31 October Thursday Update on This is Love


31 October Thursday Update on This is Love

Ishita saying Aaliya is our daughter, don’t think of the papers. Kaushalya says we all are liars, you mean just you speak the truth. Aaliya says yes, Ishita is right, I had the shares of Bhalla company but I have named it to Adi’s baby by my wish, it was my decision. Ishita says I understand your concern, Ruhi and Aaliya should have equal shares, Raman and I will name our shares to Aaliya, there won’t be any problem, Raman what do you say. Sudha comes and asks what will Raman, he is at a position to talk. Sudha says I have brought gifts as well, what happened, are the wedding called off, kaushalya its great if you are doing this, Raman is left with nothing. Ishita asks what’s your problem, its our family matter, Raman say something. Sudha says he has become a joke now. Ishita says not a word against him.

Sudha says Raman you have hidden a big thing from them, you did a big mistake, its fine. Raman says Ishita I will explain. Sudha asks what will you explain, will you explain the family that you transferred all the shares to my name. They all get shocked.

Sudha asks will you tell the family that you have gone bankrupt, you had borrowed 25 crores from Vijendra and he is making you dance on your tunes. She says this is a fact Ishita, Raman has nothing now, he can’t give anything to his daughters without my permission. Ishita says Raman has a big heart, he can do anything for his children, you came here to make fun of him, I m proud of him, I know you have many shares, I know you will be given rights to decide in the board meetings, but this is my family, you don’t mean to be here, no one will ask you anything here, I m really proud of Raman, there can’t be a husband or father like him. She says Kaushalya you were right, our daughters would have equal shares, I will transfer my shares to Aaliya. Mihika says Romi and I will also name my shares to Aaliya. Ishita asks Kaushalya not to come in others’ words, shall we go ahead with rituals. Sudha asks Kaushalya to break this alliance, this family has nothing, I m owner of Bhalla industries, I will ruin them. Rohan asks Sudha to stop it, he won’t let her ruin them. He asks Kaushalya will you take her side now, look at her.

Kaushalya throws the papers at Sudha’s face. She says I know it well that Ishita has hidden truth from me, but the way her family faced your attacks, I can see their honesty, I m upset with Raman and Ishita but its our family matter, we don’t need the outsiders, please leave. She says Ishita, Raman, I m really sorry, I said a lot in anger, I m really proud of you, the way your family faces all problems together, I m sure Aaliya and Ruhi have these values too. She says Sudha thanks for opening my eyes, my sons have taken a right decision, they can’t get nice girls like them.

Ishita smiles. Kaushalya asks Sudha to eat food before leaving. Ishita goes to Raman and says I didn’t know before, but I know now, we will get your reputation back, trust me, I m really proud of you. The marriage rituals begin. Varmala happens. Raman cries. Ishita asks since when you have needed to hide tears from me. He says I have put family respect at stake, I didn’t think this will happen because of the loan, I thought I can prove that I m the man of the house, but I failed. She says we have made mistakes, I hid everything, I should have shared about our company’s financial condition, I did a mistake, I will never think wrong about you, I know you love your daughters. He says its unforgivable what I have done this time.

She says yes but it won’t help if you feel guilty, you have worked hard to build this company, you have to save this company. Raman says we have to save this company, Sudha won’t be able to do anything, I m fine. She hugs him. Shagun says sorry, I always come on wrong time, really sorry Ishita, Kaushalya heard my conversation and this happened. Ishita says its fine. Shagun says so sorry romance was going on here. Raman says thanks for getting me out of this guilt. Both the couples take the wedding rounds. The grooms fulfill mangalsutra and sindoor ritual. Pandit asks bride’s parents to come for Kanyadaan. Raman and Ishita perform kanyadaan for Ruhi. Raman asks Mani to do Aaliya’s kanyadaan. Mani says you have fulfilled a father’s duty really well, so you and Ishu will do Aaliya’s kanyadaan. Raman and Ishita give Aaliya’s hand to Rohan and do her kanyadaan.

Pandit saying about kanyadaan. Ishita says our daughters are very much capable, we will always have a right on them, we are not giving them away, but we hope Karan and Rohan pay them respect and love them a lot. Kaushalya says don’t worry, Ruhi and Aaliya will stay with us happily. Pihu says don’t cry, I will be with you Ishimaa. Both the newly wedded couples get blessings from elders. Pihu goes to hide shoes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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