Monday Update on Young Love 23 March 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 23 March 2020

Abhi, Mannu and Shivam dancing on Aayo Re Aaya Mehmaan song……….Jagya, Ganga, Anandi and Dadisaa look surprisingly. Dadisaa asks what happened to you all. Shivam says we are practicing for IGT. Mannu says I am giving training to them. Jagya asks what is IGT. Shivam says it is India’s Got Talent. Mannu tells about the show. Jagya says we will see. Shivam says we will see together. Mannu tells that it is for all ages. They promote the show.

Kamli writes the letter and gives to Nimboli asking her to give it to Gopal. Nimboli assures her that she will give the letter to Gopal and asks her to eat the food. Kamli refuses. Nimboli asks her to eat the roti. Akhiraj Singh is going from there and calls for Nimboli. Nimboli gets tensed and hides the letter. He asks her to take the food plate back and says let Kamli be hungry. Nimboli says if she is hungry then. Akhiraj Singh then she will die. He asks Nimboli to leave. Akhiraj Singh asks Kamli to agree to his order quietly. He says you have to marry Pushkar only. Kamli cries.

Anandi asks Dadisaa to go to Shiv Niketan. Dadisaa says she made milk shake for kids. Anandi says she will give and asks her to go. Pooja comes and greets Ganga. Ganga asks her about Bindiya. Bindiya says she is busy else she would also have come to study with Mannu. Ganga says Mannu went to play football and will come late. You shall go home and study. Pooja says ok and is about to go. Anandi asks Pooja where you are going? Pooja says she is leaving as Mannu is not at home. Anandi says he will be here in 2 mins, just now he came home. Pooja looks at Ganga surprisingly. She is shocked at her lie.

Kundan is talking to her friend on mobile and hears some girl’s voice coming from the bushes. He sees a couple romancing each other. Kundan thinks to take Nimboli out and enjoy with her. Anandi and Mannu sit and study. Anandi asks them to eat something. Pooja says her tummy is full after having milk shake. Mannu says he will eat everything. Anandi says ladies first. Mannu says who is lady here? I forgot that she is also a lady. Anandi asks them to study. Ganga sees Anandi going from there and comes to Pooja. She lies to her that Sarita is calling her home. Pooja says ok. Ganga asks Mannu to take a break. Mannu says he will go and drop Pooja. Ganga says she will ask Makhan kaka. Mannu says he is not here and insists to go. Ganga is irked.

Mannu and Pooja are going on a cycle. Pooja thinks Mannu is so good and she likes to spend time with him as she loves him. Mannu asks did you say anything? Pooja says nothing. She asks him to stop the cycle. Mannu says I am driving properly. Some boys come there and tease them. Mannu gets angry. Pooja holds Mannu’s hand and asks him not to fight with them. Mannu says he will beat them. A goon holds Pooja’s hand. She slaps him and he falls down. They fight with Mannu. Mannu asks them not to touch Pooja and gets angry. They start beating Mannu. Pooja takes off her bag and beats the goons. Mannu also beats them. They escape. Mannu says he will search and beat them. Pooja asks why you are angry? She cares for his wounds and gives steam with her dupatta. Mannu says I will drop you home. Pooja asks him to come back to badi haveli for applying an ointment.

Harki tells Chagani that Kamli is not agreeing that her Bapusaa has decided and he will not agree even if she dies. Nimboli hears them. She says shall I go to market and buy vegetables. Harki asks are you mad? Can’t you see vegetables here. She asks her not to do or say anything which makes her mad. She asks her to bring water. Nimboli nods and goes to get the water. She gets an idea and breaks the pot. Harki gets angry and asks her to go and fetch water. Nimboli smiles.

Ganga bandaging Mannu’s wounds. Mannu says he took a shortcut to drop Pooja, but don’t know why this happened. Pooja asks about his wound. Ganga says wound is not deep thanks to Devimaa. She asks Makhan kaka to drop Pooja home. Makhan kaka says ok and asks Pooja to come. Ganga asks her to go. Pooja says bye and asks Mannu to take care. She leaves. Mannu thanks Ganga and says he will study now. Ganga asks what was the need to study with Pooja. It will be waste of time. Mannu says I can study alone also, but when I explain to Pooja then my revisions also happens. Ganga asks him to study alone. Mannu agrees.

Nimboli gives letter to Gopal and tells about the groom’s childish behavior. She asks him to meet her anyhow and convince her to eat. Gopal says he is dying to meet Kamli, but if anyone sees them then it will be problematic for Kamli. Kundan is going from there, talking on phone. Gopal writes a letter for Kamli and handover to Nimboli. He asks her to tell Kamli that he is coming to meet her in the night. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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