7th October Monday Update on True Love


7th October Monday Update on True Love

Mukta telling Nani that I’m happy you realised your mistakes and apologized to Icha Maa. But I don’t know why, I can’t quite believe you. Nani is shocked.
Divya says to Mukta it’s rude to talk to elders like this.
Mukta says, Bari Maan, I’m sorry if you think I’m being rude. Icha Maa gave her permission to stay in this house, now I can’t do anything… but my heart is not telling me that whatever is happening is the truth. Divya tries to stop Mukta again, but Jogi tells her that the time has come that the decisions of this house are taken by the new generation… now whatever Mukta wants will happen in this house.
Mukta says, Nani you’re older than me… I cannot even imagine that you won’t stay in this house… but I am promising you one thing toady, after today if you do or think bad about any member of this family, then only one of us can stay in this house – either you or me.
Nani says, I won’t make such a mistake… in any case, how long a life do I have now?
Divya takes Nani to her room.
Mukta looks at Jogi and he reassures her with a nod of his head.

Chanda cleaning up Tej’s room and says, you’re never home when it’s food time, you don’t even talk to me now… what has happened to you? Chanda says, your tastes have changed too, but I like your new look… me and you look so good together.
She puts some clothes in his cupboard and finds a couple of envelopes with marriage bureau’s name and some girl photos in them. These are all young girls. Chanda says, young, beautiful, better than me… I served you for so many years, and now someone else will take the rewards? She crushes the photos and says to Tej’s photo, you don’t know Chanda very well…

Nani standing in front of Tapasya’s photo and has flashbacks. First, Mukta asking her to apologize to Icha, then actually apologizing to Damini and Icha. Then Mukta telling her she still doesn’t believe her… and then a converstaion with Tej that wasn’t shown before.
Tej says, I’ve seen the world too and you have something else in mind for this deal. Nani tells him, don’t ever try to look inside me Tej Singh, because when I love someone – I can give my life for them… and for someone who I am ready to give my life for, if they insult me… then raam hi raakhey. Don’t ever think that you can buy me… what you want, you will get. Tej asks her how will you get dream girl by sitting here…
Nani says, you don’t worry… my family members are very emotional and no one knows better than me how to fan those emotions into a fire.
Nani says to Tapasya’s photo that your daughter insulted me… I had to apologize to that chuhiya… had to bend down in front of her today… Tappu, I have done a lot for you today… but now I’m asking for forgiveness for you, for burning my blood for your daughter in my life… now there’s only one purpose of my life, Mukta’s life being ruined… she has only seen my love… she will see my hate now..
She wanted to punish me by being with that chuhiya… now I will give her life imprisonment with Tej Singh Bundela. She will take a walk through hell every day.
People tell me I’m bad right? Now they will see how bad I can get, this haveli and the entire world will see how bad I can be!!

Tej Singh singing Dream Girl on his bed when Chanda throws photos of those girls on him. He asks her what’s wrong Chanda Rani? Why are you being angry at these photos? You’re angry at me, right… just slap me.
Chanda says, finding these photos in your room is clear enough. You are bored of me and looking for someone else to marry.
He says, these girls are just roaming around me because I’ve got money, just like flies on sugar.
Chanda says, oh wow, now these girls are coming for a criminal who just got out of jail?
Tej says, in the market for marriage, a man’s past is not looked at… his future is looked at. And now I’m Mr. Tej Singh Bundela, now what can I do?
Chanda says, listen carefully, I came to see you every week, every month for 10 years in that dark cell of the jail… to give you news of this house. I am an equal partner in every crime you did. I took a lot of risks for this relationship, so you could marry me one day… understand?
Tej says, if I deceive you, I should die like a dog… you will become my bride, I wil marry you. Trust me, Chanda Rani.
He hugs her and makes faces behind her back lol

