7th October Monday Update on This is Love


7th October Monday Update on This is Love

Mrs. Bhalla saying doctors give life to patients, and this woman. Mr. Bhalla says Sudha will do anything to make us lose. Sudha says I won’t let hospital reputation get at stake, don’t let me down. Mani says don’t worry uncle, we are fully prepared, our lawyers are ready. Ishita says we just have therapist. Raman says she is our trump card, we know Sudha is powerful, we have to keep that therapist a secret. Sudha says I hope we have checked everything. Lawyer says yes, but Rajat has to be ready for tomorrow, their lawyer will cross examine him. Ishita says we have to do such cross questioning that Rajat accepts his crime, by getting in guilt. Raman says Sudha is clever, this won’t be easy. Ashok gets Rajat. Sudha sees Rajat drunk and throws water at him. She

scolds Rajat. He says sorry. She says wine won’t solve our problem, I won’t let you ruin our hospital name, when you go court tomorrow, you will say what you are told, you shouldn’t say truth, these are our lawyers, they will explain you everything. She asks Ashok to be with Rajat, he will be in senses when he comes to court tomorrow. Ashok takes Rajat.
Its morning, Raman’s lawyer says a patient Raman lost his walking ability because of Rajat’s mistake, but hospital is covering up this matter, and tried to buy my client. Sudha’s lawyer says Sudha was trying to help by contribution, like we know that Sudha had an enquiry, Raman’s spine was damaged because of blast, Rajat is reputed surgeon, we can’t accuse him without any proof. Ishita gets therapist Niharika Munjal there. She introduces Niharika. Niharika comes in witness box and swears. Raman’s lawyer asks is Rajat your patient. She says yes, he came to get treated for his alcohol addiction, during a session, he had accepted that he did mistakes in many surgeries. Sudha’s lawyer says you think Rajat did wrong if he wanted to get rid of his addiction. She says no. He says you remember any particular incident.

She says no, he accepted that he did mistake during surgery. He says you are making mistake, you can’t share patient’s info with anyone. She says I agree, but if I shared this info, its for a good cause, Rajat has played with many lives, I warned him that he can’t perform surgeries until he is fine, but he neglected my warning, I want to show something if you permit. She asks Rajat to give his hand. Rajat forwards hand. She asks him to keep hand steady and straight. She asks judge to see, Rajat’s hand isn’t stable, he is a surgeon, his hands are shaking, he is making mistakes in his surgeries. Judge says hearing will continue after 15 mins.

Sudha scolds her lawyer. Ishita thanks Niharika. Niharika says I want you to get justice, indirectly, Rajat will also get help. Court resumes. Judge says we have seen Rajat is not fit to perform surgeries, do we have any more proof. Ishita thanks the old lady for coming. She asks her to answer and not be scared. The lady says because of Rajat’s mistake and carelessness, I got my husband, this is bank statement of my in-laws, Rajat has sent them money so that they don’t say truth of my husband’s death, they changed post mortem report as well. Raman’s lawyer says Rajat has habit to change report, Rajat changed Raman’s original file as well, Raman’s spine wasn’t damaged at the time of admission in hospital, I want Rajat’s license to get revoked, hospital should face strict action. Court takes a break. Rajat says I want one drink, please I beg, I can’t face them without a drink. Sudha says you control yourself Rajat pls.

Rajat says it won’t happen, please. She cries. He says I would have accepted my crime, I know I did mistake, no one can save me. She asks Rajat to come. Judge says Rajat is wrong, its clear, Raman lost his legs because of Rajat’s carelessness, court verdict goes in Raman’s favor, court gives order to hospital to remove Rajat and revoke his medical license, he can’t continue his medical practice, the case will run on hospital for criminal charges. Sudha gets shocked. Raman thanks Ishita for support. Ishita thanks Niharika and lady for help. Niharika and lady say we are happy to help. Ishita sees Sudha. Sudha says don’t think you have won, I won’t lose easily, I will appeal in higher court. Ishita says we won’t lose either, we will wait, you can start your battle.





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