8th October Tuesday Update on Young Love


8th October Tuesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Gauri thanking Jagya for talking to the plastic surgeon for her surgery. She holds his hand. Jagya holds her hand and tells her no need of thanks. He turns and sees Ganga standing. Ganga looks at their hands. Jagya leaves her hand. Ganga tells Gauri that she came to check her BP. Jagya tells her that he is going on the rounds. Ganga tells Jagya that some patients are waiting for him.

There is a grand celebration for Daddu’s birthday and Hardik-Gulli’s marriage. Anandi asks Saachi not to get tensed as they have done every arrangement. Saachi says, she can’t back off now. She has faced enough and time has come to end Saurabh’s tortures. Ira asks Anandi about Shiv. Anandi says, he went outside.

Saurabh comes to the hotel and takes the room keys. Shiv looks at him. He takes the duplicate keys from the receptionalist. Alok comes out of the restaurant. Saurabh sees him and hides. Suman wishes Daddu on his birthday. Saachi takes her inlaws’ blessings. Daddu tells that Saachi is happy seeing Vivek. Meenu asks Saachi to make them sit and she will send the waiter. Vivek wishes Daddu. Kabra’s are not happy seeing Vivek meeting Saachi’s family. Suman tells Saachi that they came here because of Saurabh. She asks her to thanks Saurabh.

Hardik and Gulli announce a tribute to Daddu on his birthday. Saurabh is waiting for Saachi in the hotel room and drinking wine. Daddu’s pics are shown since from his childhood. Subhadra tells everyone about him. Saachi gets a message from Saurabh asking her to come to Room no 504. Vivek asks her to reply that she is coming. Saachi replies him though she gets tensed.

Everyone applaud for Daddu. Subhadra tells that her bhaiyya doesn’t have hair since his hey days. Everyone enjoy seeing Daddu’s journey. Saurabh gets Saachi’s message. He thinks to capture everything in his camera to prove that everything will happen according to her wish. And also thinks to prove that he is innocent. He sets the camera. He says, his act will be the biggest one till date and the enjoyment will be additional bonus for him.

A dance program is followed for everyone’s enjoyment. Shiv asks Saachi not to worry as they are with her. Anandi too says the same. Vivek asks Saachi to dial his number. He says, we are connected now. Keep your phone on so that we can hear you both. Saachi goes. Suman tells Roshan that they shall leave now. Anandi asks them to come for seeing the drama. She says, you will be shocked. Vivek asks them to come. Suman and Roshan get tensed. Vivek asks Rakhi to stay there itself.

Saurabh opens the door and sees Saachi. He asks her to come inside. Saachi steps inside the room. Saurabh closes the door. He asks her to come to him with style and hugs him. Saachi asks, why? Saurabh says, he has decided everything about today’s meeting. He says, he wanted to reminiscence everything. He asks her to hug him. Suman and everyone hear him on Vivek’s phone. Saurabh asks Saachi to hug him.

Vivek tells Roshan that they were talking about Saurabh’s bad habit. He makes them realize their mistake and asks them to see with their own eyes. Saachi gets tensed. Saurabh asks her to come to him and opens his arms. Saachi recalls Saurabh raping her. Saurabh asks her to run and come to him. Saachi thinks please come soon Vivek ji. Vivek, Anandi, Shiv and Kabra’s are proceeding towards the room. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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