Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 3rd October 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 3rd October 2020

Rajdeep throws the matchstick. Nandini screams but Rajdeep steps over it. He tells Nandini he won’t kill her so easily, else people would claim that Kunal’s lover died. After sometime, people would begin calling her as Rajdeep’s wife. He goes away.
Mamma comes to Mauli who sat on the floor, her head in her hands while broken mirror lying nearby. Dida apologizes Mauli for being mean, but she wish to watch them together. She and Mamma request Mauli to tell Kunal about their child. There was a door bell, they hear Pramilla welcome Kunal.
Rajdeep returns to Nandini with a pack of red bridal attire and ornamentation. He asks Nandini to wear this.

Kunal runs to his room and looks in the wardrobe hurriedly. He finds Mauli standing in his room but doesn’t speak and leaves instead. Dida sends Mauli behind Kunal to tell him about the child. Mamma also makes Mauli go behind him.
Nandini shouts for help. Rajdeep laughs that there’s a lot, snakes, rats and other reptiles. It’s a deserted place, none is around. He looks towards her and says she looks most beautiful when she is Nandini Rajdeep Thakur. He reminds how she wore red dress when she came to his house for the first time. Nandini continue to resist while Rajdeep forces the bangles around her wrist and drapes her with red dress. He place a ‘bindi’, lipstick and sindoor in her hairline. He then sits intently looking at her with a smile and complements that she looks like his wife now. Mauli follows Kunal’s car. She wonders where is he rushed towards.

Rajdeep says Nandini must live like this. She came to his house in this dress, now she will depart in the same dress. She is lucky to die a married woman’s death, then clicks a selfie with Nandini.

Nandini walks into the go down’s hall dressed up in the bridal dress. Rajdeep wonders how someone can look so beautiful before dying. He says now she will die as Mrs. Rajdeep Thakur. She will always be his, as they are connected at heart. Nandini clarifies that making her wear red dress or sindoor doesn’t make them husband-wife. Kunal won her heart through love and respect, she will die remembering Kunal only. Rajdeep holds a rope to tie Nandini with a wall. Nandini stood calmly. Rajdeep spills kerosene in a circle around the wall and Nandini.
Mauli reaches behind Kunal.

Rajdeep boasts that Nandini’s death certificate will have the name, Mrs. Nandini Rajdeep Thakur. He lights a matchstick. The fire encircles Nandini.
Rajdeep plays music on his cell phone and begins swirling over the tone. Nandini closed her eyes thinking about Kunal and herself.
Kunal spot Rajdeep’s car and thinks he knew already that Rajdeep must be aware of this shut down medicine factory. Mauli’s car stops right behind Kunal’s. Kunal hurries into the factory and was shocked to see Nandini. Rajdeep and Kunal come for a confrontation. Nandini shout for Kunal’s help. Kunal holds an iron rod lying nearby and tries to save Nandini. The fire had fiercely spread around. Kunal finds a shawl nearby and tries to put the fire off. Rajdeep loaded his revolver and took Kunal’s aim.

Rajdeep took an aim of Kunal with his revolver. Mauli comes inside to save Kunal by shooting something at him. Kunal was shocked to see Mauli but moves ahead to save Nandini. Mauli watch his concern for Nandini as he cares for her and carries her out of the fire ring. He pays no heed to Mauli and instead continue his attempts to wake Nandini up. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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