Tuesday Update on Young Love 29th June 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 29th June 2020

Anandi informing Kishore about the villages which needs to be educated. Kishore chooses Jhalra village and tells that his mama stays there so he can concentrate on teaching students without worrying about his stay expenses. Anandi talks to Jagya about Kishore. Jagya asks him to approach Akhiraj Singh. Nimboli thinks Kundan might not have written the speech. Harki scolds her and asks her to work in kitchen. Nimboli asks shall I go with Urmila to her house.

Harki refuses. Kundan reads the speech and it turns out to be disaster. Kishore comes and laughs hearing his speech. Akhiraj asks who are you? Kishore’s mama introduces him. Kishore tells that Jagya sent him. Akhiraj smiles and asks him to help with the speech. Akhiraj says he has to leave in sometime. Nimboli asks can I come? Akhiraj sees Kishore and says yes you can come. Kundan asks shall I read the speech. Akhiraj says no. Disa thinks something is going on Akhiraj’s mind as he agreed to take Nimboli with him.

Anandi calls Nidhi’s parents. Pushpa asks Anandi who gave you right to interfere in our personal matter. She says I already warned you to stay away. Why did you call me here. Nidhi’s dad says it is called humanity and she cares for our daughter. Pushpa says it doesn’t suit you, and you should not speak about it. Anandi says it is enough now. Pushpa asks him to live and let live, and let the divorce happen. She asks Anandi not to interfere else she will file harassment case against her. She leaves. Nidhi cries badly seeing her parents fight.


Akhiraj starts giving speech and says child marriages, dowry and child education is an issues which happens in our happens. He tells that if he wins in the election then he will work for the people of Jhalra, and asks them to give him a chance. He says he will die for the people if gets a chance as he believes in work and not in sayings. He announces to open a school in the village. Kundan asks Harki, what will people say that I am in same class since 3 years.

Harki says your dad will make you teacher in this school. Akhiraj says everyone can study here irrespective of their status and caste. He introduces Kishore and says he will run this school. He asks the villagers to give him a land to open a school. One of the villager Maan Singh agrees to give the land for school. Akhiraj thanks him. He asks who will be the first student to get admitted in the school. Nimboli says she will take. Akhiraj without seeing her, asks everyone to welcome her. He gets stunned.

Dhani Ram asks will you give admission to your bahu or not? Akhiraj says yes. Akhiraj says sure. He says a man is the one who does the work. He says he will start educating girls from the girls. He says Nimboli is the first child to get admission in my school. Nimboli is happy. Everyone claps. Akhiraj looks at Dhani Ram. Nimboli thinks about Anandi’s words asking her about the shop’s name, and asks her to study. Nimboli thinks she would be happy if she shares this news with Anandi.

Shankar informing his wife and Kamli that he filed a complaint in the police station against his greedy relatives. Kamli asks who are they? Shankar says they are his relatives and want his property thinking Pushkar is innocent and mad. He says he won’t let Pushkar’s property go in any wrong hands. He gives POA to Kamli and asks her to take care of his property even if he dies. Kamli asks him not to say that as she got parents’ love for first time. Shankar says he will not say again and asks him to accept POA. Kamli takes it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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