Monday Update on Young Love 17th August 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 17th August 2020

The lawyer coming to meet Anandi and Mangla. He tells that Nimboli’s statement is vital to the case and it will turn the case in their favor. Disa worries about Nimboli’s statement and tells lawyer that she don’t want to disturb the little girl. Anandi suggests him to take Nimboli’s statement separately outside the court. The lawyer agrees and says he will think about it. Akhiraj tells his lawyer that he left no proofs when he killed his brother. Disa tells that she has proof against Akhiraj and tells Akhiraj has the anklets which her husband used to wear it. She says she has kept it safely in Jhalra. She tells the murderer name is Kisna and says she couldn’t forget his name. Akhiraj tells lawyer that the villagers are aware of Gopal’s murder and he killed him infront of all.

The lawyer asks him to keep Gopal’s parents away from court, and also asks him to manage to keep the villagers silent, else he will get punishment in court. Akhiraj grabs his collar and threatens him. The lawyer says I don’t mean that and says you have to handle the villagers. Akhiraj tells Harki that he will get minimum imprisonment, and tells her that Gopal’s parents should leave the village. He asks her to get them scared through Damodar. Harki asks if Nimboli gives statement against you. Akhiraj gets angry and asks her to do what he said. He says Damodar will handle Mangla and Nimboli. Harki says they are staying in Jagya’s house and asks how will Damodar reach there. Akhiraj says Damodar will not go, but Anandi and Nimboli will come to him. He says travelling is difficult now a days and can be dangerous too. Harki looks on.

Disa thinks what will happen when Nimboli comes to know about Anandi being her mum. Anandi comes to her and asks if she talked to Nimboli. Disa says she is not convinced. Anandi says they will be with her. Disa tells that she will explain and says you have to give testimony in court. Anandi explains to her that it is like panchayat and its name is court. Nimboli asks why I shall be present there. Anandi says court will asks questions to her about Akhiraj, Harki and Kundan. Nimboli asks if Akhiraj will be there?

Nimboli gets scared and hugs Disa. She refuses to go to court and face them. Disa looks at Anandi. She asks Nimboli not to get scared and asks her to tell everything truly. Anandi nods.

Pushkar calling Disa and insists to talk to Nimboli. Disa asks him to give call to Urmila. Anant talks to someone and asks to find out about Kisna. Disa tells Urmila to keep her husband’s anklets safe, and bring it for next hearing. She says time has come to get justice. Harki asks Damodar to meet Akhiraj in jail. She tells Akhiraj’s friend to make sure that Gopal’s parents or any villager don’t give statement in court against Akhiraj. The goons ask her to give them money and they will make sure that they don’t give statement. Harki takes out her bangles and gives it to them. She asks them to repay Akhiraj’s favors. They leave.

Akhiraj’s goons threatens the villagers and warn them not to give statement against Akhiraj, or tell about Gopal’s murder. They threaten them. Kishore hears them and asks Gopal’s parents to come with them. Gopal’s parents say that lawyer came and asks to give statement, but they refused to give statement. Kishore asks them to hide somewhere. Just then goons come there. Akhiraj’s goons come there and asks to leave Jhalra. They shows some stuff. Gopal’s mum says we don’t want anything. They beat up Gopal’s dad Govind and his wife. Gopal’s mum agrees to leave Jhalra and asks to leave her husband. The goon asks her to remember her promise, else they will make sure that they don’t reach court. Gopal’s parents cry.

Anandi is relaxing in Dadisaa’s lap and tells that Nandini is suffering so much in such a tender age. Dadisaa asks her not to worry as everything will be fine after Nimboli’s statement.

In the morning, Nimboli tells Anandi that she wants to sit in front seat. Anandi agrees. Disa tries to interfere, but fails. Anandi makes Nimboli sit and ties seat belt. Nimboli asks where you will sit? Anandi sits on driver’s seat. Nimboli says you can’t drive as you are a woman. Anandi says girls can drive even aeroplane. Nimboli says I have never thought that girls can drive car. She asks her to drive and says it will be fun. Anandi drives the car. Nimboli asks can I drive car too. Anandi asks her to grow young and then can drive car. Nimboli says I will go by then. Anandi asks why you will leave. Nimboli says we are guests here. Anandi promises to teach her car driving. Nimboli smiles. Disa looks on. Nimboli asks if Jagya is not coming? Anandi says he will meet us in Jodhpur. Some goon calls Damodar and tell that women are there in the car. Damodar says they will reach Yamraj.

Disa asks when they will reach court. Anandi says just 30 mins. Nimboli says it would be fun to see the city. Disa says we are going for work now, and says I will take you for outing later. Nimboli asks Anandi to come with them. She asks did you like to see mela and all? Anandi tells about her childhood. Disa looks on uninterested and irked. Nimboli laughs.