Teusday Update on True Love 11th August 2020


Teusday Update on True Love 11th August 2020

Akash starts coughing badly. She offers to go get water but he stops her. I will get it meanwhile you can rest. He makes her lie down and goes to get water. Akash switches on the ceiling fan before he goes and is happy to see her resting.

The ceiling fan is making a lot of noise. Meethi also hears some other noise and is startled. Where’s this voice coming from? She looks around to see but is not able to point it out. The wind starts blowing and the candle blows out. Meethi sits up on the bed. She is taken aback to see that the diya under her mom’s picture has blown off. The ceiling fan’s wire is loosening. It touches the bed just as Meethi gets up to go check on the diya. Meethi turns and is shocked to see the fan. Meethi trembles as she looks at the fan that has landed on her bed.

Akash comes back and is shocked to see it. Meethi runs to him and he hugs her. are you all right? She nods. This would have fell on me otherwise. He cannot understand how it became so loose. She tells him it has been done on purpose. Ambika comes there pretending to be concerned for Meethi. She looks at the fan and asks Meethi if she is fine. Meethi affirms. Like always God saved me this time too or I would have died in Shimla too. Akash asks her about what she just said. Was this done on purpose? She nods. Or you only think how this can happen all of a sudden and the rest of the incidents that happened in Shimla? She shows him her phone which contains his messages when he was out driving in dense fog on the night of accident. How is this possible when you dint have your phone? Akash remembers how afterwards they discussed about these messages.

She also tells him that she found the phone in someone’s room when they returned from Shimla. Not only me but Ambika too has seen it. Ambika agrees. I only asked Meethi not to tell you. Akash cannot understand what’s happening. Tell me clearly. Meethi is at a loss of words. I don’t know how to hide truth from you. Ambika says truth is bitter but it must be told. Tell him today. meethi tells Akash that Maiyya is behind all this. I have heard her talking to Gomti Massi. Ambika sides with her. MIL had called for electrician today too. Meethi points out that Maiyya had sent him to check the geyser in their bathroom when he had just returned from office.

Ambika smiles. Meethi is sure only that electrician would have loosened the screws of this fan or how can this fall on its own. Akash looks at the holder above. meethi says I don’t understand anything. I love you and we both are each other’s lives. I want to live happily, peacefully with you. I don’t want all this. I cant play all these games neither can I bear all this. Thank God that you weren’t here instead of me. I cannot even imagine what if something would have happened to you. Akash walks out in a huff muttering Maiyya under his breath while Meethi follows her. ambika is happy. MIL’s return ticket to Aatishgarh is definite today. now I will sleep peacefully.

Rathore plays a cassette in recorder as he sits down with a drink for himself. It has a recording of his and Malvika. He is requesting her to sing that same song for its his birthday. He is smiling as he listens to her singing. He remembers Ambika singing the same song in the party. Malvika too had stopped at the same point while singing. She declines to sing and asks for her return gift, the bangles that she had asked for. he gets lost in the memories of his wedding day. How thankful he was to God for bringing her in his life. He had gifted her very beautiful pair of toe rings and how happy they were together. Flashback ends.

Maiyya is all set to sleep when Akash comes. He keeps glaring at her from far. Till when will you play this game of showing fake love? I have understood all your moves. I have understood that you cannot see me happy. The accident in Shimla wasn’t a coincidence. You sent Meethi a message from my mobile so that she comes out in dense fog so that you can kill her. When this dint work out then you called for an electrician today and got my ceiling fan fixed so that it falls on Meethi and she dies of the hurt. What do you want?

Maiyya declines doing anything. He doesn’t believe her. stop all this and stop lying. I trusted you when you said you forgot everything. It is my mistake that I forgot that you can go to any lengths to hurt Meethi. This hatred is the sole aim of your life. Maiyya asks him to calm down first and then talk to her. you are speaking nonsense. Whatever I do, I do it openly. I am very straightforward and clear in what I have to do. Akash is about to say something when Meethi comes there. Meethi requests him to calm down. I don’t want any fight between a mother and a son. Maiyya asks her not to do any drama. You said all this against me in him. I don’t know what’s going on in your mind but I can tell you a truth.

Maiyya says whatever your wife is telling you is wrong / a lie. Meethi says I very well know and have understood as well that you would never accept me as your DIL as you hate me. but I and Akash love each other a lot. We wont be able to live without one another. I request you not to separate us from each other. Maiyya cannot understand what she has done. Akash tells Meethi to let it be. Saying truth isn’t Maiyya’s cup of tea. You (Maiyya) stay here in this house and plot as much as you want to. I and Meethi will leave from here. I cannot put Meethi’s life in risk anymore. Maiyya is shocked / hurt. Akash holds Meethi’s hand and walks out of the room. Maiyya looks angry / frustrated.

Vishnu is hurt / troubled as he recalls Yuvi’s words and the girlfriend instance. Mukku keeps the gift box on table and goes to talk to Vishnu. she hugs him from behind but he removes her hands away from him. He tells her off very rudely. She cannot understand why he is behaving like an insecure teenager? He (Yuvi) is only my boss. We don’t share any other relation with him. I had declined for the gift you only said yes. He fights with her on this too. I agreed and you decided to keep it? You are a typical faithful wife who always follows what her husband says.

You dint want it, right? He apologizes for hurting her….if he has hurt her! She affirms that she has indeed been hurt by his behaviour. What if your boss would come home tomorrow? What if it was some Yuvati instead of Yuvaan…I would have behaved the same way with her. He throws away the stuff kept on the dressing table in frustration. He is not just your boss but your boyfriend and you are his girlfriend. Mukku is shocked. He says you won’t understand it what it feels when a man who cannot afford to take his wife in nice hotels for dinner and buy her expensive gifts; throws parties like Akash; gets expensive dresses as gifts in instalments feels like.

That day as I was feeling bad so you dint wear that dress. Today you wouldn’t wear this necklace for my sake. Ask yourself once, when you would be alone in this home then would you not feeling like wearing that necklace and see yourself in the mirror? She looks angry. Tell me the truth. I can take it. She declines. I would return it tomorrow only. He is sure she wouldn’t be able to do it. What else would you return? Dress, salary, promotion, incentives, what all would you return? There might be a brand new car standing outside the house next month…a new gift on instalments as you are the secretary of such a big CEO.

You will use car only to maintain your image. Auto or bus wouldn’t suit you. You understand you are making me look small in my own eyes. She cannot take it anymore. It isn’t important for me what he is doing for me or gifting me. for me it is important how you are behaving with me that too for no reason. is there any importance for our relation in your eyes? He declines outright. Ask this question to yourself. Today my gifts have been replaced by his, tomorrow he can take my place. How much time does it take after all? Mukku is super shocked by his words. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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