Friday Update on True Love 14th August 2020


Friday Update on True Love 14th August 2020

Rathore parks outside ACP Chaubey’s House. He remembers how Chaubey told him he has Malvika’s signed statement which blames him for her death. He says, ACP Dharamvir Chaubey you kept my daughter away from me for so many years and hid the truth. I will do it today what I should have done years ago. I will find a solution for my problem on my own. Chaubey is sleeping. Rathore enters from the window. He is sure Chaubey would have hidden the fake statement here in this room only. I have to find it anyhow. He looks at Ambika’s picture and caresses it after which he starts searching.

He finds a locker in the cupboard and looks around for the key. He traces it under Chaubey’s pillow but hides when he feels that Chaubey might turn or wake up. He is successful in taking the key, opens the locker and finds a file with the title of Malvika Rathore’s Death Statement. Rathore is shocked to see it. He takes the file with him and leaves from there. There indeed is a document with Malvika’s thumb impression. He cannot understand what’s right or wrong. I only know that Ambika is my daughter. She is my Malvika’s last memento. I couldn’t do anything for Malvika but I can atleast seek forgiveness.

Next morning, Akash and Meethi are having breakfast. Maiyya is trying to make him understand and talk to her. Ambika comes downstairs and wishes them. Are you going somewhere? I saw come packed bags in your room. Meethi denies. Akash is going out for official work. Akash asks Ambika to make Meethi understand that she should come along with me. She isn’t listening to me. Meethi stays put. Akash turns to Maiyya. You were saying something? Maiyya will tell later. Sankrant asks Maiyya to serve him breakfast as he is hungry. Meethi asks her to sit and eat too while she will serve breakfast to Sankrant.

Maiyya isn’t hungry and has some work so she leaves from there. Sankrant asks Akash if he can join him in business. I will learn everything from observing you. Can I come with you today? ambika comments that it is a work full of responsibilities. Will you be able to handle it? All 3 of them are surprised to hear her say something like this. She clears that he hasn’t done something like this earlier. Meethi says one has to start from somewhere someday then why not today. plus I trust him that he will work with full dedication. Sankrant nods in affirmation. Akash tells him he will be accompanying him on the business tour. It is a work full of responsibilities and your bhabhi (SIL) trusts you completely. Sankrant is very happy and goes to pack his bags. Ambika doesn’t look too happy.

Damini is massaging Kanha’s baby and also playing with him. nani comes there. I know you don’t trust me. Come with me to Meethi’s home to see if Mukta is there or not. ask her the reason as well as no one trusts me. damini tells her she spoke to Meethi in the morning itself. She dint tell me that Mukta is there. Nani calls Meethi a liar. She is hiding the truth. Damini is sure Meethi wont lie to her. nani asks her if she will come with her or not but Damini has so much to do. I trust Meethi. Nani asks her to come out with the truth that she wants Mukta to live a life full of difficulties as your Meethi is enjoying her life as she is living in such a big mansion. It is all destinies’ game. The granddaughter of the maid who used to live under our care is living like a princess while our princess is living in such a shabby place. Damini tries to explain but Nani walks off from there. She is still sure Mukta wouldn’t be there or Meethi would have told her.

Mukta feeds Vishnu. She tells him she will be back soon. You remember your promise? You wont take any decision without discussing it with me. He agrees. Now go or your boss will call you. She asks him if she should talk to Akash but he declines. we will find a good job together don’t worry. She nods. She goes inside to get her file and notices his wallet which is kept on the dressing table. She takes out some money from her bag and keeps it in his wallet. Content, she keeps it back in its place. Door bell rings just then and she goes to open the door. He is worried it might be Nani. She came yesterday as well. I don’t want to meet her as she hates me a lot. She assures him she will check. No one can hate you till I am here. It is Meethi, Akash and Sankrant. Mukku calls out for Vishnu and welcomes everyone inside.

Maiyya has a headache (pretending). She calls out for Ambika asking her to massage her head who apologizes. I will get a headache if I give you a massage. Maiyya asks her to atleast go get medicine for her from the shop. Ambika agrees to do that much for her MIL. I am not that bad. Dad always says that one should help poor. Maiyya gives her money to buy the medicine and blesses her too. Ambika leaves. Maiyya is happy that now her work will be done. She agreed so easily. I myself will go to see how things come to an end. She too leaves to see for herself.

Mukta offers to make tea whereas Vishnu tells her to go to office while he will make it. Meethi and Akash notice the love they share and compliment the couple. They both cannot live without each other. May God bless you always and no evil eye befalls on your relation. She offers to make tea for everyone and asks Mukta to go to office. Meethi goes to drop Mukta off till outside as she wants to talk about Yuvaan. The way he was staring at you in the party yesterday and was also saying that…Mukta completes for her – I am his girlfriend. Meethi is taken aback. Mukta says I too used to find him weird initially but now I have realised that he has a very pure heart. It is his nature. Don’t worry. Meethi nods and asks her to take care of herself. Mukku leaves for office.

Akash offers to help Vishnu. sankrant says I too am joining from today. Join us so that I will get company and get to learn from both of you. Vishnu is trying his best to find a good job for himself. But yes, if all the other doors are closed then I will come to you only. Akash is happy to hear it. Meethi gets tea for all of them. She is upset with Vishnu. When I and Akash were living separately then it was you and Mukta only you brought us back together but when it came to you two then you dint share your problems with us which we dint like at all. Vishnu understands and apologizes. I have got a family because of Mukta or I had no one in this whole world. You all were hurt because of me but I promise I wont upset anyone ever. Akash asks him to treat his family as his own now. Call me whenever you need anything. Meethi reminds Akash that he has to go or he will miss his flight. Vishnu goes to drop them off. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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