Thursday Update on Young Love 10th September 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 10th September 2020

Jagya saying he has informed Police. Dadisaa says Nimboli’s life is in danger. Shivam says I was about to be killed and was saved. He says you are caring for Nimboli and not me….says he hates Nimboli and goes. Nimboli hugs Mangla and cries. Anandi goes to Shivam and says we all love and cares for you. She says you are very brave and told us about Sarita’s whereabout. She says everyone is praising your bravery. Shivam says everyone is caring for Nimboli. Anandi says they are worried thinking what would have happen if Nimboli was on his place. Shivam says he wants to become like his Papa after growing up. Anandi says yes and says your Papa will feel proud.

Nimboli asks Mangla, why the goons want to kill her, and why did Shivam get angry on her. She says did I send those goons? I didn’t do any mistake. Mangla says they are rich and don’t care for us. She pretends to worry for her and says she will be always with her as she can’t trust outsiders (Anandi and family).

Kundan comes to Akhiraj and tells about his defeat. Akhiraj gets angry and says you have gone on your mother. Kundan says he will not do mistake again. Akhiraj says you won’t do anything now, and I will do whatever shall be done.


Mangla gives milk to Nimboli and asks what she is reading. Nimboli shows the comic book and says it is very good to see. Mangla says yes, and asks her to finish milk. Anandi comes to room and asks if likes comic book. She says once you can read, then it will be more enjoyable. Mangla comes. Nimboli says she will try to read and asks her to try and read. Mangla tells Nimboli’s eyes will be strained if she learns so much. Anandi says nothing will happen to her. Anandi teaches her. Mangla is angry.

Akhiraj tells Badri that Kundan couldn’t take advantage of Gajraj’s help. He asks Badri to apologize to Gajraj on his behalf. He says he heard jailer talking to someone about the wall brokening. He says they are calling contractors, and plan to elope from the weak wall. They check the wall and find the weak place of the wall. Akhiraj says I am coming to you Jagdish Singh to take revenge.

Mangla calls Kamli and tells that Shivam was saved and the kidnapper wanted to kidnap Nimboli. Kamli says he might be tensed. Mangla says everyone is blaming Nimboli and is after her. They said that Nimboli is responsible for Shivam’s kidnapping and says Nimboli was crying a lot. Kamli says when they don’t love her, then why don’t they stop you. She asks her to come to Jhalra. Mangla thinks they can’t let Nimboli come with me. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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