Friday Update on True Love 6th March 2020


Friday Update on True Love 6th March 2020

Meethi telling Akash I don’t want anything from you. You don’t have to do any drama in front of me by bringing this gift. Do all you want to but I wont forgive you ever. Crying, she throws it at him…never! Piya plays as he looks at her hurt. She turns her face away equally hurt. He tries to talk to Meethi…madam. You used to love anklets a lot. She turns towards him….but now I hate them and you too….from those memories, everything. I don’t want anything. Now go from here. He leaves from there sadly. She turns to look at him and is tearful.

Akash is coming downstairs with Luttna playing in the background. Rathore is talking with someone on his phone Akash stops looking at him. rathore notices the hurt in his eyes (lol wish I could call it an eye lock ? ? ). Akash walks away from there. Rathore notices the anklets in his hand and completes his call.
Meethi sits on the bed. Both Meethi & Akash are lost in thoughts.

Rathore watches Akash (chopping tomato…all lost) standing by the kitchen’s door. You felt bad as things dint happen the way you wanted them to. Akash looks up surprised and wipes his eyes. I was chopping onions so that is why tears came. Rathore wonders if tomatoes are called onions in Aatishgarh ( ? ). Akash stops realizing. Rathore comments, bought the gift with so much love….wasn’t accepted. Put your life at risk for the gift, felt bad so cried right? Akash nods no I deserve these tears. I too will get the same amount of hurt which I have given to Meethi. was only feeling bad that’s why. Rathore says she has a right to be angry with you. Akash nods. I don’t know if your love is true or not but if it is, then your every happiness should be hers and her every sorrow should be yours. Jogi joins them.

Jogi asks Rathore if he knows Akash hasn’t slept since 3 nights. He leaves quietly from home. I know his motive too. Akash looks at him startled then turns his face away. Jogi opens his palm and shows the sores in his hand. I know you are working in a garage at night for I have seen with my own eyes. I haven’t told anyone at home because I wanted to know your motive behind it. Now after knowing the truth trust me you have touched my hart (yayyy one more team member on his side B) ).

I have slowly started trusting you now. akash is overwhelmed. When I see the trust you have in your eyes for me then I get encouraged as you are the only person who has given me this chance. I wont disappoint you. I will work even harder for winning her love than I have done to buy her a gift. One day I will make her wear this very anklet only with my own hands. Jogi turns to Rathore you know our cook makes excellent tea. Rathore says he will have it only if he gets pakoras with tea (he he he Rohini part two ? ). Akash agrees to make. Rathore tells him to make it with Mumbai’s onions not with Aatishgarh’s onions (cute). Akash tells them to go he will get them right away. jogi leaves after patting him on cheek. Akash thanks God.

At night, Vishnu stops Mukku. Has the party been cancelled? She declines. Vishnu tells him the order for cake has been cancelled. Caterer was asking about the same. Jogi and Rathore listen to their convo. Mukku asks her just not arrived ma if she did it. Tappu declines. All wonder who cancelled the order when Meethi says, I did! I only want that no outsider comes….only we people celebrate it. Mukku asks her why she cancelled cake and food. Meethi says that everything on the list would be made by the new servant of our house (Piya).

All are taken aback. Rathore glances at Akash (you are gone now ? ). Meethi continues, he will make cake and food as well. You must have learned all this from the cook book right? (Piya) List is in the first drawer of the kitchen and everything should be ready by 9pm. She confirms the time for party with Tappu. Vishnu looks at his watch. How will it be possible in 3 hours? Meethi smiles. Mukku points out she is over doing it. Meethi declines. Our new servant can do anything. He can do magic right Akash? Only remember one thing your one mistake and you are out! Jogi too echoes Mukku’s point. Meethi tells him he is getting only what he has done to me. You have only 3 hours to prepare for my birthday (Piya). He nods in agreement. She wishes all the best to Mr. AKash Chatterjee. He leaves to get down to business (bring it on B) ).

Akash is keeping separate cook books to make different items on the menu. Mukku gives her the number of a hotel to get the stuff from there. And you can signal me if you need any help I will help you though the window (how sweet sister-in-law ? ). He asks her if she again wants him to walk the wrong path. I have learned it hard way to walk on the right one. I have cheated her once wont repeat it now. Let her try as much as she wants to throw me out of this house but if she is stubborn then I too am stubborn too. I am not leaving without her. I will cook everything by myself. She reminds him it is important to be a little practical in life too….which you are not. She keeps the paper on the kitchen slab.

You can call if needed. He says they might need him after the food that he cooks today. She breaks into a smile. He tells her not to worry everything will be on time…and yummy too. She leaves wishing him luck. He looks at the watch, dons an apron and a headband, praises the Lord and gets into action ( ? ). He is speaking with himself. I will cook such food that everyone will get lost. It isn’t easy to send me out of this house Meethi….stops as he smells something (wonder what got burnt ? ). He checks the curry.

