4th October Friday Update on True Love


4th October Friday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Veer showing a file to Gunwanti and says read this. The lawyer told me that we can even get blamed for scaring and threatening Mukta. Why did you do this Mai? Why?
You’re Yuvi’s Dadi, instead of making him understand… you’re taking his side?
Mai says, he’s my grandson.
Veer says, if he’s your grandson, then she’s also someone’s grand-daughter. If he’s a son of this house, should we give him a medal?
Yuvraj comes on the stairs… Kasha and Amla also listening in the background.
Veer yells at Gunwanti that you shouldn’t be doing such cheap things.

Amla says, it’s not good for the brain to be angry like that. You should bring some ‘pin-colada’ lol

Veer says, you’re a woman, a mother, a grand-mother… at least you should understand what’s she going through?
Listen to me Mai, if you threaten her and she takes her case back, I will still support her. I am on her side in this fight.
Mai says, what are you saying? You will punish your own son? Do you know that he can get up to 10 years in jail. The most precious years of his life he will spend with criminals… never.
Yuvi’s shocked to hear this.
Veer says, I am his father… it’s my duty to hire a lawyer for him and I’m doing that… but to save him neither will I use my money, nor my family’s name and strength. This time he should get punished, only then we will see a real change in him.
Yuvi gets more and more panicked at the stairs.

Tej is getting ready in a bridegroom’s dress and says Dream Girl I’m ready for marriage… now you get ready for the marriage. He’s talking to himself in the mirror when Chanda comes in his room.
Chanda says, Dream Girl is getting impatient to see her marriage dress and you’re wearing yours?
Tej Singh thinks, now who should tell this lady that she’s a witch not a dream girl lol
Tej says, your dress will also come soon and then band baaja. Tej looks at both of them in the mirror and gets a shock lol
He pretends as if he has something in his eye and Chanda goes to get rosewater for his eyes.
Tej says, she thinks she’s becoming my bride… my bride will be my dream-girl.

Yuvi’s friends ask him in college where has he been? You don’t come to parties. Today’s attendance is important as Principal is going to lecture today.
Yuvi yells at them… to hell with the attendance. My life is ruined here and you’re worried about parties and attendance.
His friends leave.
He thinks about Veer and Mai’s words about him going to jail for 7-10 years.
Mukta gets off an auto and he goes after her.
Mukta remembers that night in the hotel with him.
Yuvi says, don’t misunderstand me… I want to apologize to you. I made a mistake… a huge mistake. Pleae forgive me. After today, you won’t get any problems from my side. I promise.
Mukta says, Thanks Yuvi… after today right? What about that yesterday? Should I forget that pain, suffering and insult?
The wounds of such an incident in a girl’s heart, would you undrestand that? Your Dadi came to threaten me because she couldn’t understand as well.
He says, I apologize for all the mistakes, even my Dadi’s mistakes… please forgive me.
Mukta says, you haven’t realised your mistakes… you’re saying sorry because you’re scared of being punished, of being sent behind jail.
I can never forgive you.
Yuvi says, please try and understand Mukta… my life will be ruined.
Mukta says, and what about my life? Your lawyers will ask dirty questions that I have to answer. People will point fingers at my character, so I can never forgive you. And if I do forgive you every girl in the world will curse me… you will have to get punished for your sins. Mukta leaves and Yuvi’s standing there thinking.

Tej says to Nani, wow Mataji… you just spent one night in this hotel and your brain is giving you ideas now! I’m very happy that you’ve agreed.
Nani says, Tej Singh, if I give you what you want… what will you give me in return?

Rohini brings halwa for Jogi. Damini/Surbhi/Divya also on the table. Divya is not happy and doesn’t eat. Surbhi asks what happened Bari Ma? Rohini says, I made it.
Divya says, why is halwa been made today? You got rid of your mother-in-law is that why? An elderly woman has been kicked out of the house, and we’re having meals and praising the taste of them!
Jogi says, when Mausiji doesn’t care about being away from us, why should we cry for her?
Divya says, I want to know why no one has tears in their eyes for them. I agree she made a mistake, and she got punished for it by being kicked out of the house… but no one’s thinking where she would be, what she would be doing? We’re all sitting here eating halwa and are being happy like we got rid of something bad! As if we settled some old debt (looking angrily at Damini).
Jogi tells her why are you talking like this?
Damini says, I can understand her pain. Mataji is like a mother ot her.
Jogi says, if she’s like a mother she should have acted like a mother.
Divya what did we ask of her? A small apology… she couldn’t do that. What did she get by separating Icha from her daughter?

Divya says, what a person does in his life, he gets back the same.
Jogi/Damini get shocked.
Divya says, if Icha and her daughter are away from each other, what does Mausiji have to do with that? Did Mausiji ask Icha not to tell Meethi her father’s name? And why do you see just one person’s goodness? Everyone else cannot compare to her – whether it’s Mausiji or Tapasya. And why does everyone see only Mausiji’s faults?
Why can’t they see Icha’s faults?
Damini says, Icha made a mistake… a big mistake… that she chose the path for goodness.
Divya says, so she can keep doing anything in the name of goodness. Didn’t we lose anything because of Icha?
She thinks of Tapasya being sent to boarding school and says, we sent our daughter to boarding school because of her.
Ever since Icha came to this house, we lost our Tapasya (Damini is shocked to hear this).
She gets up from the table and says, mistake is always ours – either our daughter’s, our mausiji’s, or our naatin’s. (Looking at Jogi).
She leaves the room and Damini stops her.
She walks up to Divya and says, it’s no one’s mistake but Icha’s.
Because the promise she made to me in childhood, she kept it until today.
She kept the happiness of this house and babyji’s happiness before her own. I am telling you it’s her mistake that she ruined her life for babyji’s happiness, she ruined her entire life.
She loves babyji’s daughter just like her own daughter… that’s her mistake.
The biggest mistake is mine… because I asked for that promise from her in childhood. She has a flashback of asking baby Icha of a promise to keep babyji happy always. Damini goes away.
Divya says, the price for that ‘sacrifice’ by you and your daughter is being paid by us for so long and I don’t know how much more we have to pay? Divya also leaves.
Jogi thinks, we can not run away from the past… we can never run away from it… even if the price of it has to be paid by the new generation. Will Mukta have to pay the price now?

Tej puts some money on the table in front of Nani. She says, you’re paying this price for Mukta’s future? I thought you’re Bundela.
Tej says, I am a Bundela… what I’m giving you is not the price. It’s like a shagun. Now I will give you a shagun like this on every step of yourself. I’m giving you my word.
Nani says, your word keeps changing every minute, why should I trust it?
He says, you’re a full businessman… take 20 lakhs on top of this.
Nani says, I looked after Mukta for 20 years… and just 1 lakh for each year? Tej says, 50 lakh…
She says, 50 years I gave to that family.. what price will you put on that?
Tej gets irritated.
Then Nani says, we have to hide the truth from that chhipkali Chanda too, right?? She has a flashback of Chanda telling her she’s gonna get married soon.
Tej says, 1 crore… now make it official.
Nani says, I’m not a beggar on the roads… that I will make a deal for the naatin that I brought up with love and care with money. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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