2nd August Friday Update on Young Love

Anandi calling Shiv and cries. School Principal takes the call and informs him about Amol’s kidnapping. Anandi cries looking at Amol’s wheelchair. Even Watchman cries. Manish asks Kanchan to take rest for a while. Kanchan apologizes to Manish. Manish says, why you are saying sorry? Kanchan says, I would have get myself treated if I know the illness. Manish says, we can’t change the past now. He says, he will make his mom understand. Kanchan cries and gets emotional saying she can’t be a mom. Manish assures her that everything will be fine and asks her to rest.

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Shiv reaches the school. Anandi hugs him and cries. Shiv assures her that Amol will be back with them. Principal says sorry. Watchman tells him everything. A flashback is shown about Amol’s kidnap. Anandi cries. He tells them that it was a white van and tells everything. Police reaches the place. Shiv gives them details. Shiv asks the watchman to come with them. Shiv informs Alok about Amol’s kidnapping.

Dadisaa tells Panchayat members about getting an assurance from lady collector about college. She says, we need a builder. We will build a college with all the amenities. One lady comes and asks Dadisaa to help her. Lady tells her about getting low money for their vegetables. Dadisaa says, they have to find out. She asks Panch to buy the farmers goodies so that vendors realize their mistake.

Vivek and Saachi are searching for Amol. Anandi and Shiv are searching in another car. Shiv gets a call from Ira. Shiv says, we didn’t get Amol till now. Anandi talks to Ira and cries. Ira asks her to have strength. Shiv consoles her.

Shiv notices the van in which Amol got kidnapped in an isolated place. He searches for the clues but couldn’t find any. He calls the Inspector and informs him about the van. Shiv assures Anandi that they will find Amol soon.

Lady beggar asks another beggar, when she will call his parents for the ransom money. Other says, I kidnapped him to take revenge from his mom. He will beg for us. She eyes at Amol with hatred. Amol is still unconscious.

Anandi and Shiv come back. Anandi hugs Ira and cries. Ira and Meeny assure that they will soon get Amol. Police find the information about the Van’s owner. They start searching for Amol. Amol wakes up and realizes that he is kidnapped. He recalls the incident. He calls for help. He sees the door and struggles to reach there. He knocks on the door and cries calling Anandi.

Inspector comes and informs everyone that the van owner is a good man. Van was stolen for the kidnapping purpose. Anoop asks where is our Amol? Inspector says, no. We are searching the child. He asks, did anyone call to ask money? Shiv says no. He says, I will go now and leaves. Anandi is shattered. She looks at his name on the almara and recalls the moments spent with him. She gets emotional looking at his bed.

Anandi hugging Amol’s clothes and starts crying. Saachi comes and tries to console her. Anandi asks Kanha ji, why Amol is being punished? She prays to the Lord to take care of Amol. Amol is missing Anandi and says I know you are praying for me. I want to come to you. He sees beggars having a laugh. He misses Anandi. Rakhi comes to meet Saurabh in Jail. Saurabh gets happy to see her. He asks when did you return home? Rakhi asks, did you really rape Saachi? Saurabh says if I enjoy with her then what is the issue. Rakhi says, it matters. If anything happens to me then…….Saurabh asks her to shut up. Saurabh says, she framed me in the case. Rakhi says, you are sick. I would have support Vivek bhaiyya if I had been here.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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