Meethi sits on the sofa wondering about the cold drink. Akash comes there with the tray (have as much as you want huhh ? ). Tappu and Vishnu turn to look at this. Akash is heading back to kitchen but Meethi intentionally drops the glass on floor. All turn towards to look at it shocked (God, its not a bomb its a glass get a grip people :O).

She tells him to clean the floor first. Akash understands her intentions and agrees to do it right away. He bends down in front of her to clean the mess. Tappu, Mukku & Vishnu look on as mere spectators. Akash goes from there. Tappu thinks (why do you think by the way ;/) today would be the real exam. How will he make so much food in so less time? Meethi herself has taken the wise decision now we must wait and watch.

Akash realizes something is in microwave oven. He rushes to open it and finds that the cake well is no more a cake now (now what ? ). What to do now I have failed this test of love! I have only half an hour left.

He sits down on the floor with the cake in front of him (and a funny background playing in). He is looking at it dumbfounded when Mukku comes asking if all is set. She finds him sitting down behind the slab and bends down next to him. She too notices the cake. He tells her he failed. She tells him not to worry I will do something. It is impossible to make cake in such a short notice. He says it is possible. Everything has a way and there surely would be another way to make cake too. I had read a recipe where one can make a cake in half an hour (mine takes approx 20 minutes should I tell ? ). He gets back to working and searching for the recipe as Mukku watches him happily. She dials the hotel / bakery too and orders for a blueberry cheese cake. Akash is startled. Mukku tells them not to call as it is a surprise birthday party. You can ring me up on the same number. You should be here by 30 minutes. He questions her. It is wrong. She had told me that I would have to everything that she asks me for in these 23 days. I will have to make it. You cancel your cake for I am baking one. She tells him not to worry about the cake. You have already cooked everything else don’t worry everything will be fine.

Everyone has gathered for cake cutting. Meethi keeps looking at the cake (Tappu too…for different reasons though). Rathore tells Meethi to cut it even though it is beautiful. Meethi looks at Akash who smiles back at her. They all sing the happy birthday song as Meethi blows the candle and cuts it. Tappu is thinking something. Mukku, Jogi vie for the first bite. Tappu adds papa no one will stop you from eating cake today but the first bite will be for Akash. Everyone has mixed reactions…shock, surprise and question! She continues she doesn’t trust Akash (you mean he added poison? What about the black coffee mam :/). She gestures Meethi who obliges (yayy…lol Tappu you fulfilled one of his wishes somehow hehehe ? ). He holds her hand and takes the bite while Meethi looks away. akash thanks his madam and wishes her a very happy birthday. Rathore points out the irony. This is the fun of life…maybe he only had the right on that first bite (bulls eye ? ). Meethi wonders how he was able to make so good food (reminder: you haven’t had it yet) / cake how is this possible!

Everyone is seated at the table and Akash is serving food to all. Rathore is appreciative of him while Tappu glances the watch (reverse the old saying and now think – its his good time now ? ). Detective Meethi looks at the entire food worriedly and Damini too has a blank uninterested look. Rathore smiles silently which is noticed by Divya. Akash tells his madam to have food. Everything is as per your liking.

Detective Meethi comes in the kitchen wondering how he could cook such a yummy food and cake in just 3 hours. The kitchen is all clean as well. How can it be possible? There must be some secret. It is impossible to do so much all alone. I must find out the truth. There must be something. She flips through the recipe book unhappily. Stops noticing the microwave oven and notices the burnt cake (mission accomplished now the fire round will start…poor Akash!).

If it is here then the cheese cake outside….wasn’t baked at home. It was ordered from outside. Another betrayal! There must be some proof. She starts searching the kitchen and lands upon the cake’s receipt. Akash Chatterjee you lied to me again…that too on my birthday (when people are hell bent on screwing something they will anyways go ahead and do it…realization always dawns late :/).

Outside Jogi is appreciating the cake (as if the cake has become some important Parliament issue all of a sudden :O). Akash is all smiles. Mukku teases her bade papa not to try making a cake he is well suited for parathas. Rathore (my iron-y man!) comments there are a lot of things which we don’t intend to do but true love makes us do it. Meethi comes exclaiming true love…for real? Everyone looks surprised. Meethi joins them….what if it is another lie in the name of love….another betrayal right Akash? Cake was surely made of love but it isn’t made not by our servant.

She shows them the receipt. It was ordered from a bakery. All give away shocked expressions (its a cake not bomb uggh!). She shows the bill and day (today’s) and reads the note. Another lie, another betrayal Akash. You can see for yourself as now we have 2 proofs. One is the bill which clearly mentions that the cake has been ordered from outside and second proof is the burnt cake in the oven. You must be remembering the condition of this challenge – one mistake and you will leave. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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