7th October Monday Update on Young Love


7th October Monday Update on Young Love

Vivek apologizing to Anandi and Saachi. He sits beside Saachi and holds her hand. He says, you might be feeling that I have forgotten you. I was afraid that you will think my fake anger true and take any extreme step. I wanted you to go to Kesar Bagh as it was a safe place for you. Anandi asks, what do you mean? Vivek says, he has full faith on Saachi. He tells them that he knows Saurabh tried to separate him from Saachi. He tells all the incidents. He tells them that he saw

Saurabh keeping wine bottle in her room. He heard Saachi and Saurabh’s conversation. He tells that his family members are involved with Saurabh. He hears them talking about their divorce. He says, I became your weakness. I wanted to tell you about your sufferings. I have given my loved ones so much chances before taking the last decision. He says sorry to Saachi and wipes her tears. Anandi asks, what you wants to do? Vivek says, he wants to bring Saurabh’s true face infront of everyone including his mom. He tells her that he needs her support. Anandi says, they will support them.

Jagya comes to Gauri’s room and says you wanted to meet me. He comes inside and says he can understand her pain. He says, he asked another doctor to treat her. He asks her not to get tensed as he will not be near her. He says, I will leave. Gauri asks him to sit. Jagya sits. Gauri says, she wanted to end the matter right here. She offers her friendship. Jagya accepts it. They shake the hand. Gauri says, she can’t forget the past, but now she is ready to forget it. She says she forgives him. Jagya thanks her.

Anandi tells Shiv about Saurabh’s doings and says Vivek wanted to bring Saurabh’s truth infront of everyone. Shiv says, Saachi didn’t tell us anything. He says, Saurabh tortured her a lot. Anandi says, she handled everything and doesn’t tell us anything. Saachi comes. Shiv gives her chocolates and says my little sister appears small to me even now. She didn’t tell me about her problems. Saachi says, she needs him and hugs him. Shiv asks, why you didn’t tell me. Saachi says, I took care of my problems. Shiv promises her to safeguard her. He says we are with you always.

Ganga comes to Gauri’s ward to check her BP. Gauri asks who have come. Shivani says, she is Ganga, your nurse. She is treating you since you came here. Gauri thanks her. Ganga checks her BP.

Daddu says we have invited everyone. Hardik says, we shall get Gulab jamun for the party. Subhadra says, she can’t attend the party and says nobody asked her about the party. She says, she is going to satsang. Daddu asks them to cancel the party as he is not celebrating his birthday. Subhadra says, she didn’t know about the party. Now she have to go. Alok says, she is right. Anoop says, we shall not force buaji to attend the party.

Subhadra says, God knows about her. He won’t feel bad. He will understand. Daddu asks, will you attend the party. Subhadra agrees. She asks Hardik to bring Gulab Jamun. Meenu asks Saachi, did you inform your inlaws. Saachi says, she will invite them. Anoop says, we will invite them. Daddu asks them to go and invite them. Saachi says, she will go and invite her inlaws. Daddu says, elders should come with you. Saachi says, she will go with Shiv bhaiyya. Daddu says ok. Anandi looks at her.

Shivani thinks she didn’t do the right thing with Ganga and says she should apologize to her. She asks the nurse about Ganga and Jagya. Nurse tells her that they went home. Jagya talks to nurse about Gauri’s condition. Nurse says, Ganga checked her BP and pulse. Jagya asks Ganga, did you meet Gauri today. Ganga says yes for routine check up. Dadisaa asks her, did you tell her that you are Jagya’s wife. Ganga says, I am only a nurse for her. They are shocked.

Ganga telling Dadisaa that she is just a nurse for Gauri. Shivani introduced her as a nurse. She doesn’t know what to say. Dadisaa asks, who gave the right to Shivani to hide the truth. Ganga asks her not to raise the issue. Dadisaa says, why she hide that you are Jagya’s wife. Jagya says, you are right, but…..Just then they see Shivani standing at their door step. Shivani enters. Dadisaa asks her, why you didn’t introduce Ganga as Jagya’s wife.

Shivani says, I didn’t mean to insult Ganga. It was unintentional. I hide the truth from Gauri to safeguard her. She apologizes to Ganga and says Gauri is her dear friend. She saw her facing lot of problems and felt her pain. She even forgot Jagat. I couldn’t imagine that. She requests them not to tell Gauri about Ganga being Jagya’s wife. Jagya refuses saying the truth will shake Gauri if she comes to know later. He refuses. Ganga says, she is our patient. It is our duty to help her until she recovers. Jagya asks, what do you mean? Shall we agree for Shivani’s sayings.





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