Friday Update on Young Love July 06

Friday Update on Young Love

July 06 Episode

shiv and ash enters in guest house…shiv has lots of shoping pakets in his hands ..well ashi starts with she is amazed with anandi and her inteligence really impressed her…see this nehar incident …
and says how beautifuly she made the matter looks so easy and solved out and instantly shiv is like yep,he is himself so amazed and finds it so intresting about anandi…and ashi continues saying she has done nice coming to jaitsir or she would have been able to see form her own eyes ke all this can happen..anandi such a young and beautiful girl surpunch and people here are so warm hearted and so nice and shiv instantly jumps up with more prasies saying yep people here are very warm hearted and so welcoming and they neve make you feel like you are outsider and anandi she is gem of a persoan and surpunch too always ready to help and here the works also is quit intresting and makes it challenging to work here with pleasure..so pleasure ke one wants to settel down here and the soil in thsi jaitsur is magical … and as soon as ashi hears this she is on rock
and instantly says oh!so our collector babu now wants to settel down and thinking of it finally…well so now as you ahve finally started thinking bout having a home then to take care fo home you need a wife too…so y not you desrcibe your taste in need of wife so that when she comes back again she will be complete T to teh description of his requirement for wife…and shiv is like stop making joke and be serizz
and when shic said this to ashi,ashi was all sad and hurt as she knows he is not taking her words seriz and thinks she is having fun on his behalf but shiv then said you know i am nto marrying kind but then if i ever want to marry then the kind of girl i want is,and,he started describing his need for wife,like some one fully devotional,traditional,one who loves people around and aceptts chaleges with gace and who respects elders and give importance to values of life and even after all this has yet has her own identity and has mind of her own with her own set of values and thinking…and befor he can continue ashi stops him and says you know what you are saying and shiv is little confused what ashi is saying and ashi says..you are describing your need for wife or prteying anandi to T…shiv is complete shock and like what she is saying and ashi says yes what you have just said is all this quality in anandi…and shiv gets
and shiv starts thinking about time he has seen anandi or spent with her… and ashi is busy saying about her ke next tiem when she comes she will make her self exctly like shiv has describe but shiv is all full deep under thought about anandi and all the time till episode 1 of them meeting… and scene changes
there in city pigeahd enters inside home with packets in his hands and as soon as he enters see a table and on that table bocquet of flowers and that too with card … and he goes and open card and sees gauri congratulating him and he is like he dint said to anyone about him being now in SNG..so how come gauri knows about him now being employed in SNG…and calls out gauri… gauriii and she is in kitchen doing cooking and he asks what was all that..and she is like its all for you..and he is like how come you knew about it
now that was the expression on gauri’s face she dosnt know hwo to say,but then she said dont you know or remember i am working in SNG and wont i know if their soemthing happenes and this is such a big thing…and lolzzz pighead starts yeh!you wil coem to know and well i am so happy i ahve job now and that too in a hospital like SNG and now i will also be working and no more jobless and siting idliyyy at home and do you know gauri i am so happy i got this job on my own credintial and not with anyones help or recomndation of any person…i did all on my own and that makes him more happy and feels like he also can do soemthing in life and like on top of the world…and lolzzz gauri mata cant even utter a word.. and says to jagat pita to go and change as she has cook all his favourite food…and he is like ohk…gv me minute..i am coming after changing…
anandi in her room and trying to pack soemthing like photo frame…and their is knock on ehr door and she says its open come iniside and its DS…anandi is happy to see DS in her room and DS ask hwo was the meeting with shiv and anandi says meeting goes well and now no more hitch and she asks whether that girl(ashi)too was their and anandi says yep she too was their and said how they ate in viallage and then went to school and ashi is such a nice and cute girl
and then anandi said about time in school and then she said ashi is goin tom. and she will miss having such a nice person around and DS is all so happy listning kee finally the lapundree is leaving and going back to london and she dosent stop saying this kee finaly she leaving..and anandi is quit confused why she saying this…and then DS ask her what she is doing all this and anandi says wraping a gift for ashi so that she can have a rememberence of os and soemthing traditional too…and then said i too got for me from her and then DS saw another gift there and ask you giving this too to ehr and anandi is like no, this is not for ashi or given by ashi to me its shiv’s gift given by ashi,and DS is confused by will anandi give and anandi explained because its shiv birthday and ashi trust her so gave her the gift to give shiv on his b’day…listning this
she ask anandi when tis her b’day and said its on 27th june and DS is very happy…and strts making plan and all smilly and quit happy to know one more chance to bring shivanandi to bring close…
