Monday Update on This is Love 23 March 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 23 March 2020

Karan asking Arijit to have food, he will feel better. Ruhi says I will make hot soup for you, where is the kitchen. Arijit says I need to sleep. Ruhi asks how can we leave you alone, its our duty to help you. Arijit says so sweet of you, I always wished to have a daughter like you, the kitchen is that side, Ruhi wait, I totally forgot to say, I m out of cooking gas, you can’t make the soup.

Karan says lets order some food. Ruhi says I will order. Arijit says that’s a bad idea, sorry guys, you people have to understand, I m really thankful that you have come and showed concern, I took medicines and feeling drowsy, I have fever and cough, you need to leave. Karan says its okay, please take care, give me a call if you need anything.

Ruhi says I m really

sorry, but may I use your washroom, please. Arijit says sure, come. Karan says this is a good chance, I should find some clue. Ruhi goes to some room. Arijit says when will they leave. Karan checks some files. Aaliya says it means Ishita is there in the asylum. Simmi says why didn’t Sunita tell us. Mihika says yes, she wrote a note for us. Mani says we will ask her. Mihika says no, she could have told her in person if she wanted, but she didn’t. Yug says I will go to the asylum and find her. Aaliya says I will come with you. He says I will go alone. Mihika says go there and update us.
Ruhi says what a strange house, there is no family pic, I m sure to find something. A vase falls down. Arijit comes and asks are you okay. She says yes, it fell by mistake, I m okay. She says why is he staying out, I didn’t get any clue, what to do. She comes out and says sorry. He asks are you hurt. She says no, I m fine. He says Karan is waiting. She hears a sound and asks is there someone inside. He coughs and says I didn’t hear anything. She says maybe some thief has come. He says this house is secured. She shouts to Karan and asks him to come fast.

He says no need to call Karan. Karan comes and asks what happened. Ruhi says maybe there is some thief. Karan says yes, there is some noise, we will call police. Ruhi says no, we will go and see. Arijit says there is nothing to steal here. Karan says the door is locked, why, you would have spare keys. Arijit says no. Karan says I will break the door. Ruhi says the thieves are dangerous, he might kill you, Karan break the door. Karan says Ruhi is right, you are unwell. Karan breaks the door. Yug calls Aaliya. He recalls asking the ward boy if he has seen Ishita. He gives him money. The ward boy says I didn’t see her. FB ends.

Yug says Ishita isn’t here. Sunita sees Yug. Aaliya asks why did Sunita write that, you come home, its not safe there. Yug leaves. Sunita says how shall I say that Ishita is here, I can’t say, I have to save my daughter. Karan and Ruhi see Bhuvan inside. Bhuvan puts Raman behind the bed. Arijit asks how come you are here, you went to your village, didn’t you. Bhuvan says yes, I came back some time back, you were sleeping, I didn’t disturb you, I came inside through the window, you forgot to lock the window as always. Arijit says they felt a thief has come in. He says he is Bhuvan, he stays here and works for me. Bhuvan asks aren’t you fine, shall I make something for you and then I will sleep. Karan says strange, why did you not tell anything when I was breaking the sound. Bhuvan says I fell down and maybe you heard that sound.

Arijit says you are foolish, go and sleep. He asks Karan and Ruhi to go home. He coughs. Karan and Ruhi leave. Arijit says thanks Bhuvan for handling the situation, I m proud of him, you hid Raman here, why is he sleeping in peace. Bhuvan says I gave him a regular injection. Arijit slaps him and says if he dies by overdose, I will going to kill you, I have to torture him. Bhuvan says what did Raman and Ishita do that Arijit wants to hurt them so much. Mani asks didn’t you get anything. Ruhi says the house was strange, there was no family pic, we got a weird vibe. Mani says I will find out from my contacts. Karan says I m sure that he is hiding something. Ruhi says even his servant was behaving strange. Mani says don’t worry, I will be careful. Aaliya says I don’t want you to get in trouble. Mani asks her to relax.

Yug comes. Sunita sleeps near Ishita. Arijit wakes her up. She asks what are you doing here, is my daughter fine. Yug says I asked ward boy and nurse, they said Ishita isn’t there, she is safe. Mani says I will go home, we will think with a fresh mind how to find about Arijit. Arijit says wrap her in bedsheet, we have to shift her. Sunita asks how do you know that Yug has come here. Arijit says I m not so foolish, I gave money to ward boy. He asks Bhuvan to kill Sunita’s daughter. She says no, don’t do this. He says just inform me, help me. She says nobody knows Ishita is here. He says I don’t want to take any chance. She asks will you leave my daughter now. He says you are so selfish. She says yes, I m selfish, I want my daughter back. He says help me now. Bhuvan takes Ishita. Sunita says I m sorry.

Arijit says its an emotional moment, come out, she is your friend, I will take care of her. Sunita prays for Ishita and cries. She says sorry Ishita. Bhuvan says no one will know anything. Arijit says stop the car, I will take a cab and go home, I will kill you. He goes. Ishita thinks how did I come in this car, where are they taking me, what have they done to me. Yug thinks of Ishita. Aaliya asks why aren’t you sleeping, you are thinking of Ishita. He says I can’t lose Ishimaa, I m feeling guilty. She asks are you mad to think so. She says just pray that she is safe. Bhuvan puts Ishita somewhere and goes. She looks on. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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