came here to donate kidney for money. He says I was raising funds for charity, will I get all this by getting kidney, its kidney, not a diamond, I was doing charity to get blessings for Aaliya, you think I m useless and incapable that I will do this, you really disappointed me, don’t create a drama at home. He goes. She says from where is he getting so much money. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla asks Mihika to get haldi and mehendi. Ruhi talks to Tina. She goes to check Amma and Appa. Simmi compliments Aaliya and says Rohan is a lucky guy. Simmi asks what happened, are you not happy with this marriage.

Ishita comes. Aaliya hugs her and says I won’t go anywhere leaving you, I will miss you a lot, I can’t live without you, you came as my mum, then my mum in law, you won’t be there with me, who will guide me. Ishita says we will have mum and daughter’s relation now, a mother sends her daughter into another family. Aaliya says I want my family to stay with me. Ishita says I m sure Kaushalya will love you, I will be only mother for you, none can take my place, you don’t feel insecure, this house will always belong to you, you will be my daughter always. She hugs Aaliya and says I love you a lot. Raman looks on and says you are my daughter, I would say the same, you can come here anytime you want with all the rights. Aaliya hugs him and says you are the best Papa.

Ishita says you did good to talk to Aaliya, I had to end our misunderstanding, sorry. He says its better if we talk less, we fight a lot, lets not spoil Aaliya’s function. He goes. Romi says he will get fine. Ishita says I m scared of the things he does in anger, where he is getting money from, he talks on phone often. He says I will get his phone, I will try. Mihika says we have to be there on time. Everyone comes to the hotel. They like the decorations. Everyone compliments Tina for her work. Rohan, Karan and Kaushalya come. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes them. Ruhi asks whom are you looking for, Aaliya is just coming. Rohan laughs. Ishita gets Aaliya. The girls hold a white cloth partition. Kaushalya applies haldi to Rohan. Rohan and others also apply. Mani says Shagun couldn’t return today, she said she will here on marriage day. Ishita applies haldi to Aaliya. Raman gets a call. He goes. Ishita looks at him.

everyone applying mehendi to Aaliya. Raman gets a call. Ishita looks at him. She signs Romi to go after Raman. Amma takes phone from Raman and gives to Romi. She says you are needed in ceremony, come with me. Raman applies haldi to Aaliya. Romi tries to unlock phone. Bala asks Rohan to support him. He gets off Rohan’s kurta. Rohan runs. Aaliya laughs. Romi unlocks phone. Pihu says I need Papa’s phone and takes it. Ruhi likes the icecream. Karan comes there. She says Tina has ordered different flavors of icecreams, you want to try. He asks why not Kulfi, the bride’s family didn’t make good arrangements, such a disappointment, very bad. Ruhi says groom’s family, my foot… Romi sees Raman and goes after him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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