Thursday Update on Complicated Love 10th September 2020


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 10th September 2020

Mauli was irked and comes to the room calling police. Kunal convinces Mauli that Dida and Mama’s attitude isn’t favorable, they won’t bear the police coming home. Mauli was upset that its Nandini’s first night in the house and she must be so upset. She decides to sleep with Nandini tonight. Kunal was emotional that her friend had snatched her from him, but understands she better sleep with Nandini tonight.
Mauli comes to Nandini’s room. She saw awake in bed.

Mauli joins her in the bed and reminds her when they were in fourth standard and her parents left her at their house. They planned to do a lot at night but how were they caught. Nandini remembers they were caught snoring, and says childhood was easy. They could sleep well. Now they spend nights without any signs of sleep. Mauli says childhood was good, they dreamt at least. Nandini says Mauli’s dream was to become a doctor and she is a good doctor now. But her only wish was to be a good wife, she couldn’t be one. Mauli wipes her tears and says Nandini will surely get more chances in her life.

The next morning, the ladies were asleep. Kunal comes in with tea for them. He opens the curtains of the room and calls the ladies to wake up. Nandini sits up at once. Mauli says she only wakes up with the sip of tea from Kunal. Nandini recalls how Rajdeep used to harass her over the morning tea. She trembles at once. Mauli and Kunal asks what happened. Kunal at once points towards the rising morning which is a new day. He presents a yellow flower to Nandini, she questions if it’s for her? Mauli calls her a lucky girl and encourages her to take it. She then asks Kunal to give hers and points towards the rose he had hidden behind the collar. Kunal leaves to prepare breakfast. Mauli instructs her not to burn it today. While they sip tea, Mauli tells Nandini to spit it, she knows it’s not easy to sip the sugary tea Kunal makes. She only have it out of Kunal’s love.

In the kitchen, Kunal convince the ladies that this is Mauli’s house as well. Mauli has done so much for them after all, they can make a little space for her friend in the house. He gets a call and was excited to hear the news.


Mauli arrives at the hospital. She enters the office and finds the family and staff inside. They wish Mauli for completing her 100 surgeries. Mauli takes Dida’s blessings. Kunal gives a speech for Mauli. He never considered Mauli could be such a big doctor. She was a good girlfriend but became a better wife, and daughter in law. Mauli was also thankful of everyone including family and the staff. She cuts the cake. The staff demands a party. Kunal promises a party tonight at their house. Mauli takes Kunal outside and convinces him that Nandini has been suffering a lot these days, she lost her child and her family; how can they celebrate.

Kunal assures Mauli he is with her. Nandini heard this conversation from the other side of the door. Kunal comes inside and apologizes everyone promising to arrange the party after a few days, somewhere outside. Nandini asks why not today? She asks for Dida and Mamma’s permission to arrange a party at their place and counts what arrangements she can make. Kunal supports Nandini and assures she will get whatever she would want. He announces the party is on. Mauli was upset but Kunal assures Nandini will have a spread smile on her face till evening. Mauli looks towards Nandini then asks what if it goes wrong? Kunal reminds his track record of bringing smiles on girl’s faces.

Rajdeep hears the news of celebrations. It was Makhija on the other side. Rajdeep says he must turn the celebrations into sufferings and suggests Makhija to go to the party, his favorite item Nandini Rajdeep Thakur will also be there. Makhija was furious at the mention of name. Rajdeep says Nandini and Mauli are childhood friends. Rajdeep says people fast only to get great meals. He thinks about a mischief and discuss the idea with Makhija. Makhija was afraid of being disgraced by his wife. Rajdeep says Nandini doesn’t have the confidence to speak up, else he wouldn’t have been here today. Makhija agrees at the plan. Rajdeep thinks now Mauli will know what disgrace means. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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