Thursday Update on This is Love 9 January 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 9 January 2020

Ishita saying he is crossing limits. Ruhi stops her. Aaliya asks Yug to come home. He asks her to keep smiling. They go. Karan says lets go now. Ishita says sorry Rohan, the way Aaliya is behaving with you, I m sure she will realize her mistake soon. Karan says you are giving him a false hope, I can’t see Rohan in such pain. Rohan stops him. Ranbir and Vishal ask Chacha what are they doing here.

Chacha says Raman locked us here. Chachi says he has threatened to kill us, take me somewhere from here. Vishal says don’t worry, come with us. Ranbir calls Ruhi. Rohan says I truly love Aaliya, this man is very clever, he has trapped Aaliya, trust me, I will get Aaliya out of his trap. Ruhi answers Ranbir’s call. Ishita says I m happy you are still with her, I m with you.

Ruhi tells something to Ishita.
Ishita asks what, Raman can’t do this, stay here. She goes. She says where did Raman go, he is not even answering my call. She drives somewhere and says Delhi is a big city, where shall I find him. She sends a voice message to him. She wants him to reply.

She gets Raman’s call. She asks what are you saying, your car has a brake failure, where are you, what do you mean, tell me. She hears the car crashing sound. Call disconnects. She cries and says where is he, where should I go to find him. She gets Rohan’s call. He asks why are you crying.

She says Raman…. He asks what happened to Raman. She says I don’t know, his car had a brake failure, please do something, what shall I do, I was talking to him on phone, I heard a crash. He says calm down, I will try to find his location, my friend can track his location, you send me your location so that I reach there, don’t move from there. She agrees. Ruhi asks what should I tell you, you are lost in your life. Aaliya says sorry, I thought you are stressed. Ruhi says sorry, I m worried about Raman and Ishita, Raman went in anger and Ishita went to find him, I hope they are fine. Aaliya says nothing will happen. Yug thinks is Karan behind this.

Sudha asks why did you fail Raman’s car brakes. Karan says Rohan is mad after Aaliya, I did this to shake up the Bhallas. She says if you don’t have brains, then stop doing these stunts, how can you be so foolish, if anything happens to Raman, Yug will be blamed, he will tell the police that you are behind this. He says I didn’t think of this, what shall we do now, Yug is calling me. He answers. Yug says its all your doing, tell me what you did with Raman and Ishita. Karan denies everything. Karan asks will you blame me, I was with Rohan. Yug says you said you will do something to trouble Bhallas, you are not going to hurt them. Karan says I didn’t do anything. Yug says if I know anything, I will give your name to police. Karan says if I need you, you also need me, I can foil this plan, I haven’t done anything, if you worry for me, you should go and find them. Yug says I should look for Raman. Karan asks what will happen now. Sudha says just relax, don’t go there, behave as if you don’t know anything, lets pray that nothing happen to Raman.

Rohan stops Ishita and asks what are you thinking. She asks where is Raman. He says I will take you there. They leave in the car. He says location is showing outer ring road. Ranbir says Ruhi, I think Raman’s life is in danger. Ruhi asks what. Ranbir says Raman locked Yug’s Chacha and Chachi, he left in anger. Vishal says shopkeeper told us that someone tampered with Raman’s car. Ruhi asks who has done this. Rohan says Raman should be here. Ishita says there is no car here. She goes to check. She shouts Raman. Ruhi asks why didn’t he question them. Vishal says he asked, and the man said Raman has called him, he is a mechanic, Raman is in danger. Aaliya asks what are you saying, Ruhi we should go. Ruhi says I don’t know where is he. Yug says call Ishita once. Ishita says where shall we find him. She asks the man about the accident.

Rohan answers Ruhi’s call. He says I m with Ishita, don’t panic, Raman might be in danger, he said about his car brakes failure, I will get back to you. Ruhi says we are reaching. Ruhi asks Yug not to come along. Yug says we have no time for this. Ruhi thanks Ranbir. They leave. Ishita sees a car and says is that Raman’s car. Rohan stops the car. They rush to see. She asks how is Raman.

Rohan says he isn’t inside the car. She checks the car. She shows Raman’s broken phone. Rohan picks it. She cries. He says please calm down, maybe someone took him. She shouts Raman. He says I think we should call police, come with me. He calls Ruhi. Ishita tells inspector about Raman’s accident. Inspector says we will find him soon, maybe he is taken to hospital.

Ruhi asks her not to worry. He says I have sent Raman’s pic, find out soon. Inspector gets a call. He says we found a dead body. Ishita gets shocked. Ruhi asks whose dead body. He says Ishita ji I know its shocking for you, we shall go morgue, you should verify if its Raman or not. Ruhi says it can’t be Papa. They reach the hospital. Ishita, Ruhi and Aaliya get inside the morgue.

Ruhi says its not dad, don’t worry. Ishita gets scared and screams. Ruhi and Aaliya check the body and say its not dad, its someone else. Ishita calms down and hugs Ruhi. Aaliya says nothing has happened to Raman. Ishita says we have to find your dad, its not the time to cry. She asks inspector to find Raman. Yug asks Rohan to go, he is here.

Rohan says I will not go until I find Raman, Ishita needs me, after all, they are my family. Ishita, Ruhi and Aaliya come. Rohan asks what happened. Ishita says he wasn’t Raman. Inspector says we will soon find Raman, I have also informed nearly police stations. Ruhi says I think you should take some rest. Adi says I think we need to find dad. Aaliya says yes, he is right. Ishita says we should go to accident spot, I can’t go

home, I have to go there. Rohan says we will find him separately. Yug says fine, Aaliya and I will go to the other side. Rohan asks who told you that Aaliya will go with you. Yug says she wants to come with me, ask her. Aaliya says yes, I will go with Adi. They hold hands and leave.
Karan asks what, thank God it was not Raman’s body, he is our relative. Rohan says yes, I think I should be there, I will go and check all the nursing homes, you call all the ambulances and try to find if they took some patient from ring road. Karan agrees.

Rohan goes. Karan says I hope they find Raman else I will be in trouble. Police tries to find Raman. Ishita says let me go, its my husband’s car, he met with an accident. Ruhi stops her. Ishita sees a boy and goes to him. She shouts and asks where is Raman, why are you running away, tell me, its Raman’s bracelet. Ruhi asks the boy. The boy says he is there. Ruhi says take us there. Aaliya asks Rohan did he know something. Rohan says no. Aaliya says something happens because of me all the time. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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