Wednesday Update on True Love 9th September 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 9th September 2020

Rathore keeps Sarika’s photo and tells her husband that he can’t bring his wife back, but he will definitely try to get answers to his questions. He recalls Tappu’s words, Chaubey hiding the watch, and Sarika going missing. All these lead to only one thing that Ambika is alive.

Akash tells Chaubey that they both know Ambika is alive. He begs him and says that Meethi didn’t do anything. It was him who promised to marry Ambika, and then stepped back. He asks Chaubey to punish him, to hang him, but let Meethi go. Chaubey pretends as if Ambika really died. He says Meethi should have been burned alive instead getting hanged. Akash now gets mad. Sankrant comes and defends Chaubey. Akash tells him it’s all Chaubey’s plan. Ambika is alive. Chaubey starts acting and crying. Akash asks him to stop acting. Sankrant asks Akash to back off else he will forget their relationship. Akash tells Chaubey before Meethi gets hanged, he will expose him and Ambika.

Meethi gets nightmare of her being taken away and getting hanged. Just then she sees someone is being taken away to be hanged and other criminals scare her even more.

Mukta cries as she is not able to do anything for Meethi. She tells Vishnu about Yuvraj, her past, and all that Iccha done for her. He asks her why she didn’t tell him earlier. She says she didn’t want to remember all that again. Suddenly she vomits. Vishnu asks her to rest, but she says time is running out and she has to save Meethi.

Chaubey tells Ambika about Akash coming to him and begging to save Meethi. Ambika says he is indeed getting punished. Meethi will die and he will cry for his entire life.

Mukta makes Akash remember where Ambika called him to meet. Akash tries to remember and says he noted down all turns and noise in the area. They say it would be hard to figure all out from the map, so they decide to go to that area. Other hand, Rathore thinks of ways to save Meethi. A lady constable gives Bhagwadgita to Meethi to read before she’s hanged.

Ambika gets ready as a bride. Chaubey asks her why as a bride? She says this is where it all started and she wants to end it there and doesn’t want to have any of those memories. She will disappear tomorrow, Meethi will be hanged, and Akash will be left to cry for his entire life. Both laugh like evils.

Ambika is happy thinking that now Meethi will be dead while Akash will be mourning for the rest of his life. Both the father daughter duo lagh evilly. Ambika tells her dad to make the clock go faster.

Meethi is reading Bhagwad Gita in her cell. Other lady prisoners are listening to what she is reading out. She reads how Lord Krishna asks everyone to come to him leaving everything behind. I will get you free from your sins!

Akash and Mukta reach the spot from where Akash was picked by the goons. Akash remembers from where the goons had come to pick him up. Vishnu too comes there. Mukta tells him about the location. Akash tells him about the direction. He had counted all the rights and lefts. Vishnu suggests to blindfold him while he will drive. You can tell us about the turns as per your count. They all like the idea. They do as they have planned.

Screen splits in three parts. One is Chaubey ordering his goons for something. AKash, Mukta and Vishnu are on their spree while Meethi is reading Gita.

Nani asks Tappu if she is sure about Ambika being alive. At times the truth doesn’t appear to be what it is. Tappu is worried as nothing has been proved till now. Nani is sure Meethi wouldn’t even have touched Ambika. Ram hi Rakhey I dint even meet her. Don’t know if I will be able to see her again or not. She wants to go with Jogi to see Meethi. He is worried as to what will he say to Damini. She says they will have to tell it as she wont forgive them if they tell it later. Jogi is hopeful that things will surely get sorted. Divya comes to tell them she just had a word with Mukku. All 3 of them have gone in search of Ambika. They are hopeful they will be able to save Meethi. Jogi wishes for the same as they only have a few hours left. Everyone looks worried.

Vishnu matches the speed while Akash directs him about the turn with timings. Vishnu keeps adjusting the speed accordingly. They feel that they are on their way. Vishnu is sure they will reach soon where Ambika is hiding as Akash remembers all the turns perfectly.

Maiyya and Kasha Kaka have come to meet Meethi. She requests the constable but he is bound by the rules. He tells them to go. Maiyya wants to hug and apologize to her one last time. Kasha points out that she took too much time in understanding Meethi. Till she was with us, you dint love her and now that you have started loving her then don’t know what will God do. She prays for Meethi’s freedom. She is really feeling sad and wants to apologize to Meethi. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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