Monday Update on True Love 29th June 2020


Monday Update on True Love 29th June 2020

Mukta happily shows Meethi and Vishnu their bedroom. She points out at one cupboard, one bed and one quilt as they are one only. Anyways I should leave from here. I forgot to tell you one thing though…the calendar is there. Remember there are only four days left. Keep looking at how the dates of the calendar keep getting changed. Vishnu is tensed looking at it. Fate doesn’t change by cutting out dates.

Jogi, Kanha, Meethi and Vishnu are seated for dinner. Rathore comes there. He says Mukta wants to tell you all something. Mukta is holding the wedding card in her hand. Everyone else joins them too. Mukta tells them that she has taken a decision. I want to get married. Tappu, Meethi and Vishnu are shocked while all the others are happy. jogi asks her who she wants to get married to. Mukta takes Aakash’s name. This shocks every single person present there.

Jogi doesn’t like it. Rathore puts his arm around Mukta so as to lend her support. Tappu asks her about the groom again. Mukta repeats herself. Jogi asks her if she is in her senses. Mukta nods. I have thought well and then have come to this decision. He wants to know the reason. She says I love him. Everyone is super shocked. Damini cannot believe it. We never felt like this that you can love him. You know his family background right? They had made Meethi’s life hell. Plus you forgot what all happened with your father because of them? He is still after Meethi even though she is married now. No, he isn’t the right guy for you. You cannot marry him. rathore interrupts.

Forgive me Ammo. This decision of Mukta is for a man not towards his family or his background. If this is her decision hen I am with her. They are all the more shocked to see Rathore supporting Mukta. Tappu too is upset. Marriage isn’t a game. You think well before you take this step. He agrees. I am saying that only. She is not a kid anymore. She can take her own decisions and the responsibility too. I am with her in this decision as she is happy with it.

If she is happy then we should all be happy. meethi wants to say something but Vishnu stops her by holding her hand which Mukta notices. He removes his hand. Mukta shows the wedding invite to Jogi. Another shocker for everyone. A chant begins playing as Tappu reads the names written on the cards. Mukku tells them that the wedding is after 3 days. (someone look at Nani please lol) They are all rendered speechless. She wants them to bless them. Tappu leaves from there and so does everyone else. Rathore says, we are lying to the elders of the house. Maybe we will hurt them too but this all is important to solve this riddle. She nods. Everything will be fine.

Ekadish comes to Bundela House with her sisters. Kasha kaka opens the door for them and asks them as to who they are. She doesn’t answer nicely and walks inside calling out for Aakash. They are happy as he comes down to meet them. He asks her what she is doing here. She says you aren’t happy to see your mom here instead you are asking me why I am here. We searched so much and then found this home. Now we will stay here only with you. Aakash sends kaka inside. He tells his Maiyya she cannot stay here. Go back. Gomti tells her to remember what all she has done for him. He nods. She did everything she could to make my and Meethi’s life hell. Pavitra asks him if she dint help Rathore. He agrees. Got him jailed. Gomti asks him if he dint think as to who got him out on bail. Aakash is shocked.

Pavitra takes Maiyya’s side. She forgave Rathore for your sake after which she went home and told bhaiya that we dint even get his grandson. We finally came here for you. Aakash is moved. Gomti says you are a man you wont understand a mom’s heart. Maiyya tells them to let it be. He dint even welcome his mom plus sent his servant inside. Keep the luggage inside. Her sisters go inside to settle in their rooms. Maiyya asks him if he will allow her to stay with him for one night. I shall share a meal with you after which (I will leave). She too goes inside. Aakash wonders if Maiyya is telling the truth or she has something planned again. I cannot send her out. I am not able to understand what the reality is.

Tappu recalls Mukta’s decision. Damini is tensed over what she had seen in Bundela House; the wedding is after 3 days. It is madness…all wrong. Tappu agrees with her. I wont let it happen ever. Damini cannot understand why Rathore has agreed for it. He was the one who wanted to give another chance to Meethi and Aakash’s relation after their divorce. He only got Aakash bailed and when Aakash had put 23 days condition then he was the only one who had taken Aakash’s side. Why is he agreeing for it? Plus Mukta was acting weird. That day when Meethi and Vishnu had come home…flashback is shown where Damini gushes over the fact that Meethi is lucky to have Vishnu as her husband and Mukta has just run away.

I think Aakash is behind this. He is some madness over him. I have seen it. Plus I saw the same madness in Mukta’s eyes today. tappu recalls how she was crazy for Veer and had asked Iccha to give Veer to her. damini says the man who can decorate his whole room with Meethi’s pictures….who can buy half of the Bundela House to stay near Meethi….how can he love Mukta? You make her understand. He doesn’t love Mukta. He is doing all this to take revenge from Meethi. Her life will be ruined. This wedding cannot happen. Tappu assures her it wont happen. I wont let it happen ever.

Rathore is talking to someone on phone over Mukta’s wedding when Tappu comes to him wanting to talk. He ends the call. He doesn’t want to talk over anything if it concerns Mukta’s decision about marrying Aakash. She nods. I have come to talk about that only. Go to her and tell her nothing like that can happen. He very sweetly says who am I to stop someone it’s His (God’s) department. It is up to him not me…who he wants to be together. They both are anyways grown up and intelligent. They love each other and it is their decision. She negates.

Mukta is still immature. You very well know they don’t love each other. He interrupts her. This is complicated. Nobody knows who loves whom. She tells him that Vishnu married Meethi and they both are happy now. mukta doesn’t love Aakash. And you want her to marry guy who has no future. He jokes that he isn’t an astrologer. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future? She is confused. He says I have a feeling that whatever will happen….will be for good. She gives up and leaves. He smiles….she looks cute when she is angry.

Meethi has come to meet Aakash. He pulls her leg. You have called me on an isolated place for our date today plus Vishnu isn’t with you too. Its good. I knew it was going to happen but dint knew that it would all happen so soon. She is angry with him. You are doing all this to teach me a lesson right? You want to increase my problems right? He comments now I know why I am so madly in love with you. You understand everything without my even saying it. Ok maybe I might be doing that only but I don’t understand why my doing anything is affecting you. I am out of your life. Plus you too want me to be happy then why are you feeling pain?

Mukta too is talking with Vishnu. You shouldn’t worry over it! Now when you are living your marriage then I can choose anyone. You should only watch it from far and keep living your life with morals.

Aakash jokes…are you feeling sad that now I would stop following you. Maybe you don’t want me to go out of your life. She calls him mad. I am sad that Mukta is with you in this. You only would have taught her to hurt Vishnu and you will hurt me. But you know what no one will be happy from this. Neither you nor Mukta nor anyone else as the biggest lie of your relation is that you both love each other.

Mukta accepts in front of Vishnu that she lied to everyone that she loves Aakash as she is tired telling him the truth all the time. I am tired living with this hope that you will confess in front of everyone. You have only 2 days left now. Either you tell everyone the truth or you can watch me getting married with Aakash. He is shocked.

Aakash remarks you are talking about love. You both are married right? You both are husband and wife and yet you both sleep in separate rooms. There is no love at all. You have to keep this wedding going as someone loves their morals and someone cannot let go of the promise. You only told me that even if Mukta and Vishnu get together you wont come back to me ever. I can marry whoever I want to and do whatever I want to why are you so bothered about it. He hands her the wedding invite…from me and my would be wife….please come with Mr.Kashyap. The wedding will be incomplete without you. We both were there too. We would like it very much. She throws it away saying this isn’t necessary. A chant plays. Meethi says this wedding wont happen. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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