Thursday Update on Young Love 19th November 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 19th November 2020

Nandini talking to her colleagues and asks if they became doctor for a good pay slip. Her colleague says Dr. Amit will choose whom will be known. Dhruv calls on his mobile and thinks the girl has a crush on him, and have stolen his phone to meet her. A young woman brings her injured brother to hospital and asks Nandini to save her brothr. Dr. Amit tells that they need to operate on the patient and asks nandini to assit him. Nandini gets happy.

Nurse tells Nandini that patients are treated as God here and feel safe in old nurses hands rather than new doctor. She asks her to remember this and feel herself lucky to be chosen by Dr. Amit for assistance. Dr. Nandini is going inside the OT. Patient’s sister asks nandini to save her brother and says if anything happens to him then what will I answer to my dead mum. Nandini recalls promising Anandi to take care of Shivam.

A fb is shown. Anandi asks Nandini to take care of Shivam being elder than him. fb ends. Nandini asks her not to worry and says your brother just have a small tumor and asks her to wait for her brother. The patient’s sister thanks her.

Nandini prays for the patient and goes inside. Dr. Amit is seen doing the operation with Nandini. Dr. Amit tells Nandini that patient is out of danger and asks her to go. Nandini informs Patient’s sister that her brother is out of fine now. Patient’s sister thanks her, family and brother. Nandini gets touched. She goes inside the OT. Dr. Amit says Patient’s condition is deteriorating and asks Nandini to do code blue.

Nandini imagines Shivam on Patient’s bed. Dr. Amit asks Nandini to do it. Nandini tries to save the patient, but he dies eventually. She is shocked. Dr. Amit says he is dead. Nandini says clot was removed naa. Dr. Amit asks her to behave like a doctor and says although we have taken out the clot, but there was a internal bleeding. We couldn’t save him. Nurse asks Nandini to inform Patient’s family. Nandini is shocked. She goes out.

Patient’s sister asks Nandini about her brother. Nandini with teary eyes tells that they couldn’t save her brother because of internal bleeding and apologizes. Patient’s sister slaps her and says he was my brother. Nandini’s colleagues gossip about her. Patient’s sister asks Nandini, why did you give me fake hope. Nandini says we tried, but…..Patient’s sister cries.

Amit says sorry. Patient’s sister says you couldn’t save a life, although you have good machines and big hospital. She says why you will understand a sister’s love. She says Doctor don’t have any emotions or heart. She says you don’t have a brother, I know. Nandini is shocked and goes cryingly. Dr. Amit follows her. Nandini cries thinking about her words.

Dr. Amit comes to her and says Doctors are not God. we don’t give any surity to Patient’s family that we will save the life. He says you gave hope to patient’s sister on your first day and says you did a mistake. Nandini says I don’t deserve to be a doctor and says I will resign today. Dr. Amit asks what did you say? He sas I was trying to teach you how to handle yourself, and says you are leaving. He says weak doctors don’t have a place in our hospital. He says whatever you are doing right now is a failure and thanks her for leaving the hospital. He asks her to leave. Nandini goes cryingly. Dr. Amit’s dad asks him to come to his cabin now and talk. Nandini recalls promising to Anandi’s pic and looks shattered. Her colleagues come and laugh on her. She opens the locker and gets the diary. She happens to see an inspiring message in the diary and asks who are you? Will we meet some day. Hero reads tarot message and says someone special is going to meet me. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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