Monday Update on This is Love 29th June 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 29th June 2020

Natasha saying its hurting a lot. Raman asks her to stand right, he will open the door. She gives her purse. He gets the keys from her purse. She falls in his arms and says I can’t stand now, lift me, its paining a lot. He says fine. He lifts and takes her. He does the aid to her foot. Ishita says its too late. Simmi says call Raman. Natasha says sorry, I ruined everything. Raman gets a call. Natasha says its paining, apply some ointment. He says fine, where do you keep medicines. She asks him to get it. He goes.

Ishita calls again. Natasha says Raman is with me, you can’t come between us. Raman says I think you should rest, I will go. She says the balm fell down, can you give it. He helps her. She holds his hand and says apply the balm, please don’t leave me alone. He says my family would be waiting. She insists.

Ishita says I don’t think something is right, we shall go. Sunil hits Karan’s car. Karan says I won’t leave him today. He scolds Sunil. Sunil says I m sorry. Karan slaps him. Ruhi and Aaliya come. Ruhi asks Karan to stop. Sunil says I will call police. Karan says you have hit the car intentionally. Ruhi scolds Sunil. Karan says we will tell chairman not to let him study here. Natasha says I m hurt, its paining a lot. Raman says I should go home. She asks why are you so nervous, I m your wife. He says no. She applies the balm. She asks him to be careful. He asks did you give any relief. She says yes.


Simmi and Ishita see Raman’s car. Simmi asks is he not fine. They rush home and ask Mihika where is Raman. Mihika says he isn’t at home, what happened. Ishita asks did he call. Mihika says no, didn’t he tell you where he went. Ishita calls him. She says I know where he is. Everyone comes and sees Raman with Natasha. Raman says I was just applying balm. Natasha says don’t explain, you are my husband. Ruhi scolds her. Raman asks them to leave. Ruhi gets angry and says he is my dad. Natasha says why would he be here if he has no relation, he arranged a date for us, he planned a dinner, I fell down and got a sprain, but my husband is really sweet, he lifted me and got me here. Karan asks her not to lie. She says I have proof. She shows their pic.

Raman asks what’s all this Natasha. She says sorry darling, you lifted me after long time, so I have taken pics. Arijit asks Neeti to call him dad just once. He says I won’t leave Raman and Ishita. Ruhi says I know my dad, he will never cheat Ishita. Natasha says he is my husband, Shardul, he loves me. Raman says lets go, we will go home and talk. Natasha says these pics will go viral on social media, everyone will know about him. Aaliya asks her to give her phone. Sunil says stay away. Raman says you believe that I m your dad, that’s all what matters. Ruhi says we can’t let her do this. Natasha sends pic to Arijit. He smiles and says Natasha is great. He replies very good, end Raman and Ishita’s relation. He calls and hears Raman shouting to explain family.

Raman says we shall go home and talk, understand me. Arijit hears him on call. Ishita and Simmi come. Ishita asks Raman what are you doing here. Natasha says he is my husband. Arijit says I promise I won’t leave Raman. Ruhi says he is my dad. Ishita says we shall go home and talk, come Raman. Natasha thanks Raman for taking care of her. Raman and everyone leave. Natasha smiles. She asks how did you like it, the date was good.

Arijit says now Raman and Ishita will fight, trust me. Ruhi says you mean, all this was a plan. Simmi says we had sent Raman there. Ishita says Natasha is clever, we have to go ahead. Ruhi says but we have other option to find Dr. Mishra. Ishita says we have to expose that woman, its okay Raman. Simmi says at least she accepted that you are Shardul, she believed the story. Raman says yes, she didn’t doubt. Ishita says we wanted this. He says I have to be much prepared when I meet her next time, I m feeling hungry. Mihika asks them to come for dinner.

Yug goes to get water. He sees Ishita worried and asks what’s the matter. She says I m worried, don’t know if Raman’s drama is right or wrong.

Ishita saying I don’t know about Raman’s drama, Natasha is very clever, Raman could have handled everything before, he is vulnerable today. Yug says I promise Karan and I will find a solution, we are tracing the doctor, we will expose Natasha. She asks him to find the doctor some how. He asks her to sleep and not worry. She thanks him. He goes and messages Karan. Its morning, Ruhi asks Raman to write anything. Aaliya says yes, meet her at garden. She jokes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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