Monday Update on True Love 23 March 2020


Monday Update on True Love 23 March 2020

Kajri is coming after finishing her puja when she meets Agarth. He asks about her puja. Today I only wished that somehow he comes back home…before I die. Agarth too wants God to listen to her prayers. I don’t want anything else. Even death fails in front of a chaste wife’s power. My son will definitely return come whatever may. She nods and wipes a tear out of the corner of her eye. She goes from there. Agarth stands helpless / tensed. Don’t know where he would be right now.

2 men are taking a blindfold Nirbhay somewhere. He is shouting at them to release him. Why did you bring me here? One of them has kept a gun on his forehead. Maiyya appears on the scene. The goons laugh irking Nirbhay. He warns them it will cost them heavily if I get free. You brought me here on whose orders? Maiyya tells him on my orders. She makes them remove the blindfold on Nirbhay’s eyes. She also orders them to free his hands and feet. Police is after us. We will have to move him to another place.

I will take you to a place so deep inside the jungle that forget police not even the army would be able to track you down. Today is Teej and your wife kept fast for your long life. Poor girl she doesn’t know your life is in my hands. Nirbhay looks at the men, beats them and grips Maiyya by the neck. He tells the goon not to make any mistake. I can end her in a second’s time (while tightening the grip around her neck). The same way I killed that man in that bar who had identified Akash. And that girl who was about to tell Meethi’s family member everything. I only threw her out of the balcony.

You too will end you just like that. And I will put the blame of your death on Akash. Plus the punishment for this killing would not be less than death. She is struggling for breath. He warns Shambhu (the goon with the gun) not to make the mistake of following him or else you too will lose your life just like her. He leaves from there holding her by the neck. She keeps telling him to leave her and also keeps calling to Shambhu.

Nirbhay pushes her on the ground after reaching somewhere over a bridge. Shambhu and the other guy come running. She instructs them to catch him. Make sure he doesn’t reach home. Nirbhay opens the ropes around his hand while running. Shambhu shoots but Nirbhay ducks in time. He keeps running but collides with a truck and is thrown off the bridge and lands in some river or something. Maiyya looks at all the happening shocked.

Rohini and Surabhi are doing the puja as the moon has come out. Damini comes there. She keeps looking around….for Kanha I think….as the ladies continue with their puja. They are done with their puja. Rohini is about to eat sweet but stops and says he (Pushkar) isn’t here or he would have fed me water with his own hands. She begins eating as she is hungry.

Damini notices the sad face of Surabhi. She leaves from there. Surabhi declines to have anything. Damini comes holding Kanha by his arm. He is protesting but she asks him if he wont feed water to his would be child’s mother. Surabhi tearfully does his aarti after which he makes her drink water. She puts on the veil on her head so as to touch his feet but he backs off. He leaves from there quietly.

Meethi is getting ready in her room. She is having flashbacks of how Akash was hurt, how close they were again while hiding in that truck and how he kept repeating to her to run away while being beaten badly by Bhau and his men. She is startled by a knock on her door. She gets up wiping her tears only to find Akash standing by the door. He is holding the aarti thaal in his hands. He asks if he can come inside. She nods. He stands facing her back. Today is Teej and I think you have kept fast. Only that I don’t know if it is for me or Vishnu.

He comes to stand before her while she lowers her gaze. It is your first Teej after marriage so I hope that this fast is for me only. I just got saved. You gave me life again today. meethi when you go on the terrace to look at the moon I could have come then and there only but I don’t know if you would accept water from me in front of everyone or not. I felt that you would decline that’s why I came here on your room. With a true heart for once tell me there is still something between us right? Why do you feel hurt when you me in pain? There is something. I have grown up watching that a wife’s fast is broken by her husband only. I have come to you with the same hope. He brings the pot of water in front of her mouth to make her drink but she doesn’t open her mouth. read full updates daily with pictures only at He carefully keeps it back in the thaal.

You know a husband gives a gift to his wife on Teej…his wife’s favourite gift. I too have brought something. Keeping the thaal on table he takes out the divorce papers and gets down to signing them. Meethi gets emotional. Akash stops for a second but then composing himself he recalls his wedding day. He signs those papers. She looks away. He holds out the papers in front of her. He smiles sadly…..your gift Meethi. she keeps looking at him. He says I have signed them….from now onwards no one will call you Mrs. Akash Chatterjee. I promised you for 23 days and they are over now. You too will agree to one thing that this time this Akash dint cheat you for the slightest thing. I have fulfilled my promise.

I fulfilled it…take it…your amanat (memento). His hands are shivering holding onto the papers. She doesn’t reply anything just keeps looking the other way. Tadeva lagnam chant plays. He keeps the papers on the table as well. He looks at their signatures for a moment. Folding his hands he excuse himself. Piya plays as she finally turns towards him. He walks out of her room. She has tears welled up in her eyes. He stops at the door. I will miss you very much madam…..very much! He closes his eyes in pain and tears stream down her cheeks as well. He walks away the moment she turns to looks at him. she just watches him walking till he goes out of her sight. Piya continues playing.

She picks up the papers. His words echo in her head as she looks at their signatures. No one will call you as Mrs. Akash Chatterjee from today onwards. She picks up the thaal next as another chant begins playing. She again recalls their close moments when they were hiding in that truck. She has another flashback where the lady told her today being Teej not even death can take away your husband from you. She goes to the window to look at the moon. She does her little puja then and there itself. She recalls Akash’s words. Today is Teej and I think you have kept the fast. She drinks water from the pot all the while thinking about his words. A wife’s fast is opened by her husband only. Finally she breaks into tears.

Akash brings the paper in front of her. no one will call you as Mrs. Akash Chatterjee. Take this….your amanat. He keeps the papers on the table as well with Tadeva Lagnam chant playing in the background. He stops for a moment by the ddor. I will miss you very much….madam! She turns and watches him disappear from the corridor. Meethi picks up the papers (Piya moment).

She picks up the thaal next as another chant begins playing. She goes to the window to look at the moon. She does her little puja then and there itself. She recalls Akash’s words. Today is Teej and I think you have kept the fast. She drinks water from the pot all the while thinking about his words. A wife’s fast is opened by her husband only. Finally she breaks into tears. I am all broken now. My heart says he is true, his love is true.

How would I be able to forget the 23 days I spent with you in your home and these 23 days? I am about to start a new relationship with Vishnu but would I be able to live a real relation with him? Would I be honest? Anni’s happiness, everyone’s happiness lies in the fact that I forget Akash. But how? How would I be able to forget him? I will never be able to forget him…never! I love you a lot Akash. I would never forget you. What do I do?

Scene shifts to Mukku who is looking at the moon (with the thaal in her hand). Vishnu comes there and she smiles looking at him. She does her puja while looking at his reflection in the mirror. Sweet background music starts playing. She drinks water while looking at the mirror. He calls out to her and she immediately turns. He is about to say something when Akash interrupts. Please come in the hall I want to say something in front of everyone. Saying so, he leaves followed by Mukku. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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