Monday Update on Young Love July 09

Monday Update on Young Love

July 09 Episode

Gauri & Jagat are sitting in the hospital canteen. Jagat is in a bad mood…tells Gauri how he felt insulted when the jr. doctor said that Jagat should feel lucky that he got a chance to work under Gauri. he taunts her allowing her assistant to sit besides her & have food with her &calls her ‘boss’. A fellow doctor n friend of Jagat comes to their table & joins them for lunch. He asks Jagat what he is doing @ SNG. Jagat says he too has got a job @ SNG. When the friend demands a party from him, Jagat says he will surely throw a grand party…and that too at his & Gauris place (he says this more as a taunt to gauri!)

Sumitra calls up Bhairon. He asks her to take good care of herself. Dadisa comes up to Bhairon, she asks how is her jiji now? Jiji has asked Dadisa to go to karnimata mandir as its masosa’s barsi on 29th June. she has also said that if her knee pain doesnt allow dadisa to go then gehna or anandi too can go in her place. dadisa is touched by her concern. dadisa decides to go to the temple.

jagat remembers how gauri had turned out to be his boss…n he relives the insult he had felt then. he feels lonely as there is no one with whom he can share his pain. he takes out the picture of his family which he had once thrown on the floor & shattered to pieces. he begins talking to the picture & confesses that when he was happy he lived those moments alone without much trouble. but today when he is unhappy he needs someone to share his unhappiness with. he mounts the frame on the wall once more. gauri sees this. she is remembered of the challenge sumitra had thrown her way many months back. gauris ego once more rises & she resolves that she cannot lose. jagat has hurt his thumb…gauri begins to tend to the wound. but he taunts her once more & says what will people say if they realize that doc gauri is tending to her assistant. gauri realizes that he is hurt as she didnt introduce him as her husband. gauri tries to reason with him & says she wants him to succeed…she wants to be known as dr. jagat’s wife. she hugs him!

Shiv is telling anandi that he will talk with the engineers & ask them to find a way so that mangal singh & others like him suffer the least. thats when his nose starts bleeding. anandi asks bhimsen to get multani mitti. wen bhimsen leaves she ties shivs handkerchief to his uper left arm. and then pats some cold water on his head & gives him a head massage. shiv who was till then sending her admiring looks…is now smiling to himself lost in all her care bhimsen returns with the multani mitti. she wets it a bit & asks shiv to inhale it deeply. shiv feels relieved in almost immediately. she also takes shiv to the vaidji. vaidji gives shiv a very bitter kaadha. shiv doesnt wanna drink that kaadha …anandi teases him for acting like a baby shiv pretends to be offended. while talking with vaidji anandi mentions that other than shiv, even bholas daughter, jyoti doesnt like the bitter medicines which the vaid gives. however the vaid clarifies that he isnt treating jyoti…her parents had never come to the vaid. anandi remembers how jyothi had been crying that day & she realizes that jyothis parents r lying. anandi is disturbed by this fact.

anandi goes to meet bhola but the house is locked. she decides to ask the neighbors but all the nearby houses r locked as well. she is extremely puzzled & decides it cant b a coincidence. she decides to investigate matters further.she decides to ask the mehendiwali!

Jyoti’s father locks anandi in that room by cheating. Anandi bangs on the door but no use.he gives money to dholwalas to beat dhol hard. He informs groom’s father about anandi too. groom’s father orders pandit to start marriage rituals. Jyoti’s mom bring her to the madap while she keeps saying that she doesn’t want to marry. Anandi saw a window or something like that is opened. She jumped from there(my goodness..like a action queen landed safely and didn’t fall down!!…)

Anandi rush towards the madap and again shouts to stop it. Jyo’s father wants to stop her but she says she wont let that happen wants to leave with jyoti. At that time groom’s father shouts to stop. He orders the goons to hold anandi. Jyo’s father says she is the sarpanch but he doesn’t care. Anandi asks him to behave properly. But he orders manerlessly to throw anandi outside.Bhairon and ds come at that time. Ds shouts to release anandi and wants ti hit them with a lathi. Groom’s father misbehaves with ds. Bhairon and he enter into fight but he cant do anything coz of gunmen.And both r held captive. Then marriages rituals start. At that time anandi bites the man’s hand who was holding her and takes the gun from him and pointed towards them. all shocked.

She points the gun towards groom’s father and asks him to release bhairon and ds. He starts harassing and diverting anandi’s attention by saying some blah blah. He managed to snatch the gun from her. Groom’s uncle and two goons drag anandi and push outside(its raining outside). Anandi about to fall down but at that time shiv makes his entry and holds her(rescue BG music). he makes anandi stand near him by holding her hand. Anandi surprised. All too.

He is super angry. Groom’s uncle misbehaves with shiv too and said ranjha is here for his heer and is about to hit shiv but shiv holds his hand and pushed away. He is thrown away.
Then the dhisoom dhisoom starts(wah wah kya action sequence hai). Shiv is band bajaoing of them and anandi is looking at them with worry. Bhiron and ds r worried too. bhiron managed to come outside. He too joins shiv. Shiv shouts at anandi to bring jyoti. Shiv is hurt in the sequence. Anandi ran inside but groom’s father pointed the gun on her head.

Gun fired. All stunned.Some flash backs of kid anandi’s bullet shot incident. But shiv moves the gun upward. Police siren was heard. Shiv tells him he is not fool, he called police before. Then shiv slaps him, he fell down. He gives few more for conducting child marriage and insulting anandi’s family. Police came and took them.

All relieved. Anandi thanked him for saving her life again. shiv asks her y she come alone. She cud have wait for him If he wudnt be there at time then it woud have been worse. Anandi shouts back that she didn’t have the time to think what to do or not. She had to stop it.(their famous verbal volleys) She suddenly notices the wound on his arm and soften. Shiv tells her that no worry for that coz he knows anandi knows many nuska to heal that.Anandi took some mud from a plant and applied it on his wound. Shiv amused. So r ds and bhiron.