Friday Update on Young Love 14th August 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 14th August 2020

Nimboli ,Shivam and Abhi are playing catch me if you can Shivam is chasing Nimboli and Abhi trying to catch them Abhi teases shivam you cannot even catch a girl then how will you catch me?Shivam says i”ll show you . Shhivam is running after both Abhi and Nimboli one by one trying to catch them but he cannot .Nimboli teases Shivam you have lost Udham accept it . Nimboli runs around Dadisaa’s swing and accidentally hits the newspaper and Dadisaa’s specs which were placed on newspaper fall down and break Nimboli , Abhi and shivam are shocked seeing this Shivam asks Nimboli what you have done you broke Dadisaa’s specs Nimboli is scared. Dadisaa calls to Shivam Abhi and Nimboli and says look what have i made for you Seeing Dadisaa coming Shivam and Abhi ask Nimboli run to save yourself from Dadisaa’s scolding.

Shivam and Abhi run away but Nimboli keeps standing scared Dadisaa comes with some drinks that she made for them and is surprised seeing Nimboli alone standing there Shivam and Abhi not there Dadisaa asks from Nimboli where shivam and abhi have gone? Nimboli picks up the broken specs from the floor and gives it to Dadisaa . Dadisaa sees it and says its broken. Nimboli says dokari Dadisaa i broke your specs but .i swear of god i broke it by mistake Dadisaa fakes anger on Nimboli and asks her now what should i do? tell me. Nimboli holds her ears and emotionally says to Dadisaa forgive me dokari Dadisaa .you can give me any other punishment .you can tie me with rope in the cowshed outside or don’t give me food but please Dadisaa don’t lock me in dark room. i am scared of darkness .Dadisaa gets emotional hearing this . Dadisaa hugs Nimboli . Nimboli becomes happy Dadisaa did not punish her

In the court room. Anandi in witness box Anandi is given “bhagvad gita” to take oath on it. She takes oath she will speak only truth . Akhiraj is glaring at Anandi in anger The prosecutor lawyer asks Anandi Your daughter Nandini was kidnapped 11 years ago. tell the court what happened 11 years ago, how it happened and most importantly who did that Anandi angrily looks at Akhiraj and then tells the judge l will tell what happened 11 years ago on 17th March. Anandi tells the complete incident of Nandini’s kidnap by Akhiraj (All this is told in flashback How Anandi went to stop Pooja’s child marriage , what happened there , how Akhiraj took away Nandini etc)

Anandi then says I later came to know that Akhiraj is not only responsible for my daughter’s kidnapping but his crime’s list is very. long. Akhiraj glares at Mangala in anger .Anandi says many years ago Akhiraj killed his elder brother .Mangala gets emotional remembering about her husband’s murder The people in court room start discussing with each other hearing this Judge orders the people to maintain the discipline in the court

Anandi looks at Kamli and tells the court Akhiraj ‘s daughter fallen in love with the boy of their village. but Akhiraj considered this as insult of him. Anandi says Akhiraj himself killed that boy. Kamli recalls Gopal’s murder by Akhiraj Flashback is shown how Akhiraj killed Gopal People in court again start discussing with each other hearing this Judge orders the people to maintain the discipline in the court . Anandi says then he not just not only locked his daughter in his house but also tortured her. Akhiraj and Harki are angrily looking at Anandi . Anandi says the person who can do this with his own daughter then how much he must have tortured my daughter its beyond my thinking. my Nandini bore so much , this man did second marriage of his son to fulfill his son’s wrong desires.

Anandi ask judge ask him sir who has given this man right to ruin other people’s daughters lives for his son. Anandi says if someone realizes his mistake then that mistake can be rectified and that person can improved but Akhiraj has no remorse for what he has done.he thinks it was his right to do all that what he did Anandi says to judge . don’t release him. if you released him then his crimes will increase. i request you to give him life sentence so that more lives won’t be ruined by him in future . .Akhiraj starts his drama, he starts shedding crocodile tears and asks Anandi stop now how much will you lie?

Anandi is shocked hearing this Akhiraj says to judge she is trying to hide her own sin by blaming me , . this woman is lying , she is telling big lies , actually she threw away her 3 month old daughter in garbage bin and herself left now after so many years she came to know that the girl whom she wanted to send to God ( means kill her )is saved by a God sent angel i.e me i gave the girl a new life and she could not tolerate this .now she is accusing me falsely to avenge me Akhiraj says to Judge tell me sir saving a girl and then bringing her up like own daughter is a crime that i should get punishment for this ? Anandi looks at him shocked Jagya Kamli Urmi Mangala looking at Akhiraj with disgust and anger Akhiraj says to judge you are my lord sir if you feel i did something wrong then give me punishment. i”ll accept that with bowed head.but if it happened you punished me then people will lose their faith on goodness ..

People again start discussing with each other hearing this Judge orders them for silence in the court room Harki smirks . Anandi is teary eyed . Judge orders Akhiraj to speak when asked you to speak Judge asks the defense lawyer to make his client understand the court rules Defense lawyer gestures Akhiraj to act on what judge has said . Judge asks defense lawyer if defense wants then can question the witness Anandi ShivRaj Shekhar . Defense lawyer says its not needed your honor because my client has unveiled her lies He has opened her lies in front all court Its clear in front of everyone she is lying so now what i should say . Anandi is shocked Judge asks defense lawyer Mr Bundela mark your words Defense Lawyer says sorry sir. Judge asks prosecutor now prosecution can bring the next witness. Anandi sadly goes to sit Akhiraj and Harki smirk

Next in witness box is Jagya Akhiraj is glaring at Jagya in anger . Jagya tells judge your honor Akhiraj Singh pretended in front me that he is a social worker and in this way he won my trust He took advantage of my MLA position He wanted to win the upcoming Panchayat elections with my support He wanted to establish himself in politics using me and when i brought his truth in front of public , he attacked me , he threatened to kill me Not only this he shot at the police constable on duty and escaped from there and at home he tried to kill his sister in law Mangala and Nimboli i am myself eye witness of this i saw it with my own eyes Akhiraj about to kill Mangala and Nimboli Judge notes down Akhiraj and Harki are shocked .

Akhiraj thinks of new drama Jagya finishes his statement saying to judge thats it your honor Judge asks defense lawyer if he wants to cross question Dr Jagdish Singh . The defense lawyer gets up and is about to question Jagya but Akhiraj starts his drama shedding crocodile tears and saying enough , enough, now i cannot take it anymore i cannot listen more Akhiraj folds his hands in front of Jagya i fold my hands in front of you Akhiraj then folds his hands in front others and says i fold my hands in front you all , please stop now , what is going on here , why the facts are molded ? why truth is twisted to some other side In the pious place like court , such naked dance of lie i cannot see this Akhiraj is shedding crocodile tears Jagya , Anandi , Mangala , Urmi Kamli are disgusted with Akhiraj at his fake drama Akhiraj folds his hands in front of judge , Jagya and all saying stop it now i fold my hands in front of you all . Akhiraj says to Jagya please Vidhayak ji stop it now , how much more you will lie Jagya asks what ? Akhiraj does drama of crying and says to Jagya i used to respect you so much but what you turned out to be ? . CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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