Thursday Update on Young Love 27 February 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 27 February 2020

Kundan’s sister combing her hairs. A boy throws stone on her room while sitting on the tree branches. She turns and sees him. She smiles as she enjoys the attention. He continues to throw the stone. She comes to the window and asks what happened? Why did you come now. He apologizes to her for not coming during holi celebrations. She says she can’t come to meet him and asks him to get down the tree. She promises to meet him tomorrow. He gets down the tree.

Akhira Singh talks to someone. He says he can’t bend rules for one person. Akhira singh offers him money. He checks in the papers. Akhira Singh’s hearless wife comes and asks him to bring ghee as she has to make laddoos for Kundan. She also complains that Nimboli had all the laddoos. Akhira Singh reminds her that Rana sa has come and asks her to bring lassi. Rana Sa asks him about Nimboli. Akhira Singh tells him that Nimboli is his bahu. She is quite mischievious, but good. Rana Sa takes the bribe.

Akhira Singh’s wife comes again while he signs her to go. Akhira Singh gives the lassi to Rana Sa. He comes to the kitchen and asks what is the matter. She complains about Nimboli eating all the laddoos. He slaps her and says you are stupid. He tells her that Rana Sa is a govt officer and can’t bear anything wrong happen with children and women. If he gets to know how we behave Nimboli then it will be a problematic. Kundan comes and sees them fighting. Akhira Singh asks her to be in her limits and bring water. He sees Kundan and tells that he will bring ghree. Kundan asks him to give money. Akhira Singh gives 500 Rs. Kundan thanks him.

Anandi teaches karate to kids and tells them about self defence if someone attacks them. Just then a peon comes and tells about Shishodhya’s call. Anandi asks all her students to learn from Pooja and Bindiya. They teach kick practice. Bindiya’s tausa comes and slaps him. She asks what did I do? Her Tausa asks her to come silently else he will drag her. Kundan asks Nimboli to clean his shoes.

He asks her to polish her shoes in 2 mins else he will slap her. Nimboli polishes his shoes and says he is studying in the same class since many years and needs to polish his brain. She gives shoes and runs. Anandi talks to Shishodhya and says they have to cancel the order if didn’t get deliver on time. The peon comes and tells her that Vidya’s tausa creating drama outside. Anandi comes and asks him to leave Vidya’s hairs. She asks how dare you behave like this. Dadisaa comes. Vidya says she don’t want to leave. Her Tausa says he has full right to take her. Vidya cries. Tausa says you will not stay here. Anandi asks why you want to take her. He says you are teaching all this to girls. They have to become a good housewife. He raises his hand on Vidya. Anandi stops his hand and warns him not to do it again. He talks against Anandi. Vidya says she will go. Anandi says it doesn’t matter to me. Vidya asks her to let her go and gives her promise. Anandi is shocked. Her tausa takes her while she cries. Anandi looks on.

Akhira Singh’s wife stops Nimboli and asks who will take Kundan’s bag to school. Whether your mum will take it? Nimboli says how can she take. Her address is unknown. Akhira Singh’s wife gets irked and raises her hand to slap her. Disa comes and asks her not to raise hand on Nimboli. She says I will take Kundan’s bag. Akhira Singh asks her not to bend the rules. Kundan comes and throws his heavy school bags on Nimboli. She picks it up and leaves.

Ganga tells Jagya that she needs his signatures on some documents. Jagya signs it without reading. Ganga asks him to check. Jagya says it might be okay as you have checked. Ganga insists him to check. Jagya says it is not needed as you checked already. She serves him tea. Jagya gets a phone call. He tells Ganga that patient is waiting for you. Ganga turns to go and thinks he used to tell her best of luck before she goes to operate, but now…… She gets upset. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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