mata gauri is siting and jagat pita ji maharaj enters and they start serving and talking…mata ji is happy and wants to call her parents and give happy news to them and pita ji maharaj is quit sad and thinks he dosent ahve anyoen to share hapiness with and gauri is like she and her family is here naa to share his hapiness..so not to be sad…and then pitaji maharaj then remember about badray papa and wants to call him and share his news as being employed in SNG
but gauro mata rmebers the words of BP and his final words never to keep any more relation with her and her family for what wrong they did and gauri mata makes excuses nto to call now as he must be busy or when free then call or he night be in plain atm and not at home or busy soemwhere to pick up the call…lolzz and pita ji maharaj is like ohk..will call later and mata is having her breath back…and says let me go inside and bring swwettt and goes and bring sweet and says narrow save…
shiv and ashi standing outside and man keeping her bags in his jeep and shiv takes out a white envelop and says your tickets and give her some gift saying its for her parents,and ashi complains for her parents but not for her,shiv smiles and says collector of jaitsir and been her private guide and yet she complains…ans ashi tones looking like you are quit happy kee i am finally going and shiv is like nah!nothing like that…and ashi is like that means you are sad and not liking her going…and shiv is like when will she understands that all emotions oare for females not for men..wemen cant not hide their emotions but we men can hide it… we are experts in this field..and ashi is like yeh she knows and wnats to admit ke she is sad to leave him and jsitsir behind and shiv is liek tehn dont leave naa dont go naa and ashi is like ahve to go she ahs job to rejoin and she cant stay…and then same moment anandi comes with the gift and and ashi is like what a plesent surprise to see her and anandi also feels she happy she was able to meet her before ashi leaves and was thinking and hoping she not late and gives her the gift…ashi wants to see whats the gift and she opens it and is all full of emotions to see such a beautiful photo frame and anandi says kee put all the photo in thsi frmae and will always give her reminder of her and jaitsir…ashi is crying and sad and says anandi not only this photo frmae but i will make shure to be in touch with you through internet…and shiv interrupts we ahve to leave and takes frame from ashi hands…ashi and anandi sees each other and both are quit sad and hugs each other,ashi says her to take care and she had a nice time wiht her and our anandi is also quit sad…and in crying mood and ashi turns and hugs shiv…shiv is like hey!i am coming to see you off to airport and dint knew london based ashi can have so much emotions and can cry saying see yaa…anandi entrupts kee even if we are london based we are true inidan from heart and we never lacks to show our emtions be it any situation and shiv and anandi looks each other in eyes
shiv calls ashi to leave and they both leves in jeep saying asta la vista bby
DS wants to celebrate Shiv’s birthday and Bhairon asks why, DS replies recently he has become like a family member and he doesn’t have family here, DS doesn’t want to inform Shiv as she wants to give a surprise, Basanth explains that Shiv is from the city and they celebrate differently, DS wants explanation and he explains they like to have drinks and music, but DS doesn’t listen and says she wants to organise it. Basanth relents and agrees they will do the celebration.
Jagat doing pooja and Gauri getting food ready, Jagat saying it will be good they will be working together, Gauri is saying how Jagat woke up early today and he didn’t need telling, Gauri complements Jagat about his clothes and asks where he got the money, he states that him and Gauri are both the same therefore he needs to dress appropriately, they both leave for work.
Anandi is conducting class at school, Anandi enquires about Jyoti’s non attendance and wanta to go to her house and take her work so Jyoti doesn’t miss out.
Jagat is introduced at work, Jagat is shocked to find out that the person he will be working under is Gauri. When Gauri is informed of this she too is shocked by the information, Gauri is informed to tell Jagat of his duties. Gauri explains that she is shocked that this happened, but tries to explain that he would have had to work under someone and to not take it the wrong way. Jagat doesn’t agree and states he will be the junior. Jagat doesn’t like that fact being the husband he needs to report to his wife, he wants to transfer and gauri explains that SNG will not like this and to act professionally, they can ask for a transfer after a while.
Anandi goes to Jyoti’s house and notices lots of gifts and presents all around the house, she enquires about this, the parents are reluntant to tell Anandi the whole story about the wedding that is happening and state Jyoti is ill at the moment therefore not attending. Anandi goes to see Jyoti and tells them to take care of her. Anandi goes to give Jypto school work and then notices Mehendi on Jyoti’s hand, she still doesn’t get what is happening and explains that putting on Mehendi will not help her get better. Shiv calls Anandi and informs her about work situation and asks her to some to the site as she knows the village people, she agrees to come. Anandi tells Jyoti to get better and to take medicine on time. Jyoti hugs Anandi and seems upset, her mother mouths for Jyoti not to say anything. Anandi takes her leave.
Gauri introduces Jagat to the team, he notices that Gauri doesn’t take what relation they have and remember how in past he did the same with Gauri and Anandi. Another explains to Jagat that Gauri is strict and he is lucky to have a boss like her and to not day dream.