Nani unpacking her stuff in her room. Meethi comes to her room and says where did you go? I didn’t like this house without you.
Nani asks her to stay away from her.
Meethi says why are you saying this?
Nani says, I don’t want people to say that I show fake lover towards you and taking you away from your mother and your Anni.
Meethi says, who said that to you… Nani stays quiet.
Meethi calls Damini to the room… Nani tries to stop her and says don’t make her upset by saying such things.
Damini comes and Kanha comes too.
She says, who told Nani that she separates me from my mother and my family? She looks after me so well, then why all these blames on her?
Damini says, no one blames her. You’re young, you won’t understand some people. Icha has forgiven Mataji, now she can stay in this house.
Meethi says, if you don’t apologize to her, you will be kicked out the house right?
Nani says, Meethi, I have accepted all my mistakes. Don’t argue with Damini because of me. Until everyone starts trusting me, you stay away from me.
Meethi says, no one wants me to be happy and leaves the room.
Nani says, Damini trust me, I’m not planning anything… she’s your grand-daughter, I will stay away from her, you look after her.
Kanha comes out of her room and says there’s something wrong, I still can’t trust her. Nani comes out of her room when they’re gone and says, you’re very smart Icha Mayya’s son… don’t ever trust me. It doesn’t matter to me whether you trust me or not. I have nothing to do with Meethi… because now I have something stronger than that in my hands. I will do something that will shake the foundation of this haveli, but it’s not Meethi, it’s Mukta this time.

Mukta comes in her room and sees Nani praying to an idol that I have made so many mistakes, not any more. I have given so much pain and suffering to Icha since childhood. How much longer will she stay away from her family… finish her problems now, bhagwaan. She turns around and acts surprised to see Mukta. Says, I’m sorry I came to your room without asking you… I wanted to touch everything in your room that I got for you with so much love. I will go now… look after yourself and remember that your Nani is there for you if you need any help.
She starts leaving when Mukta stops her. Nani gives a smug expression. Mukta asks, whatever you were praying just now, do you really want it?
Nani says, thank God, at least you talked to me.
Mukta says, if you really change for the better, everyone will love you.
Nani says, you’re right… what proof do you want of my truth?? If I join hands with you and get back Icha’s rights, will you then believe that I’ve changed for real?
Mukta says, will you really do that?
Nani says, there’s just ONE way that you can get whatever you want… by that method Icha can go back to Bundela house.
Mukta says, what’s that method?? I tried all I knew.
Nani says, those methods were childish. What path I show you, it will take you closer to your purpose.

Nani telling Mukta that I will help you find a method to send Icha back to Bundela family.
Mukta says, what method is that Nani? I tried everything, but all doors are closed for me.
Nani says, your tries were all childish, the method I show you will take you closer to your destination.
Mukta thinks will she be able to get Icha Maa her rights back?
Then asks nani what path is it?
Nani says, it’s a difficult path, where you will be tested.
Mukta says, tell me what do I have to do?
Nani says, come with me to some place in the evening.
Mukta says, why can’t you tell me here?
Nani says because you won’t believe it until you see it. You tried everything, Gunwanti ji didn’t move an inch. I have a key to that family’s door… it’s up to you whether you want to go ahead or not…
Mukta says, I can go to any lengths for Icha Maa you just tell me where I have to come with you and what I have to do?
Nani thinks, I am feeling sad that you’re giving more importance to that chuhiya than you’re giving me. It’s alright, 20 years of love and a few days of hatred… it’s okay.
Then Mukta gets suspicious and says why are you suddenly so sympathetic towards Icha Maa?
Nani says, because I realised my mistakes… and I want to help her. If it was jus ther happiness, I may not have done anything… but with her happiness, your happiness is connected… you want to get her back to Bundela house and helping you will make you trust me more and I will get to do the ‘prayshchit’ for my mistakes.
Mukta asks what do I have to do? Where do I have to go?

Chanda in the room touching what looks like a bridal dress. She has flashbacks of finding those young girls’ photos in Tej’s cupboard and then Tej’s words about not deceving her and marrying her only.
She’s crying.
She says, for so many years, I hid it from everyone and wore this bridal dress, I had a dream that I will become a bride and rule on this house… but I won’t let anyone else become your bride. She goes to her cupboard and picks up a camera hidden behind her clothes. She takes out the cassette in the camera and says, I learnt stealing, cleverness from you only. Did you think you could get rid of me that easily? I won’t let you get away so easily. If you don’t let me fulfil my dreams, I won’t let your dreams be fulfilled either. She says I have proof of all your crimes with me.





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