Thursday Update on Young Love 6th August 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 6th August 2020

Disa telling Anandi that a child is like blank paper, and if one thing is written on it then the matter can’t be changed, but the paper will be torn. Jagya says it is enough and asks Anandi to come. Disa folds her hand and says it was my duty to make you explain. I will be happy if she accepts you as mum. She says before telling her anything, ask her if she wants to meet her mum or not. Anandi is shocked. Dadisaa is sitting in the inhouse temple. Ganga asks her to light the lamp and says Anandi went to bring Nandini. Dadisaa says I will light the lamp when she comes home. She says this lamp will be lighted only when Nandini returns home and Anandi gives me good news. Anandi runs to Nimboli. Nimboli is busy dancing. Anandi gets emotional and cries looking at her. Rajasthani song plays……………nimboli notices Anandi and calls her Chokhi Chudail. She runs towards her and hugs her happily. Anandi gets teary eyes and happy. Anandi kisses on her forehead.

Disa and Jagya come there. Nimboli calls her Maa. Nimboli runs towards Disa and asks her to dance with her, along with Chokhi Chudail. She greets Jagya. Anandi is in shock and tears. Disa asks her to go, and asks Anandi to dance with her. Anandi signs yes and asks her to come with her for 1 min. She looks at Disa and takes Nimboli to side. Nimboli says she has danced for the first time and really enjoyed it. Anandi says if God wants to give you many more things. She says if God wants to make you meet with your mum. Nimboli is in shock and looks at Disa. Disa signs her no. Nimboli says I will get angry with God. Anandi is shocked. Nimboli says I don’t want my mum, not today, tomorrow or forever. Jagya asks why? He says every child wants to meet his mum. Nimboli says my mum had thrown me in garbage bin when I was very small. She calls her bad dacoit and says she prays to keep herself safe from her. She tells all mangla’s words, which she filled in Nimboli’s ears. Anandi is shocked.

Disa says I told you truth. Nimboli hates you very much. Aanndi sees Nimboli dancing again. Disa asks her to return to Jaitsar and says give me some time. I will bring her to your house. Anandi says I will talk to my daughter and will make her understand. Disa says you are her mum and have full right on her. She says but who I am? She asks her to listen to her and says I will bring her to your home. Anandi asks her to come to Jaitsar with Nimboli, and says may be I can’t tell her now, but she will be right infront of me. Disa thinks they will take Nimboli forcibly if she don’t agree. She agrees. She asks them not to call her Nandini in her house. She asks everyone to call her Nimboli and says you are her Chokhi Chudail. Anandi nods in a yes.

Anandi calls Dadisaa and asks her to light Devimaa’s lamp. She says she is coming home with Nandini. Dadisaa gets happy and tells she has won. She informs Ganga. Ganga gets happy. Anandi says we shall not inform her that she is my daughter. She says she will be Nimboli for few days and says I will expain you everything. Dadisaa says okay. She lights the lamp, thanking Devimaa.

Announcement is made that last dance is going to happen, Nimboli comes to Disa and says i will dance with you, she says Chokhi Chudail i will dance with you too, Anandi says yes i will dance with my Nandni, Nimboli laughs and says my name is Nimboli not Nandni, Anandi ask will you live with me in my house? Nimboli says i will go where my mother will go, Disa says i will go with you, Nimboli gets happy and hugs Anandi, Anandi gets emotional, Nimboli says if maa is ready to go to your house then i will also come to your house, she takes Anandi and Disa for dace.
Nimboli, Anandi, Disa are dancing, Rajhistani song plays, Jagya smiles seeing Nimboli and Anandi dance, Anandi in tears looks at Nimboli and thinks soon my daughter will call me Maa, Disa thinks that today my motherhood was saved, she prays that Anandi’s motherly love never get upper hand on her love. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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