Tuesday Update on Young Love 24 March 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 24 March 2020

Kamli picks up a shard of broken glass , she stares at it and is about to slit her wrist , Nandani is coming to her room hiding something in her scarf . Kamli cries and freezes in the wrist-slitting pose .

Nandani comes inside , she sees Kamli and drops the item she was catching . She panics and tries stopping Kamli who says her not to and says they will never let her unite with Gopal .

Nandani gives her promise and says Gopal is coming to meet you tonight . She says how she was going to give her this letter but HK stopped her . Nandani cries and says she prayed to Kanha Ji (KJ) to help but why all this is happening . They both cry and hug each other .

Kamli says that Nandani did a big favor on her which even her own people wont do for her . Nandani says she is here for her . Kamli asks how Gopal can come and meet her as she is not allowed to go out and its impossible for Gopal to come here amongst all . Nandani says she will take care of it as she will be awake tonight .

BH , M’s room :-

M studies Physics and thinks about hanky scene *FB shown* , he sees Puja there and exclaims when did you come here ? Its revealed that he was imagining all this . He thinks what’s happening to me ? I should concentrate on studies .

Finally he decides to talk to Puja so he can study later , the phone in his room is dead . He goes out but DS is there . DS asks what he is doing here ?
M says he is here for a walk as he is feeling heavy .

M comes downstairs and asks DS isn’t she feeling sleepy ? DS says yeah but the house work is important too . M nods and starts pacing around . M thinks now DS wont go from here soon , now how can I say that I love her .

M realizes what he said , he thinks do I love her ? He actually murmurs this , DS asks him what happened . M says its just hiccups , he drinks water . DS thinks he is being weird .

DS says she is feeling sleeping so she is going , he goes . M then picks the phone but decides not to . His mind is having an internal fight .

AS room (A-Shivam room) :-

Shivam is playing a video game , A tells him its time to sleep , Shivam requests her to let him play for some more time , A refuses but Shivam budges . Then DS comes and says it seems the game is awesome . He says the game is really the best and he is on 3rd level on .

DS asks him to show , he does . DS asks him how to use it ? Shivam helps her and DS says she wants to take it with her to her room to play . A understands DS’s intention , they exchange smiles . Shivam agrees and DS goes .

Nandani’s room :-

Its a stormy night , Nandani looks outside and thinks what will happen if Gopal bhaiya fails to come ? What will I answer to Kamli jiji ? She hopes that he comes .

The maid comes and asks her what’s she doing there ? She tells Nandani to close the window and go to bed . Nandani says she will sleep when she feels sleepy . The maid forces her to bed and tells her to close her eyes .

Kamli’s room & outside :-

Kamli thinks will he manage to come ? She looks outside , Gopal is shown outside . She thinks about AK’s decision to marry her off to that house . Kamli goes to the window and sees Gopal . Lamhe song is played

They gaze at each other . Kamli cries and says my dad is marrying me off to someone else , I will die . He says he won’t let it happen and offers to come inside , Kamli tells him not to as AK will kill him if he is caught . Gopal still insists and Kamli agrees .

She guides him to climb through a ladder near a gutter and come to her room through the ladder . Kamli starts writing and throws the paper at Gopal . Gopal reads it , Kamli starts crying and Gopal goes .

Gopal finds the ladder , he starts climbing , Kamli checks his whereabouts . Gopal reaches the terrace and tiptoes his way down . Kamli is waiting for him . He sees the letter , which is actually a map drawn by Kamli , for instructions and he continues

Kundan’s room :-

Kundan gets dreams of the moments when he tries to get close to Nandani , he even remembers the forest scene *FBs are shown* . Kundan thinks to himself “Be a man and fear none”. (Sorry if I get it wrong) He goes out . Its known that Gopal reached outside AK’s room who just opened his eyes. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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