4th October Friday Update on This is Love


4th October Friday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Sudha introducing herself. She says really sorry for the trouble. Raman says thanks for saving our lives, we have come here to fight for justice. Sudha says trust me, I don’t want you to get more hurt, please sit, I can understand wrong happened with you, I m sorry, I will do anything to solve your case, its my duty being the hospital owner, I want to get to the roots of the problem. Raman says I have become paralysed and helpless, I won’t be able to walk again. She says sorry to hurt your sentiments, I wasn’t in city at the time of your surgery, I don’t know what happened, I m personally handling this, give me some time. Ishita says we will talk to you later. Sudha says I have a request, its not easy for me to tell this, drop this case, please, I m with you in this fight, what’s the need to go court, we can solve this.

Ishita says we won’t be able to decide right now. Sudha says think once, I have made this hospital by hardwork, I don’t want his reputation to get at stake, you are a doctor and would understand, one more thing, you have tolerated a lot, I want to compensate you, tell me what amount to write on cheque. Raman asks how much would you ask being in my place, you think we are doing this for money, will my legs get fine by your compensation. She says I m not giving this cheque to take case back, I want to compensate for your pain. Raman says we should have not come here. Raman and Ishita leave. Sudha says you have to take the case back. Aaliya comes to hospital and sees crowd. She asks what happened here. The man says maybe fire was caught inside. She sees a man running and says thieves are dressed in suits these days. She runs after him and shouts stop. The man runs and doesn’t let anyone get hurt. Aaliya gets the purse and asks him to leave it.

She scolds him for stealing the purse. She asks who are you, what’s your name, shall I call police. The man shouts enough, call police, you think I m running with this bag, I m a thief, seriously, come with me and see where I m going. He takes her and says this bag is of this lady. His bracelet falls. He gives the asthma medic inhaler to lady. The lady thanks him. Aaliya looks on. He gives money to lady. His car arrives. He leaves. Aaliya says I didn’t know he is helping aunty. She picks the bracelet and tries to call out. She says what shall I do of this bracelet now, I don’t even know him.

Aaliya asks are you guys okay. Ishita says Sudha has saved us, she is hospital owner, she is good. Raman says don’t know she is good or bad, she saved us. Aaliya asks is everything fine. He says Sudha offered us compensation to shut our mouths, Rajat should get punished, I won’t take case back. Ishita says Sudha isn’t wrong, she is MD, she offered compensation, she is right and we are also right on our front. He says if we accept compensation, we will be wrong. She asks Aaliya to take Raman to car. She says I will refuse to Sudha’s offer.

Sudha asks how can you make such a big blunder, you were still drinking, are you getting treated or not. She scolds him and asks will I do everything, I have done everything then why did this court summons come, I want an answer. Rajat says sorry, I thought I will handle the matter. Sudha says I made this hospital, I won’t tolerate any defamation, I saved Ishita and Raman, I tried to convince them, I feel Ishita is influenced by my gesture, I m sure that Ishita will succeed in convincing her husband, they will take case back, I know its your mistake Rajat, I lied to them that I m ready to do anything to get justice for them, I hope you really understanding what I m trying to say, quit drinking alcohol. She hears sound and goes to check. She asks a lady. The lady says there is no one. Sudha goes back. Ishita looks on and says she is a big fraud, Raman was right. At home, Raman says you are good and think everyone is good, I told you I don’t trust her. Shagun says its unbelievable. Raman says I will go and tell her that we are more smart. Ishita says we have to act smartly. Mr. Bhalla says maybe she planned to convince us to take case back. Raman says I won’t take case back.

Sudha sees Raman’s pics and details. She says I understood Raman well, we can’t buy him with money, we have to influence them to take case back. She asks Rajat and Ashok to leave. Sudha sees Raman’s pic with Ishita and Shagun. She reads about Shagun. Shagun says we have to act fast. Raman says you heard this. Ishita says yes, but we will think. Shagun gets Sudha’s call and puts phone on speaker. Sudha says you might be not knowing me. Shagun says everybody knows you, we haven’t met before. Sudha says yes, I got to know a lot about you, you work in NGO for women empowerment and child welfare, I like such people. Shagun says yes, what can I do for you. Sudha says our hospital trust believes in charity, we want to make a donation, I heard you are organizing a big event. Shagun says that’s true. Sudha says I want to contribute too, I want to come there, and need an invite. Shagun says you are most welfare, our NGO needs people like you who want to work for society. Sudha says it was a pleasure talking to you, thanks. Shagun asks do you think we should associate with this fraud woman, I m worried. Ishita says she will keep her plan the same, we can prepare ourselves, we should keep opponent close and know them better. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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