Thursday Update on Young Love 9 January 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 9 January 2020

Dadisaa telling everyone that they need to know the news of the city. They see the news wherein LP Shrivastav accuses Jagya for having affair with Sona and says he saved Sona for his heart. He calls Jagya and asks are you watching TV. Jagya says I can see your lie. LP Shrivastav says people will believe at what they see. Jagya says times has changed and people are clever now.

LP Shrivastav says govt have nothing to do wity truth and will demand you to resign soon from MLA position. Jagya warns him to be alert and he may fall in his own trap. Shrivastav laughs and asks Jagya to remember his name. Dadisaa consoles Sona and asks Jagya not to get worried about Shrivastav words. She says enemies will fall this time too. She asks them to go to the hospital. Sona gets tensed hearing that.

Doctor tells Saachi that she can take him home after 2 days. Saachi thanks him. Vivek asks Doctor to send nurse to take care of him and says his wife is a working woman and he don’t want to burden himself on her. Suman and Roshan come to see him. Saachi tells her that they can take him home. Suman gets happy. Saachi says I will send nurse to give him medicines. Suman asks her to give medicines to Vivek. Vivek says he wants nurse to take care of him and not Saachi.

Jagya asks where is she? Gehna says we tried to make her understand, but she is adamant on her decision. Ganga asks why you wants to go. Sona says why you shall bear everything. I can’t bear this burden. Jagya asks don’t you trust us. It won’t effect me. DOn’t worry. Kusum says she knows about him. He is worst man and had pushed her infront of men. He is searching for her madly. He can do anything. Jagya gets shocked. Ganga says it means he is your husband. Kusum says LP Shrivastav is my husband. He made my life hell. I reached here with great difficulty. Everyone gets tensed.

Alok and Ira come to see Vivek. Suman praises Saachi for her care and prayers for Vivek. Ira too gives the credit to Saachi for Vivek’s recovery and asks why you are not happy. Saachi says it is my duty to take care of him. I am sure that everything will be fine. Shiv gifts her chocolates. Saachi thanks him.

Jagya says you should have told us before. Sona says I don’t know that you knows him. I don’t want to have any kind of trouble. When I saw him giving interview against you then I couldn’t stop myself from revealing the truth. Dadisaa asks her not to worry and asks her to tell her everything. Ganga also asks her to tell everything. Sona starts telling her story to them. She says Shrivastav took her advantage and pushed her into prostitution. He pushed her infront of every men who are advantageous to them. Dadisaa, Jagya and Ganga are pained to know her sufferings. He used to hate her son Shakti, but acts sweet. Therefore she took her son Shakti and escaped from there. His men followed her everywhere.

Sona tells that she started working as a maid, but people looked at her lustly. She says she sold her body as she couldn’t see her son hungry. She then admitted him to a good boarding school for his better future. One day Shrivastav’s me caught her and then she ran from there and collided with Jagya. Dadisaa asks her not to worry rather face her evil husband. Jagya says time has come to face him, to give him a good reply.

Nurse asking Saachi why she is not giving medicines to her husband. Saachi tells her that he acts as a child and refuses to take the medicines when she offers him, so she asked her to give medicines. Nurse says ok. Niranjan and Gehna look at each other helplessly. Kaisi Hain Yeh Udaasi Chayi……………plays……….Gehna comes to Niranjan and asks him to sleep.

Saachi brings Vivek home in the car. Suman asks Saachi to help Vivek in getting down the car and goes to open the door. Vivek gets down the down himself, but feels like fainting. Saachi rushes to him. Vivek signs her to stop. Saachi calls Suman and asks her to help Vivek. Suman asks will you not come home. Saachi says she will come when Vivek calls her. Vivek says you left home with your wish then why you needs my permission to come back. He goes inside. Suman tells Saachi that she will see until when Vivek will be upset and says everything will be fine. Saachi thinks to free Vivek for his happiness. She takes out the divorce papers which Vivek gave her before his accident. She recalls Vivek asking her to sign it as soon as possible. She signs the papers sadly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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